DrIving at 96.

I slept well last night probably due to working in the garden and not having my Midday siesta, but after 8.5 hours I. had to rush to water the horse, Minnie our mog joins me for brekky as er indoors is down stairs doing the laundry, Minnie has raw meat every day  and bickies, she is a beautiful creature very agile and alert and is gradually becoming less feral .
Shopped at Aldi today, although Coles is three minutes walk it is far more economical to drive a return trip of 22kays and gets us out more, while in Aldi we somehow became involved in a conversation with a wizened old bloke of 96 when we helped him find an article on the shelf, after a half an hour of listening to 'Charlie and the war years ' we were blocking the aisle and people were visibly annoyed we continued our shopping when the old guy reappeared saying he had been back to his car but forgot something., and I am concerned about my test in July when I am 87, the old guy is a cancerian, as was my ma and pa, my wife myself and two of our sons, so there is the chance I may make 96.

Hope is the dream of the waking man.   Vest Daily Gaggle.  back soon.


My brother in Florida met a man who used to jog every morning. He was 90. Then one day, he told my brother he was moving to somewhere else, he has to plan for his future.
Vest said…
History today: March 6, 1957.

Ghana becomes a nation within the British Commonweatlth
Formerly the west African colony of the 'Gold coast'.
Kwame Nkruma becomes prime minister.

VEST was there too. on HMS Ceylon.
Queens rep was Admiral Varyl, Begg.

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