History On This Day.

      It Seems June  5 has had it's share of happenings probably as much as any other time of the year in our history.However, we start off with a memory of my own when on the Tuesday June 5 1945 the ship I was serving on during WW2 The HMS King George V, a 40,000 ton British Battleship, the flagship of the huge British Pacific fleet ( The Forgotten Fleet) arrives in Sydney from Operation Iceberg via a stop in Guam,  Where it had been presented with an Ice cream Machine From the USS Missouri and a run ashore for the crew with three cans of free beer thrown in by the yanks, the ship returned two weeks later to receive another welcome from the sons of Nippon flying circus and later enter Tokyo at the Japanese surrender.

      Other incidents on this day in history include The death by drowning of Field Marshal Kitchener in 1916 when the ship HMS Hampshire  he was taking passage in was mined off of Scapa Flow in the Orkney's.

      1968. U S Senator Robert (Barb) Kennedy 42 was assassinated in Los Angeles.

     1967.  Israel commences the "Six day War" by a pre dawn Air strike attacking the airfields of neighbouring Arab countries. Thus giving Israel the upper hand  by capturing several hundred Egyptian Tanks which were abandoned by the Fleeing Egyptians.

      2004. President Ronald Reagan Famous for Reaganomics and his stint as a 'Horse Opera' movie performer, bites the dust at 93.

      There may have been many more notable happenings on this day in history ,. "How many can you remember"?

      Remember.... Any day spent above ground is a good one.

      Vest ....back soon

  .    PS.... Forgot to mention '  1963.  Randy Mandy Rice Davis and Christine Keeler who were  mainly those involved in  dodgy boudoir activity with the then war minister Brit MP John Profumo faced an enquiry which soon after saw the dismissal of the war minister..


Jane, Stokes-Honour. said…
I will be away from my computer until the morning of the 10th June and will get back to you as soon as possible.
Vest said…
Ah a single notation for this post from Englad's green and pleasant land.
Thankyou for my niece Jane, xxx.

Seems Strayans are getting hyped up for anothr one of multiple birthdays for Good Queen Bess.

I suppose Tony Abbot Will be writing the OZ version of the "Corgy and Bess Show" this forthcoming Xmas.

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