Sunday, 31 October 2010

Local stuff. Fishy business, and I must be missing the point.

Not a bad weekend, pleasant normal spring weather, feeling a little better I was enticed to the club for a few hours, watched a show which we had seen before; "The Kamis " a New Zealand group, which attracts a following of itinerant, or over stayers from the land of the great White Cloud, I'm talking  about Maoris, If you have never seen a Maori in the flesh you must think 'Big', The stern of a Battleship comes to mind, I have been informed it is hereditary and created generations back through eating 'Long Pig.'.

Although where we live on the Central Coast is free from the restrictions imposed on fisher-persons in the Sydney Harbour areas, we  are offered so called fresh fish  in the shops which has an onerous background and in my opinion worse than that restricted by Govt regulations. People are still eating fish caught west of the harbour bridge, despite continuing concerns about highly toxic cancer - causing chemicals. Commercial fishing was banned a couple of years ago but  various reports from govt inspectors are saying people are still eating fish caught by anglers.
Although this may only be of concern to the Southern Pacific countries like Sydney Australia where we have a clean looking fish for sale in the majority of fresh fish outlets called Basa Fresh Water Fillets. Now from experience as a child,  fresh water fish I often caught in clean English river systems  still tasted like shit compared to that taken from the North Sea or the Atlantic, But certain ways of cooking made it acceptable, in any case we were poor. Now getting back to this BASA fresh fillet thingy, This fish is sourced from the Mekong River in Vietnam. Which is nothing less than a community, SEWER . this is where I shall point you to my post published in 2007 I believe which contains further info of this horror product.
Google,( Daily Basa Fresh water fillets.).

Something fishy here too. After 11years of marriage, Courtney Cox 46, and David Arquette, 39, have called time - out. "The reason for this separation is to better understand ourselves and the qualities we seek in a partner and for our marriage" they said. "We remain best friends and responsible parents to our daughter[Coco Riley,6] and we still love each other deeply."
..........Vest Say's "Have I missed Something"?

Here is a Math problem for Motor Enthusiasts, I shall publish the names of those up to the task.
During a industrial strike in the USA Gas (Petrol) rose to  U/S $2..99 per Gallon

While in England The motorist was paying The equivalent in pounds to U/S $3..25 per Gallon.

While in Sydney Australia Locals were paying the equivalent U/S $ 0..75. per litre.
Explain giving detail who was paying most and who was paying least.

One single Quantity word in the problem is the clue, but be careful.

Must go now. Have a Cheerful week. Vest.

Remember...A moment's insight is sometimes worth a life's experience.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Slimming Scam .Plus The Big Race and the Head again.

Having a lot of activities recently like moving my legs - gardening and shopping with nearest and dearest, together with a new exercise regime and  cutting down on or avoiding altogether certain foodstuffs, I have reduced my weight by about three kilos over a period of three weeks, those behind the times like the USA approx 6LBS 6 OZ.
I am absolutely certain that the slimming mixture taken twice daily had nothing whatsoever to do with all this lard disappearing, so I returned  the said slimming mixture for a refund and have not fallen for a Peter Foster Type Balin Tea Scam. This slimming crap mob that  advertise on National Television, will be sent an appropriate letter on receipt of my refund.
The current dilemma with my cranium and its weird carrying on has now entered the acceptance stage with little hope of answers for at least another seventeen days.
The weather for the past couple of days has been normal if there is such a phenomena, so I'll say pleasant and without rain.
The Social Clubs are gearing up for another Bonanza, not unlike say the' Grand National in the U/K The 'Melbourne Cup' is the Gee Gee race that stops the nation and that saying is not far from the truth. being on the first Tuesday In November  it stuffs up a normal working week but  drunks and betting loonies create an all day long Cash Cow for the pubs and Clubs. The crime  and road accident rate will climb dramatically so will the emergency services activity.
It is well known Aussies love booze a ball and a bet. the old joke is that we'd bet on two flies crawling up a wall. but if we aren't careful the joke could be on us.
Gambling is part of Australian Culture like Guns are To Yanks, It can bring us together, such as the mass annual flutter on the Melbourne Cup, or it can tear us apart as  many thousand problem gamblers can testify.
Gambling also goes hand in hand with drinking and both alcohol and gambling are intrinsically  tied to Aussies greatest love: Sport. But another ugly demon that of match fixing has entered the mish mash of sporting uncertainties.
 I think it would be wise to keep to basics, save your hard earned and bet on those flies on the wall.

Hope you are all well see you again soon. Have a wonderful weekend. Vest.

Think it more satisfactory to live richly than to die rich.

Monday, 25 October 2010

Post 714. Not so global Warming today, plus Health and Family.

