Sunday, 31 March 2013

The abscence of Kindness.

   Not a day passes when we hear of another event taking place that  shakes our faith in humanity. sometimes it is another conflict between nations but mostly it is occurring on our own streets. Rapes , bashings, drive by shootings. Drug and alcohol fuelled bashings  have become second rate news as common as parliamentarians lies - crookery and sex exploits.
Listing these happenings would never end, but home invasions where innocent and vulnerable aged persons are beaten senseless for their meagre possession's by persons with drug habits is on the increase.
It is also a sad fact that domestic violence takes many different forms but there is one factor constant throughout: There is never any excuse for it .
Assaulting one's partner is becoming more common too this is  unthinkable to level headed persons and yet because it has become more common, it is usually overlooked as simply a domestic disagreement  usually sorted out by a cuddle between the sheets.
The problem is, little can be done to prevent the outcome of these types of violence which are mainly spontaneous. Only the due process of our laws can be applied in extreme cases , but the kiss and make up method may be a better way.

Friday, 29 March 2013

Men play for keeps. Plus dead man wins a seat.

Those of you who are Family orientated may be aware that a Monopoly game becomes a battle when dad is playing. My research reveals fathers are more likely to go all out to win when they play board games with their children- or grand children.
Mum's in the main are quite happy to see their children enjoy the thrill of victory if it makes life more easier, it seems most dads enjoy a 'school of hard knocks' approach either because they themselves  can't stand losing, or to teach their child how it feels to taste defeat. However, this usually creates a problem for most kids who  in most cases throw a wobbly if they don't win.
Wives too become annoyed when they mostly lose when playing card games, to keep the peace it is best to create a winning opportunity from time to time  for  madame although it tends to go against the grain of my superior  male ego.

Read this the other day.  Recently a Dead man has been elected to the Texas State Senate, a few weeks after he died.
Mario Gallegos posthumously beat a Republican candidate after his family and friends continued to work on his behalf until the last vote was counted.
This sort of stupidity could only happen in The United States of  Uncle Sam land, or could some of those back benchers in our parliament be deceased and mummified to make up the numbers. wouldn't surprise  me.

Remember  He who does not hope to win has already lost, and to be trod on you have to be lying down.....back soon ..Vest.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Dung Hampers Or just full of "Sweet Violets"

Dear Sir/Madam
Am Ned and i would like to order DIAPERS from you and would like to know the types and sizes you have in stock as well as the prices and the types of credit cards that you take for payment.Thank you and waiting to hear from you as soon as possible.

Regards Ned.

Vest Say's this came in on a genuine email address.

My reply was  Ned. We don't do Diapers, Nappies or Dung hampers. At first I thought you could be taking the piss but then I realised you could be an American and full of shite which would explain why you are off course, please don't apologise for your silly mistake, I understand the mental anguish you are all experiencing in the land of the free, " Please get Well Soon.   Vest.
Cor stone the crows, whatever next.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Autumn now but Summer continues.

Sunday 24TH. Rained a bit last night, the sun is creeping higher in the cloudless sky to add to the discomfort of the expected humid 30c at noon today,and we are going shopping soon, the shops are less populated when the misc worshipers are absent praying for the sins they have committed this past week. I wonder what wickedness you have been involved with during the past week? Myself; well apart from using strong language in a anonymous letter to our local council, I have been pleasantly disposed to most of my contacts except the next door ginger tom who was hosed down to cool his ardour.
The bad news this past week is, we didn't win lotto and the god news is my dreaded 'C' has disappeared from my water tank, but I still have to have periodical? checkups.

Have been doing a lot of ifs  buts and why's over the possibility of her and I trotting over to the Sceptred Isle, Problem is Although I have a licence to drive in the U/K inspecting the road in front of you and not taking in the vista would mean avoiding this would require a driver like the previous visit . Our eldest was not interested in my suggestion that, we pay his fare and all car expenses and his keep as was the previous visit.. What would  be required is a pick up from Heath row and a relative with vehicle paid to drive us and stay with us on our travels from place to place, Any Offers
we suggest a Portsmouth or Oxford  based driver with time to spare, unemployed or retired..

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Australian Test Cricketers - Over weight and over paid Wimps.

