Vest the Latter Day Lazuras Will probably return tomorrow.

My absence was caused by a collapsed Kate & Sydney on Thursday 4th inst. Am still feeling fairly crook and weak as a can of virgins water, thank you those who sent emails and kept me awake in my hospital bed by your well wishing phone calls. Any how I am back, love you all, Vest


Dylan said…
Hope you're still alright, take care.

~ Dylan
Jo Sanders. said…
Warmest Regards

Jo Sanders
Anonymous said…
u cant go yet
u ass
Debbie. said…
So pleased you are back home now Uncle Les, hope you feel much better very soon.
Love from us all
Deb xxxxx
Jimmy said…
where the FUNN never stops

Come and visit Rosemary and me
but dont forget to say Hi to Vest first

click on the dailygaggle LINK below
Jimmy said…
posted on
Jimmy said…
WikiLeaks released the largest classified military leak in history. The 391,832 reports ('The Iraq War Logs'), document the war and occupation in Iraq, from 1st January 2004 to 31st December 2009 (except for the months of May 2004 and March 2009)

as told by soldiers in the United States Army. Each is a 'SIGACT' or Significant Action in the war. They detail events as seen and heard by the US military troops on the ground in Iraq and are the first real glimpse into the secret history of the war that the United States government has been privy to throughout.
Jimmy said…
The reports detail 109,032 deaths in Iraq,

comprised of 66,081 'civilians';
23,984 'enemy' (those labeled as insurgents); 15,196 'host nation' (Iraqi government forces) and 3,771 'friendly' (coalition forces).

The majority of the deaths (66,000, over 60%) of these are civilian deaths.

That is 31 civilians dying every day during the six year period.
Jimmy said…
For comparison, the 'Afghan War Diaries', previously released by WikiLeaks, covering the same period, detail the deaths of some 20,000 people.

Iraq during the same period, was five times as lethal with equivalent population size.

Please donate to WikiLeaks to defend this information.
Jimmy said…
'every man woman and child in the ARAB World is a potential suicide bomber.'

- Osama
Jimmy said…
OBAMA is trying his darnest best to repair the damage caused by BUSH and BLAIR in IRAQ
Debbie. said…
The Sneeze

A man and a woman were sitting beside each other in the first class section
of an airplane.

The woman sneezed, took out a tissue, gently wiped her nose, then visibly
shuddered for ten to fifteen seconds.

The man went back to his reading. A few minutes later, the woman sneezed
again, took a tissue, wiped her nose, then shuddered violently once more.

Assuming that the woman might have a cold, the man was still curious about
the shuddering. A few more minutes passed when the woman sneezed yet again.
As before, she took a tissue, wiped her nose, her body shaking even more
than before.

Unable to restrain his curiosity, the man turned to the woman and said, "I
couldn't help but notice that you've sneezed three times,
wiped your nose
and then shuddered violently. Are you OK?"

"I am sorry if I disturbed you, I have a very rare medical condition;
whenever I sneeze I have an orgasm."

The man, more than a bit embarrassed, was still curious. "I have never
heard of that condition before" he said. "Are you taking anything for it?"

The woman nodded, "Pepper."
WALLY. said…
Wot yer doing Vesty , where the bloody helll are ya.
Jimmy said…
Wally cud be a love child and VEST too
Jimmy said…
Gaffe renders 1M UK nuptials invalid

London: Lawyers for the Church of England have revealed that more than one million marriages in Britain are legally invalid all because the vicars who married them used the wrong form of words.

The error opens up the possibility that married partners heading for a divorce may try to deny their spouse maintenance,support or even a home on the grounds that they were never really married.

The Churchs blunder involves the wording of the banns,which ask if anyone knows of any good reason why the marriage should not be allowed,and which must be read out in church three times in the weeks before a wedding.
Jimmy said…
Under the Marriage Act of 1949,the wording of the banns must be according to the Book of Common Prayer set out in 1662,which asks the congregation if any of you know cause,or just impediment,why these two persons should not be joined together in Holy Matrimony.

In 1980 the Church brought in a new prayer book,the Alternative Service Book,with a new marriage service and a new form of wording for the banns.

The modern wording has continued to be used in the Church of Englands latest prayer book,Commons Worship,adopted in 2006.

But when the new prayer books were approved,as is legally necessary,by Parliament,Church lawyers forgot to change the 1949 Marriage Act so that it included the new wording of the banns.
Jimmy said…
This asks if anyone knows a reason in law to stop the marriage.

Hence,making the weddings conducted under the form prescribed in the newer prayer books,unlawful.

Now the legal changes approved by the CofEs parliament,the General Synod,must win royal assent and be passed into law for any marriage to be considered lawful.ANI
Jimmy said…
u must do this

I meant WALLY and VEST
OK u have LIFE INSURANCE so your family wont starve when u go but .....

there are other NEEDS ..
Jimmy said…
As our dependence on computers increases,many of us find ourselves creating more and more digital assets and belongings.

These could be in the form of our email correspondence,our social networking accounts,blogs,online digital photo albums and of course,the data stored on our PCs.So its natural that family members,cyber lawyers and service providers are increasingly grappling with what happens to all this when the owner passes away.

