These Guys are really off their nut and just plain selfish

Most celebrities far from being penniless live in another world supported by doting and groveling fanatics who make some of their idols believe they are beyond the arm of the law and can do no wrong
 Most of these offensive morons when pulled before the beak  usually plead ' a mental breakdown due to pressure of work and was the sole cause for their violent actions. It is rare for these persons to be awarded a custodial sentence and those who do usually serve their time in clink away from the general hoi poloi and are given and are able to receive comforts from out side their prison cell. Slick ambo chasers and lots of dosh spent on a host of lying testimonies from other high profile assholes usually get these people released from the slammer much sooner than the Joe blows and the down at heels.
Serial offenders like the son of Melbourne's Moon Face and Patty; Matty the Batty can always come up with a session of violence to order when matters do not agree with him. and another example is poor old 'Stumpy Oscar P ' the Afrikaner whose violence is legendary.
These Celebrity perpetrators using domestic violence generally receive more sympathy than their victims  which confirms the fact that  liberty in these cases can only be achieved by those able to afford the heaviest artillery.
There is a visible double standard for those celebrities who are brought before the courts for engaging in domestic  and general violence
. It would seem the  awed judges believe these morons have a different moral code than those lesser known and believing they are special and gifted and should not be incarcerated, surely being gifted would mean being smart and clever intelligent and more likely to know how to identify right from wrong, assuming this these ratbags should feel the full weight of the law, nothing less.

Think it more satisfactory to live richly than die rich

Vest ...Back soon.


WALLY. said…
I would love to be a celebrity mr Vest.
Vest said…
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Vest said…
Wally you are a Celebrity if you comment on this blog.

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