"JUST BECAUSE YOU'RE LOSING. NA Na NANA NA, What a petulant bunch of sore losers, spitting the dummy namby pambies, only a couple of players worth their salt. Read it in the Sydney Daily Telegraph. Long gone are the days when a batsman was given a more gentlemanly departing statement like" hard luck old chap" when given "Out" following a gentle clapping of hands. The spirit of the game has now descended to it lowest level, few teams would pass the skulduggery test. Likened to war minus the shooting.The weebix muncher 'Binga' heralded the 'AIR Punching ritual which sadly has been copied by other gormless bowlers, this is usually followed by the hyped up team members leaping on each others backs and patting each others Bums, makes one wonder what goes on in the dressing rooms away from the public eye. The latest news on the test series in India looks grim for the remaining bunch of Ducks. Remember the days when it was a hard slog winning in Australia? But that was when they had their own umpires - mostly crooked. It can only get worse. Today in History.1946.March 13, The Battleship HMS King George V Returns to Portsmouth ENG. Ten months after VE day and seven months after VJ day. The steering impaired ship the former Flagship of the British Pacific Fleet left Sydney on Jan 6 1946, steaming a boring eight knots all the way. at the time the ship had been in commission three years in three theatres of war yet the average age of its crew was 19.5 years approx.Just kids. I was an old kid of 19 and eight months. I retired 16-7-66 with all my teeth and no tattoos. oh I forgot, The RN still pay me a pittance.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Bunnings have it all.

I had intended to include this after the previous post , however, I was called away.
For those who have never heard of Bunnings, Bunnings is a Ginormous company which flogs all manner of things from - well just about everything, you name it they have it. They also have a huge garden nursery attached to their stores flogging seeds, fertiliser plants and trees with branches everywhere in Australia, They are part of the conglomerate of companies  including Coles, K Mart and others  trading under West farmers I believe.
Pm yesterday after leaving the Aldi Store  we called into Bunnings for seeds for our garden also a line replacement for the clothes hoist ; but trying to find a plug for our bathroom wash basin was a calamity, searching we found the half dozen slots containing plugs various, after a few minutes of searching found what we thought would be OK, all of the variety of plugs were priced at $2-50oents , however the one we chose was a solitary item and unmarked or priced., I informed them at the checkout it would be probably $2-50cents On presenting this to the check out lady it started a chain of events involving three other persons , measuring the the plug, product searching and people yelling and phoning plus customers becoming cheesed off waiting to be served reminiscent of a Fawlty Towers Show, anticipating this complete cock up I checked the time it took to inform me the price was $2-50cents, 17 Minutes..
West farmers gained 1.06 overnight.?

Cease trying to work everything out with your minds, it will get you nowhere.Live by intuition and inspiration and let your whole life  be Revelation.

Vest, Back soon.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

DrIving at 96.

I slept well last night probably due to working in the garden and not having my Midday siesta, but after 8.5 hours I. had to rush to water the horse, Minnie our mog joins me for brekky as er indoors is down stairs doing the laundry, Minnie has raw meat every day  and bickies, she is a beautiful creature very agile and alert and is gradually becoming less feral .
Shopped at Aldi today, although Coles is three minutes walk it is far more economical to drive a return trip of 22kays and gets us out more, while in Aldi we somehow became involved in a conversation with a wizened old bloke of 96 when we helped him find an article on the shelf, after a half an hour of listening to 'Charlie and the war years ' we were blocking the aisle and people were visibly annoyed we continued our shopping when the old guy reappeared saying he had been back to his car but forgot something., and I am concerned about my test in July when I am 87, the old guy is a cancerian, as was my ma and pa, my wife myself and two of our sons, so there is the chance I may make 96.

Hope is the dream of the waking man.   Vest Daily Gaggle.  back soon.

Monday, 4 March 2013

These Guys are really off their nut and just plain selfish

Most celebrities far from being penniless live in another world supported by doting and groveling fanatics who make some of their idols believe they are beyond the arm of the law and can do no wrong
 Most of these offensive morons when pulled before the beak  usually plead ' a mental breakdown due to pressure of work and was the sole cause for their violent actions. It is rare for these persons to be awarded a custodial sentence and those who do usually serve their time in clink away from the general hoi poloi and are given and are able to receive comforts from out side their prison cell. Slick ambo chasers and lots of dosh spent on a host of lying testimonies from other high profile assholes usually get these people released from the slammer much sooner than the Joe blows and the down at heels.
Serial offenders like the son of Melbourne's Moon Face and Patty; Matty the Batty can always come up with a session of violence to order when matters do not agree with him. and another example is poor old 'Stumpy Oscar P ' the Afrikaner whose violence is legendary.
These Celebrity perpetrators using domestic violence generally receive more sympathy than their victims  which confirms the fact that  liberty in these cases can only be achieved by those able to afford the heaviest artillery.
There is a visible double standard for those celebrities who are brought before the courts for engaging in domestic  and general violence
. It would seem the  awed judges believe these morons have a different moral code than those lesser known and believing they are special and gifted and should not be incarcerated, surely being gifted would mean being smart and clever intelligent and more likely to know how to identify right from wrong, assuming this these ratbags should feel the full weight of the law, nothing less.

