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Dry and Sunny. But a Cold Wind.

A sort of day one does not feel like venturing far from home. A southerly up from Antarctica is the controlling weather factor, fortunately we have a sheltered veranda facing away.from the wind.      Yesterday we registered our Henry Ford Falcon which remember had a over heating problem and  the car doctor charged us $400-00 to cool him down, The  insurance cost another $850-00, I also passed my medical and I am able to drive until I reach 89 years of age, This was followed by a visit to ALDI to do some cheapo shopping and a trip to the large shopping centre to buy Rosey some warm slippers And get an expensive haircut for myself, I usually have my hair cut every eight weeks for sixteen bucks by George up the road and come out looking like a leatherneck, but the buxom lady barber at 'Just Cuts ' who charged 24 bucks stated I would have a free haircut every eighth visit, I told her I shall live in hope..      Today a visit to the Vet for the puddy tats  annual needles reveale

Petrol Wowsers at Sydney Bowsers.

Whingeing whining Sydney Suburb dwellers who complain about the price of fuel  have little to gripe about. Nearly 43 years ago the petrol pumps were selling petrol in Sydney at 48 cents per Imperial Gallon or 4.7 litres equivalent . The first petrol sold in Litres at a pump in Sydney jumped to 12 cents per litre. Since the advent of the litre at the bowser in the Sydney Suburbs, wages have increased by at least 18 times more than in 1971. Taking this into consideration and allowing fuel prices to to be increased with wage indexation, One would expect the price of fuel at this point in time to be AUS $2-16 per litre.  So why all the fuss.?. It seems  Ten selected Suburbs around Sydney are griping about the following prices for fuel in their area,  being $149 cents per litre and others At138,129,128,126,125,123,120,119,118, cents per litre. Most of these moaners have far less distance to travel to their area of employment than some persons travelling to the City from the outer suburb

Today in history, Malaya, June 20, 1953.

Sixty one years ago .Myself  26 and Rosemary 18  A beautiful lady from Portsmouth England, were married in St Christopher Church in Johore Bahru, Johore, Malaya. Rosemary is still loving and obeying and is at the moment fixing my breakfast, " Love You Rosemary".. All of our dreams can come true - if we have the courage to persue them. Vest ....Back soon.

World Elder Abuse Awareness

      Elder abuse is a global social issue which affects the health, welfare and human rights of millions of older people. Around the world, older people are being subjected to psychological, financial and physical abuse. Unfortunately prejudicial attitudes contribute to the problem. We all need to re-examine our attitudes towards 'Aging' and the status and role of older persons. Governments can help by enacting legislation to protect the abused and prosecute the abusers. We owe it to older persons and societies around the world to fight ageism in all its forms and enhance the dignity and human rights of older persons everywhere.      Bullying and maltreatment of older persons can lead to serious physical injuries and long term psychological consequences and it is now considered one of the most serious and important human rights issues.       In Australia to report elder abuse phone 1800 052 222 or telephone your local Police Station.. Or if it is a life threatening situat

Age hath wearied them and Wars condemmed.Plus Marbles intact.

The Number three son of Rosemary and myself , David,  is the genealogy expert within our family of five sons, eight Grandchildren and four G/Grand children. David recently came up with the information that over the past several centuries our lineage has produced several persons of notability besides myself of course Hmm,  some of whom were an Admiral a General several Diplomats a  Crooked Judge Advocate  and several scallywags of notoriety also Knights of the realm.      However few of these forebears have reached beyond the three score years and ten M E O Life  within the tribe as previously stated going back more than a fair bit.and it would appear that yours truly recently passed the highest Expectation Of  Life recorded within our lineage, Yours truly having survived several conflicts over the years whereas many of my forebears have suffered the fate of  having their lives terminated  during a multitude of British wars from the wars of the Roses, Civil wars then the American, Fre

Daily gaggle Post 1215. Plus the Magna Carta.

This post commemorates the Signing of the 'Magna Carta' Document by King John of England in the year 1215.AD.June 15. IToday I was  writing the post number when I was  reminded of this particular date while at my boarding school WNTS in Nth Elmham Norfolk England. when asked by Professor A, D, Bates our History Master; the date of this historic occasion. Being a smart ass I replied, "Sir it was on the 15th day of June, at fifteen minutes past twelve" . Now  Attila Bates as we called him was a grumpy old sod, Got a sniff of Gas in the WW1 trenches, and when  anyone broke wind in the classroom, ,he would yell "Open the windows and open the doors" followed by the boys in the classroom who chanted " Down with the roof and up with the floors".. However on the day I replied to his question , I was called to the front of the class and reminded by four strokes of the cane across my butt not to be a smart ass.. My bottom smarted a fair bit afterwards. Aga

The Queens Birthday.? .Different Thinking.

      The  Queen of England and some of the Commonwealth will be 88 years and  41 days of age tomorrow. as per 21-4-26.  Q E 2 was eleven weeks and one day of age  when I was born on a Friday which coincided with the start of the Muslim year 1304 or 622 years later in the Christian calendar, The year 622 was when  Mohammad took flight from Mecca to Medina, pity he wasn't on M 307. I hope I haven't lost you. it does become confusing to the lesser thinkers, the first rpt, first atom bomb and the launch time of the Apollo 11 Brit S/T 2100 also coincides. my hatching date, but  later. 19 and 43 years later. Since this Royal birthday fiasco began  in the 18th century, only QE2/s grand daddy King George V born June 3 1865 on a Saturday became the closest to this imaginary date of the first Monday in June for celebrating the Monarchs birthday.       However there seems to be no ending to the number of occasions that this peculiar ritual takes place, maybe it was conceived with the

History On This Day.

      It Seems June  5 has had it's share of happenings probably as much as any other time of the year in our history.However, we start off with a memory of my own when on the Tuesday June 5 1945 the ship I was serving on during WW2 The HMS King George V, a 40,000 ton British Battleship, the flagship of the huge British Pacific fleet ( The Forgotten Fleet) arrives in Sydney from Operation Iceberg via a stop in Guam,  Where it had been presented with an Ice cream Machine From the USS Missouri and a run ashore for the crew with three cans of free beer thrown in by the yanks, the ship returned two weeks later to receive another welcome from the sons of Nippon flying circus and later enter Tokyo at the Japanese surrender.       Other incidents on this day in history include The death by drowning of Field Marshal Kitchener in 1916 when the ship HMS Hampshire  he was taking passage in was mined off of Scapa Flow in the Orkney's.       1968. U S Senator Robert (Barb) Kennedy 42 wa