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And so it is Christmas

      I woke this Christmas morn as is becoming the norm, that is a dash to the loo - wash and then un-fuddle my noddle before I approach the the kitchen where my son Chris has resolved the overnight chaos, dare I have my brekky now and spoil the scene, Chris has disappeared into his bedroom so I indulge in a bowl of cereal  and a cuppa and the prepare today's dinner .. today's menu take it or leave it was Roast Chook - Ham plus Broad beans,  Peas, Brussels sprouts  and roast potatoes With RBG. There were no complaints and the Xmas pud was put on hold until a gap could be found to accommodate it..      Christmas has been painful this year without Rosemary and the tissue box is getting many a visit. Chris slept through part of the day then watched five minutes of TV with me ( Andrew Reau ? and his London Christmas show) then Minnie our female Cat joined me, on my lap, it would seem Minnie is the recipient of 80% of my total daily conversation, yes it beggars belief.