Petrol Wowsers at Sydney Bowsers.

Whingeing whining Sydney Suburb dwellers who complain about the price of fuel  have little to gripe about.
Nearly 43 years ago the petrol pumps were selling petrol in Sydney at 48 cents per Imperial Gallon or 4.7 litres equivalent . The first petrol sold in Litres at a pump in Sydney jumped to 12 cents per litre.
Since the advent of the litre at the bowser in the Sydney Suburbs, wages have increased by at least 18 times more than in 1971. Taking this into consideration and allowing fuel prices to to be increased with wage indexation, One would expect the price of fuel at this point in time to be AUS $2-16 per litre.
 So why all the fuss.?. It seems  Ten selected Suburbs around Sydney are griping about the following prices for fuel in their area,  being $149 cents per litre and others At138,129,128,126,125,123,120,119,118, cents per litre.
Most of these moaners have far less distance to travel to their area of employment than some persons travelling to the City from the outer suburbs,. My local Crooked fuel dealer charges $ 1-57 per litre.

It seems most of the happiness in this world consists in possessing what others can't get.

Vest....Back soon.


Relative UK said…
In what you bludgers call pommyland or England we pay twice what you pay for fuel.
Vest said…
Thank you Rello from the sceptered Isle, I was made aware of this during a recent visit; 11 months back.
Happy travelling nameless onez
Our fuel is dearer than yours though not at UK levels. Just the same, as a finite resource perhaps we should be paying even more. It might make us think a bit about the amount we use.
CA, USA. said…
Our fuel is mch cheaper than yours
River said…
I don't generally keep track of fuel prices because I don't drive, but I know it's high, too high according to all the complaints I hear.

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