Is Cardinal Sin still around or did Bene dick us.Plus Sharia law.

The Italian news paper La Republica reported Ex Hitler Youth member and leader of the Faith Industry Catholic sect of the archaic Christian Roman Church Pope Benedict XV1 has resigned after an internal investigation informed him (He was unaware)about a web of corruption blackmail and prohibited forms of sex  and drug activity in the Vatican precincts..
Three cardinals were asked by Big Benny(his nickname or dick name) to verify the allegations of dodgy financial activity and cronyism exposed by 'Vati Leaks'.
Benny the pontiff was handed leather bound volumes containing the  map of the problems and those who were the so called 'Bad Fish'.
 Red lidded cardinals are now vying for the prestigious privilege of wearing the fisherman's ring including Sydney's Cardinal Pell ( Pelly with the head of jelly).
Is Cardinal Sin still around?

Is Australia following a few European countries by soft pedaling the Australian Muslim Community, by allowing  the despotic and archaic Sharia laws to be imposed upon their subjects..?
A recent convert to the Muslim faith  asked  his Muslim buddies to cure his alchol problem, the guy in question from Sydney was awarded approx forty strokes from a lash made from several electrical wires.
Would this cure you from any alcohol related problems should you have one?
Would it also become a deterrent for persons who smoke. And  would the ' No gain without pain' slogan be helpful in these cases?

Vest... Back soon.. Remember in order to be walked on , you must be lying down.


Lower deck lawyer. said…
La Republica Quoted a source described as "very close" to the authers as saying the information it contained was "all about the breach of the sixth and seventh commandments" - which say "thou shalt not commit adultery" and " thou shalt not steal".
The cardinals were said to have uncovered a gay network whose members organised sexual meetings in venues in Rome and the vatican City, leaving them open to blackmail.Mike.
Vest said…

LDL: Mike. The number of pedophiles within the priesthood of the complete faith industry exceeds the numbers within the flocks of followers or believers. They are only those who actually get caught, having sex with Choir Boys seems to be normal to them. Irish priests are the worst offenders - they are always in the news, and has become a 'Oh not another dirty old sod. dont think it will ever end until the desexing of priests becomes mandatory.

Anonymous said…
vest you are bombastic and rude how dare yotalk about the pope in that manner you should be shamed brendan Rc sydney
Vest said…
Brendan: I have been told that several times, once more will not break my back, you silly Billy.

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