Monday, 25 December 2017

And so it is Christmas

      I woke this Christmas morn as is becoming the norm, that is a dash to the loo - wash and then un-fuddle my noddle before I approach the the kitchen where my son Chris has resolved the overnight chaos, dare I have my brekky now and spoil the scene, Chris has disappeared into his bedroom so I indulge in a bowl of cereal  and a cuppa and the prepare today's dinner .. today's menu take it or leave it was Roast Chook - Ham plus Broad beans,  Peas, Brussels sprouts  and roast potatoes With RBG. There were no complaints and the Xmas pud was put on hold until a gap could be found to accommodate it..
     Christmas has been painful this year without Rosemary and the tissue box is getting many a visit.
Chris slept through part of the day then watched five minutes of TV with me ( Andrew Reau ? and his London Christmas show) then Minnie our female Cat joined me, on my lap, it would seem Minnie is the recipient of 80% of my total daily conversation, yes it beggars belief. 
     Recently I spent a few days in Hospital ( waterworks again) under control at the moment.
 The Ford falcon 's transmission cocked up ten days ago up and we get the car back on Thursday  a about two grand medical bill at least. Car doctors are expensive and getting about by cab and waiting an hour in the shopping centre taxi rank in 40 degrees like yesterday was a real pain,  at the moment it is raining and I am wearing a fleece as the say in the UK but the term Jumper will do as the Temp has dropped to around 19 degrees.
     8 40 pm, Chris has devoured half of the Xmas pud and I am not sure about having any at this time of the day -  it may create a restless night. 
     So far today there have been no visiting friends or relatives and no telephone calls  and altogether a very isolated  day. I am looking forward to Thursday when I shall drive to the Nora Head to visit my dear Rosemary's resting place.
 I hope all my readers and relatives and friends enjoy a great Xmas . It feels good to be back again

Vest ... Daily Gaggle.  .

Vest Has Left the Building

To advise that Vest (Les Bowyer) passed away this morning. Regards, Chris (Son).