Age hath wearied them and Wars condemmed.Plus Marbles intact.

The Number three son of Rosemary and myself , David,  is the genealogy expert within our family of five sons, eight Grandchildren and four G/Grand children. David recently came up with the information that over the past several centuries our lineage has produced several persons of notability besides myself of course Hmm,  some of whom were an Admiral a General several Diplomats a  Crooked Judge Advocate  and several scallywags of notoriety also Knights of the realm.
     However few of these forebears have reached beyond the three score years and ten M E O Life  within the tribe as previously stated going back more than a fair bit.and it would appear that yours truly recently passed the highest Expectation Of  Life recorded within our lineage,
Yours truly having survived several conflicts over the years whereas many of my forebears have suffered the fate of  having their lives terminated  during a multitude of British wars from the wars of the Roses, Civil wars then the American, French Dutch, Crimean ,Boer, Zulu, Ist and 2nd WW and Korean and more.
     On July 16 I shall be 88 years of age but am still feeling as if I am  forty five but our 61st Wedding anniversary coming up this Friday reminds me 'I ain't what I usedter be'. Although I have missed out on several so called manly things that life has to offer  like wearing a ring or ear rings, growing a beard, being sexually mutilated, or having used a brothel,smoked pot or taken drugs plus mutilated by tattoos, the vice of smoking baccy  I gave up thirty years ago and my drinking of liquor is  now very limited to being pressured to do so socially which is not too often . Yes I do get up in the night to point Percy; its an age thing like I do get a few painful twinges which come with age, But fortunately I am able to think clearly- no less than in previous years.
Other News. The sun is shining the rain has gone , Henry F Falcon has to have a new radiator and tomorrow I shall have my medical assessment to see if they will let me drive poor old Henry.Rego KGVOOO, the garage guy asks "whats with the strange rego plate" I replied "Its a long story starting Oct 1940". he replied "write it down and I'll read it later"..

The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen.

Vest....Back soon.


I don't think you have missed out on those manly things. Not done them is not the same as missing them.
Vest said…
E C; Thank you for correcting me.
Vest said…
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Vest said…
I am not surprised you deleted your disgusting comment. anon from G in South America.
WALLY. said…
I saw the comment before it was deleted, the Sth AM tart that sent it reminds me of one who had a rose named after her, the planting Guide said "not good in a bed ,But all right up against a wall.
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Vest said…
Thank you Wally for your comment. I shall now endeavour to return to normality in this blog.
River said…
My family tree album given to me by my mother has many ancestors living until late eighties and early nineties. My direct grandma made it to 96 and I'm hoping to beat that. I'm in good health so far apart from asthma and arthritis, so we'll see how I go.
Vest said…
River: Thanks for your comment, when you arrive at 96 I shall be dodderring on at 113; perhaps.

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