Its tiddling down.has been for past two days, the Topsy turvy weather patterns continue making out door scheduling unpredictable. Seven weeks back a sunny 32 Cel and that was winter, indoors at the moment it Say's 17Cel;  but  outside I'm not sure more than likely cooler with a s/w wind a-blowing fiercely, I shall not bother to check it out.
Cockies (farmers) are still griping about water allocations from the river systems in inland NSW although the drought of three years has been official declared over with joyful aplomb from those benefiting, but sadly some of these people are going from famine to floods with more rain yet to come,several weirs across each river would stall the maximum of the river water entering coastal deltas, "too costly"say some and not needed at the present time say others, life is a gamble on the land and a way of life for some, the hardy.
Friday the intermittent throbbing in my the right side of my fore head became unreal plus with tightness in my face and neck, it had subsided after waiting in the emergency dept at Wyong hospital for over four hours. with a cynical Doctor unconvinced of my predicament  I was sent packing with the info that I was to take  pain killers. I have opened the the letter he typed for my equally inane Quack, it contained similar suggestions that had been conveyed to me, the Tacky message  containing six spelling mistakes and joined words reminded of my GP's letter to the Neurologist I shall see in 21days from now;?. Surely, these medical blokes are likely to blunder with their prognosis if they are incompetent with the written word, even more vague would be the opinion from the only local doc who speaks  pidgin in monosyllables, whose main interest in the patient is milking another fifty buck consultation fee.
Back from lunch. good news the sun has appeared  and  the rain has stopped. The birds are back on the shed roof, we must be the only source of bird freebies in the area.
Yesterday Sunday we received  two more messages  from Prodigal son, him with the charisma of a wet cat , despite my leanings and his teachings, his utterances on the sabbath are to be deplored. " Son You can't have more" , my money machine is deceased. and your tough demeanor is unwarranted, as long as your present attitude to your parents and siblings remain your pleas will fall on deaf ears.The saga will no doubt continue.
Rosemary has returned from her shopping  just a five minute walk away and is now hanging washing on the hills hoist now the rain has stopped and a fair breeze ablowing and I must remove my backside from this seat and get some walking time in.
 Christopher's health is improving and would improve more if he moved more and smoked less, it doesn't make sense to me why intelligent people knowingly allow themselves to self destruct.
Thank you those friends and relatives who have found time to communicate recently your bonding is appreciated. that's all for now, back later. love you all  Vest Daily Gaggle.

BTW.  Live in such a way that you would not be ashamed to sell your pet parrot to the town gossip.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Post No 713. "England Expects" and remembering ABERFAN,Plus HMAS Australia.

"England expects this day that every man will do his duty", was the signal hoisted at the yard arm of Admiral Horatio Nelsons Flag ship the HMS Victory ,commanded by Capt Hardy on the forenoon of Monday 21st of October 1805. Although certain standards of fair play in naval warfare were  expected this wasn't the case on this particular occasion, Inspections  of 'Victory's guns corroborate the fact that Grape Shot (balls on a chain) were a no no but were used during this battle against a superior number of French and Spanish ships and to add to the discomfort of the enemy upper deck gun crews and others were the bags of gravel (stones) fired by the forward guns of Nelsons fleet of ships. Can you imagine the destructive influence of a spread forty feet wide of several hundred large chunks of stone. If anyone was to blame for any infringement of the rules it would have been the orchestrator of the so called  dirty tricks Naughty Horatio Nelson  who was unable to answer any accusations due to him  being either dead or drunk on his arrival in Blighty pickled in a barrel of brandy, Kiss me Hardy, "Hic'..... Further info From Google.
October 21st 1944. on a more sombre note , this was a major tragedy when the HMAS Australia_ a County Class Heavy Cruiser was struck by a Japanese Kamikaze plane killing 30 sailors and levelling her three funnels and upper decks, I personally recall seeing the ship on her return to Sydney,
The following year 1945 , the combined U/S and British Fleet downed an estimated 2,800 Japanese Kamikaze planes, Ask me about it !!. or Read 'The Forgotten Fleet.
October 21st 1966. ABERFAN, Wales, How can anyone around at the time forget this absolute major tragedy. It pales with most stories about unnecessary loss of innocent lives.
Practically a whole generation of children and teachers were were suffocated by a descending Slag Heap caused by heavy rain, which covered the mining village. Please read this heart rending story.

Google. The Aberfan Disaster

On the 21 October 1966, 144 people, 116 of them children, were killed when a tip of coal waste slid onto the village of Aberfan in South Wales.
These pages were initially set up as part of a project to catalogue and conserve an archive of material relating to the disaster held at Merthyr Tydfil and Dowlais libraries. Their objective is to act as a starting place for those interested in finding out about the disaster. They provide an overview of the circumstances surrounding the disaster and, more importantly, a guide and link to the more detailed sources of information available elsewhere.
On the health front, My own personal problems concerning my cerebral irregularities are no worse and contained. I have now only twenty five more days to wait before my consultation with professor Heard the Neurologist.
The Sydney Daily Telegraph  today failed in their history column, by only mentioning the above Oz segment.