Experts say a digital will the document that will help bequeath digital assets to chosen inheritors is the call of the day.
Jimmy said…
There have been many disputes about digitized data in recent times,says Supreme Court advocate Pavan Duggal,who specializes in cyber law.

He says,Most of us never think about making any arrangements to name an heir for our digital assets,and it becomes a Herculean task for legal representatives or relatives to get a succession certificate for such data,which can take years if we approach the court.

Duggal says the nature of such disputes is quite complex.Recently,there was fight over a dead writers manuscript saved on his PC;another dispute was about a deceased photojournalists digital photo library,and even over a businessmans financial records stored in his email.
Service providers have different policies with regard to passing on digital information.

For example,Yahoo terminates the account upon the death of the account holder.

On the other hand,Google,that manages Gmail (email),Orkut (social networking) and Picasa (online photo-sharing ),gives conditional access to family members.
Jimmy said…
Gaurav Bhaskar,spokesperson at Google India,says,The account details of a deceased can be passed on only to someone who furnishes a proof of authority under local law that he/she is the lawful representative of the deceased,and also presents the account-holders death certificate and some other documents.The process may take up to 30 days.

Mumbai-based cyber behaviour expert Neeta Mehra says,Leaving aside details about our finances,which should pass on to some lawful inheritor,most people don't want personal stuff such as email,social networking accounts or blogs to be passed on toor used byeven a close relative.

To avoid such situations,one can use the services of do-it-yourself account guardian websites where you can upload all your secret data and opt for account incinerator services (getting your account deleted in the event of death), she says.
Jimmy said…
The websites need a death certificate and a copy of obituary to ascertain if the user is dead.While using account guardian websites may be easy and cheaper,they are not governed by laws.

Duggal says Indians are gradually waking up to such issues.In April this year,a Delhi businessmans digital will was Indias
first in this regard.Ever since,six more
people have made their digital wills while
many people have approached me to discuss their digital estate and conse quently,make their wills, he says.The first step is to create a digital inventory an index of all soft assets that a person owns and secondly,one has to get his digital signature authenticated.

Then,it does not take more than a day and a couple of thousands of rupees to have your digital will ready, he adds.
Jimmy said…
Where theres a Will...

Digital inheritance is the process of handing over personal digital assets to beneficiaries.Data that can be inherited includes passwords,instructive memos,digital contracts,digital receipts,pictures,and data stored on personal computers.

All such data is collectively referred to as digital estate or digital assets.

Some services worth considering:
Jimmy said…
SOURCE doc is here
Anonymous said…
Just WILL your porn collection to me WALLY

and VEST WILL your roses to me
Jimmy said…
I was told smoking will give u CANCER

I said what the hell.
We all gotta go one day

Then my doc told me that smoking causes restricted blood flow to the penis

And u wont get strong erections

That’s when I quit Smoking... Now kiss a non smoker ... and taste the difference
Jimmy said…
Smoking Linked To Impotence

A healthy lifestyle can improve your love life.

From Marian Anne Eure, former Guide

Stop Smoking Wally
your Erectile Dysfunction will be history then
Jimmy said…
study from Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center.

John Spangler, M.D.reported to the American Society of Hypertension, that men with high blood pressure who smoke are 26 times more likely to have erectile dysfunction, better known as impotence.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence is the inability of a man to achieve an erection or to complete intercourse.

This condition affects an estimated 30 million Americans.not only WALLY

The study also showed that former smokers among patients with high blood pressure are 11 times more likely to be impotent than non-smokers.
Jimmy said…
Spangler said smoking has "both acute and chronic effects on erectile physiology." In both human and animal studies, smoking inhibits the ability to achieve a full erection.

Erectile dysfunction generally affects older men and is often caused by disorders that affect the circulation, including diabetes.

Smoking is also known to accelerate atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries. When the blood vessels in the pelvic area are narrowed, that contributes to reduced penile blood flow.
Jimmy said…
One of the best ways to treat impotence is to prevent it in the first place. Circulatory problems caused by diabetes can be kept at bay by keeping the diabetes at bay. Blood sugar needs to be kept in tight control. If you are a diabetic and smoke you are putting yourself at even more risk, not only of impotence but of more serious disorders like stroke and heart disease.

Additional causes of impotence are alcohol intake, epilepsy depression and some psychosis.

There are also a number of medications that can cause impotence. Any man that experiences sexual dysfunction after starting a new medication should immediately talk with his doctor about this possible side effect.

This all points to lifestyle changes being the key to having a healthy and enjoyable life. So what can you do to help prevent or decrease the incidence of sexual dysfunction in your life?
Jimmy said…
Stop Smoking
Yes, it is easier said than done, but there has never been a better time to stop than now.

There are numerous aids available to help you quit this life-threatening habit, including patches, gums and medications.

Most marital infidelity is linked to dis satisfaction in the bed room

and out sourcing to Saby in INDIA
Jimmy said…
New Panties

A frustrated wife buys a pair of crotchless panties in an attempt to spice up her dead sex-life.
She puts them on, together with a short skirt and sits on the sofa opposite her husband.
At strategic moments she uncrosses her legs ... enough times that her husband finally asks,

"Are you wearing crotchless panties?"

"Y-e-s," she answers with a seductive smile.

"Thank God - I thought you were sitting on the cat."

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