Ti's The Last day of Summer

It was dry but windy and overcast on my way to our local shops which only takes three minutes for the average bloke to cover the distance, going without my stick was foolhardy, I sat down on the bench outside the lotto place; gathered strength and made it to the counter , better luck next time; nothing too unusual about that, then I had to get stuff for our 45 yr old fith sons moggies we are boarding for free until he gets settled 'Again', passed the woman collecting for legacy and said "No;" gave ten cents to the guy twanging the guitar, told him to go buy a bar of soap he replied " tight arse"I then sat next to another old guy on a bench who was reading about mad cow disease in Europe the lady collecting legacy Say's looks like you didn't see any of the wars in your life time otherwise you would contribute to legacy,." Nah Say's I, most of the recipients from waking are in the the clubs pissing up and playing bowls  all day then when the going gets tough they have a health gold card to keep them alive, " You are jealous cos you didn't fight for your country, and you are very rude" says she " Yes I know" say'.s I , I feel very ashamed, " Old guy on bench Say's " don't worry sport I reckon she has mad cow syndrome" " dunno about that mate but I reckon a bloke has the right to say "No" as well as a woman, I got up said "Bye" and later came out of 'Coles' with Cat litter and when passing in the car chucked a cheap bar of soap at guitar twanger.
Pm started on the veggies in the kitchen - phone rings ; a Sub / cont voice say' she is doing a survey I tell her I'm doing the spuds and hang up - picked up peeler; phone rings, " is Rose there" says' a friend, "no she is downstairs about to cut the front grass(Lawn?) I'll get Rose to phone you when she is finished " . Picked up peeler - phone rings , Jim who is 91 and nearly deaf but four years my senior tells me he is lonely in the house alone after returning from holiday in Hawaii, the conversation ended after Rose appeared all hot and sweaty and going into the shower , " Who was that Say's Rose",
"Jim Say's I,  we have been recalling the Pacific War and Russian convoys and the USS Missouri and Kamikazes and another medal he says the Ruscoes want to give us , I told him not to bother I am already listing to Port and in any case what more proof do you want proving you did your bit, we both probably heard only half what was said but I got the gist of the message, managed to finish when I suggested he ring George another shipmate who is 92, George is a good listener.
It is now raining hard , will finish this later.
Got up at five ten am and watered the horse - still raining and the first day of fall (Autumn.) I believe Yanks can't spell Autumn. The rain will assist the growth of the garden providing we don't get a Brisbane type flood. I shall now make an early start in the kitchen, too early for phone calls and other disturbing influences.

Remember. The freedom to offend is an integral component of freedom of speech. There is no right not to be offended.
Back soon... Vest. aka LJB.. Have an exciting day.


Jane, Stokes-Honour. said…
First day of spring here tomorrow and the sun has been shining today. Ytppeeeeee xxxxxxx
Vest said…
Still tiddling here Jane, paper say's its here for a week or so,alright if you are a turnip or a cabbage er or a Duck.
Rosemary Vella. said…
Hello Les, It is so nice to hear from you. I will endeavour in future to acknowledge your c ommunication. I hope you, Rosemary & family are all well, as are we. Lots of love.
Chris B. said…
Sent to Engine today.

What’s going on?

I was informed by email on the 12 February 2013 that I would be connected within ten (10) days. This did not happen.

I was informed by email on the 26 February 2013 that I would be connected on 28 February 2013. This did not happen either.

I was informed by email today, 1 March 2013 that I had been connected and to set the modem up you supplied, but I didn’t receive the modem until later today and I am still connected to Exetel.

There is also, still no sign of the VoIP box that was promised.

I am still happy to use your service, but I do not want to pay you as well as Exetel for the next month.

Could someone with a brain please contact me.

Chris B.

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