Remember, we must learn which matters may be breached occasionally at our convenience and which ones may never be if we are to live pleasantly with our fellow man.
Have a wonderful weekend . Vest Daily Gaggle.


Sunday, 17 October 2010

Oh You've GOT To Be Kidding Me: Four Ecuadorian Miners Trapped Underground

Well they say it happens in threes,.After the O'Higgin-Land disaster with 33 miners rescued, we now have another four Miners trapped on the same Continent, Of course those who know everything will dream up the theory that the forthcoming rescue bid will be a piece of piss compared to the last exercise albeit the differing geographical site. No doubt the know how from recent experience can be put to the task for the rescue of these under privileged and under rewarded blokes, working in poor conditions to feather the nests of the Fat Cats. Let us wish them a safe return to their families.
However, you can be sure it will not be long before the next disaster, So don't put the rescue gear in the back of the shed yet.

This just in: Four miners are trapped 500 feet down a collapsed mine  in Portovelo, in Ecuador's southwest coastal province of El Oro. The miners are believed to be alive because they were located in an area far enough away from the collapse, though rescuers have been unable to contact them.These poor guys are never gonna get the same enthusiasm as Chile, but hopefully,

Latest News.

The Four Trapped Ecuadorian Miners Are Dead

Posted: 21 Oct 2010 07:03 AM PDT

No happy ending for the four Ecuadorian miners who were trapped 500 feet below ground in a gold and copper mine, near the town of Portovelo near the border of Peru, just two days after the sad.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Waiting in Limbo.

This is all due to the present problem I am having, although I am not in extreme pain, the occasional sharpness of the short stabbing pains are more than a nuisance, my right temple as I write throbs intermittently. Although there seems to be no change from yesterday's symptoms, I slept well without waking last night without any help from pills and avoiding sleep during the day and retiring around 1230 am after falling asleep in front of the telly.
 I have eaten a healthy breakfast and have walked around the garden, the wind chill factor is fairly severe to us bona fides ( Temp 15 deg) at 1030 am, courtesy of a 50 knot southerly from Antarctica, two days ago the Midday temp was 32 deg.
Before overheating the phone for hours on Thursday, searching for a Neurologist who wasn't too busy, beloved and I attended the funeral of a close friend, I then had a sneak preview of an adjacent plot (Paid up by yours truly) looking down where I stood I said, "See you later".
Although I am in no hurry to retire to my final abode, this strange phenomena emanating from my bonce is not giving rise to any thoughts of immortality, With thirty two days to go before my consultation with the  Neurologist, it seems daunting, prompting the necessity to cast aside fear and sharpen my sword to fight off the grim reaper.
There is little I can do in order to jump the queue, paying the normal non govt assisted fees does not give me a HEAD start.  Maybe the Packer boy and his cronies with mile deep wallets would command quicker attention.
Searching on the net I discovered there were more than double the number of  head  Docs in 'Joe bonkers banana land', AKA , Queensland; although the population is significantly smaller, It could be the sunshine or the booze they drink, generally they  do talk slowly  I am told by my shrink, who suggests it is because not having much to talk about and stretching the conversation beyond "yes' and "no.". Our two grandchildren in Queensland take note.
No doubt there will be my detractors who will show lack of  concern and quote - my demise would freshen the air and provide more breeding space for large horny Catholic and Muslim families and one less person to rile the gun loving people of our planet and not forgetting the opportunity for a recently discovered relative to cross me off the building block of her family tree  she has traced back to Moshe the great of biblical fame.
Ah well, enough of self pity, There will be those I will agree with who will, quote "You deserve all you get".
My reply is, "you true believers are more likely not to get what you expect". Actually it was not long back when I received a message from 'After Life Communications Founder' Mike.The 'Lower deck lawyer' that (IT) was full to capacity with only non air conditioned basement accommodation available. I reckon staying in limbo  and having fun  terrifying  your progeny with  your midnight apparition is the best option or possibly one could go for the Lazarus deal with cryogenics.
I now ask myself, " why should I be despondent on a beautiful day like  to day, every one else  is happy and the sun is now shining. It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult. So when you get to the end of your tether tie a Knot and hang on.

Returning later. Vest Daily Gaggle.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Saturday, October 9, 2010 Dont cuss VEST, he BRITISH.