Think it more satisfactory to live richly than die rich

Vest ...Back soon.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Is Cardinal Sin still around or did Bene dick us.Plus Sharia law.

The Italian news paper La Republica reported Ex Hitler Youth member and leader of the Faith Industry Catholic sect of the archaic Christian Roman Church Pope Benedict XV1 has resigned after an internal investigation informed him (He was unaware)about a web of corruption blackmail and prohibited forms of sex  and drug activity in the Vatican precincts..
Three cardinals were asked by Big Benny(his nickname or dick name) to verify the allegations of dodgy financial activity and cronyism exposed by 'Vati Leaks'.
Benny the pontiff was handed leather bound volumes containing the  map of the problems and those who were the so called 'Bad Fish'.
 Red lidded cardinals are now vying for the prestigious privilege of wearing the fisherman's ring including Sydney's Cardinal Pell ( Pelly with the head of jelly).
Is Cardinal Sin still around?

Is Australia following a few European countries by soft pedaling the Australian Muslim Community, by allowing  the despotic and archaic Sharia laws to be imposed upon their subjects..?
A recent convert to the Muslim faith  asked  his Muslim buddies to cure his alchol problem, the guy in question from Sydney was awarded approx forty strokes from a lash made from several electrical wires.
Would this cure you from any alcohol related problems should you have one?
Would it also become a deterrent for persons who smoke. And  would the ' No gain without pain' slogan be helpful in these cases?

Vest... Back soon.. Remember in order to be walked on , you must be lying down.

Friday, 1 March 2013

Ti's The Last day of Summer

It was dry but windy and overcast on my way to our local shops which only takes three minutes for the average bloke to cover the distance, going without my stick was foolhardy, I sat down on the bench outside the lotto place; gathered strength and made it to the counter , better luck next time; nothing too unusual about that, then I had to get stuff for our 45 yr old fith sons moggies we are boarding for free until he gets settled 'Again', passed the woman collecting for legacy and said "No;" gave ten cents to the guy twanging the guitar, told him to go buy a bar of soap he replied " tight arse"I then sat next to another old guy on a bench who was reading about mad cow disease in Europe the lady collecting legacy Say's looks like you didn't see any of the wars in your life time otherwise you would contribute to legacy,." Nah Say's I, most of the recipients from waking are in the the clubs pissing up and playing bowls  all day then when the going gets tough they have a health gold card to keep them alive, " You are jealous cos you didn't fight for your country, and you are very rude" says she " Yes I know" say'.s I , I feel very ashamed, " Old guy on bench Say's " don't worry sport I reckon she has mad cow syndrome" " dunno about that mate but I reckon a bloke has the right to say "No" as well as a woman, I got up said "Bye" and later came out of 'Coles' with Cat litter and when passing in the car chucked a cheap bar of soap at guitar twanger.
Pm started on the veggies in the kitchen - phone rings ; a Sub / cont voice say' she is doing a survey I tell her I'm doing the spuds and hang up - picked up peeler; phone rings, " is Rose there" says' a friend, "no she is downstairs about to cut the front grass(Lawn?) I'll get Rose to phone you when she is finished " . Picked up peeler - phone rings , Jim who is 91 and nearly deaf but four years my senior tells me he is lonely in the house alone after returning from holiday in Hawaii, the conversation ended after Rose appeared all hot and sweaty and going into the shower , " Who was that Say's Rose",
"Jim Say's I,  we have been recalling the Pacific War and Russian convoys and the USS Missouri and Kamikazes and another medal he says the Ruscoes want to give us , I told him not to bother I am already listing to Port and in any case what more proof do you want proving you did your bit, we both probably heard only half what was said but I got the gist of the message, managed to finish when I suggested he ring George another shipmate who is 92, George is a good listener.
It is now raining hard , will finish this later.
Got up at five ten am and watered the horse - still raining and the first day of fall (Autumn.) I believe Yanks can't spell Autumn. The rain will assist the growth of the garden providing we don't get a Brisbane type flood. I shall now make an early start in the kitchen, too early for phone calls and other disturbing influences.

Remember. The freedom to offend is an integral component of freedom of speech. There is no right not to be offended.
Back soon... Vest. aka LJB.. Have an exciting day.

Vest Has Left the Building

To advise that Vest (Les Bowyer) passed away this morning. Regards, Chris (Son).