Saturday, October 9, 2010Dont cuss VEST, he BRITISH

Race row: Aussie cops joke about Indian’s electrocution

MEA Summons Oz Envoy To Protest Bias Against Indians

TIMES NEWS NETWORK By Jimmy.D G special report from Delhi

New Delhi: After a New Zealand TV anchor rattled Indians earlier this week, the attention is now back to Australia. A day after the Australian media reported that two policemen in Victoria exchanged emails that were racially offensive to Indians, the foreign office issued yet another strongly worded protest.

Australian high commissioner Peter Varghese was called in to the MEA on Saturday and a demarche issued to him. MEA spokesperson Vishnu Prakash said, “It was conveyed to him that such an entrenched bias among sections of law enforcers towards the Indian community is a matter of serious concern. Such behaviour had no place in any society.”

He added, “It was hoped that the Australian authorities would take necessary measures to address concerns regarding the safety of people of Indian origin.”

Varghese himself said he was disgusted by the reports. “It was contrary to the principles of respect and tolerance, which underpinned Australian society,” Varghese said.

The commissioner of police, Victoria, Simon Overland, was reported as saying that the two individuals had resigned and that strong disciplinary action would be taken against them. Overland said, “The Victoria police are incredibly disappointed with the actions of these two individuals, following all the positive work being undertaken with the Indian community.’’

The emails, reported in an Australian newspaper, shows video footage of a man being killed after touching overhead wires while standing on top of a crowded train in India. According to the media report, one of the alleged comments added to the email was: “This might be a way to fix the Indian student problem.’’

Over the past year, Indian students have been the target of a number of attacks in Australia, particularly Victoria. Some of them were believed to be racially motivated. However, this had a disastrous effect on Australia's education industry.

Friday, 8 October 2010

Seems those short cut Indians do have a sense of humour.

Posted by Jimmy. Our D G correspondent in Delhi

1) BREAKING NEWS: Suresh Kamadi just tried to hang himself in the CWG stadium. But the ceiling collapsed

2) The truth behind bulk sms banning is to stop kalmadi jokes and not Ayodhya

3) Look at the brighter side; the more countries pull out, the higher India is ranked in the final medal's tally.

4) Terrorists set to skip CWG 2010 citing unlivable conditions and fear for their safety.

5) Q: How many contractors are required to change a light bulb in Delhi CWG stadium? A: 1 Million. (1 to change bulb and rest 999,999 to hold the ceiling)

6) Whats common between CWG committee and students??? Ans: both start their preparations at the 11th hour.....

7) Prince Charles is actively convincing the Queen to visit dengue hit Delhi , this may be his last chance to become the king!

8) Thanks to Guernsey and Jersey for threatening to pull out of games! We now know these countries existed!

9) Ek waqt aisa aayega, kalmadi bhi sharmayega

10) A collapse a day keeps the athletes away

11) Ba ba Kalmadi, have you any shame. No sir, No sir, we are having a Common Loot Game. Crores for my partner, crores for the dame, crores for me too, for spoiling India 's name!

12) AMAZING BUT TRUE: If you re-arrange the letters "Sir U made lakhs" you get "SURESH KALMADI

13) Next edition of CWG will be called KWG, Kalmadi Wealth Games

14) Paying homage to the latest blockbuster "Munni badnaam hui" from "Dabangg",

15) "Sheila Dixit to Kalmadi: Delhi badnaam hui darling tere liye!". "Sadkein bhi jam hui, CWG tere liye".

16) "Suresh Kalmadi must be the first choice if ISRO goes for trial and error experiments for manned space mission,"

17) Muslim bodies have agreed to an out of court settlement and allowed the construction of the Ram temple provided its supervised by Suresh Kalmad

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Reducing my time allowance for blogging.

Great weather today, woke up to overnight rain and the midday temp peaked at 27 in the shade but blistering in the direct sunlight,. The grass is green  and the garden thriving. Happy birthday to Gr/daughter beautiful Jacinta.
Sitting here on my backside has to cease  for a while, or at least more walking and other exercise will be taken up and a healthy eating programme is on the cards, less priority will be given to posting.
Our eldest son Chris is now back from hospital, info for those who were informed., but it seems how hard we try, the bloody hospitals seem to be drawing us like a magnet and I am sick to the teeth of miscellaneous check ups, today I had a brain Scan (again) Yes I do have one it seems so no caustic remarks please. the problem relates to the accident of Feb 8, 2008, Read archives post 2-12-08. I am not too happy with the strange throbbing sensation adjacent to the injury scars. the result if any will be known when I collect the result for my local dithering G P whom no doubt I'll ignore for a second opinion,; if I am able to find time before my next encounter with the waterworks Quack on Friday.
I will have time to reply to or check emails, and send the occasional letter to friends and relatives, but at this moment  I am busy-busy. Back soon ?   Vest.
Remember. The future depends on what we do in the present.

Vest Has Left the Building

To advise that Vest (Les Bowyer) passed away this morning. Regards, Chris (Son).