Slimming Scam .Plus The Big Race and the Head again.

Having a lot of activities recently like moving my legs - gardening and shopping with nearest and dearest, together with a new exercise regime and  cutting down on or avoiding altogether certain foodstuffs, I have reduced my weight by about three kilos over a period of three weeks, those behind the times like the USA approx 6LBS 6 OZ.
I am absolutely certain that the slimming mixture taken twice daily had nothing whatsoever to do with all this lard disappearing, so I returned  the said slimming mixture for a refund and have not fallen for a Peter Foster Type Balin Tea Scam. This slimming crap mob that  advertise on National Television, will be sent an appropriate letter on receipt of my refund.
The current dilemma with my cranium and its weird carrying on has now entered the acceptance stage with little hope of answers for at least another seventeen days.
The weather for the past couple of days has been normal if there is such a phenomena, so I'll say pleasant and without rain.
The Social Clubs are gearing up for another Bonanza, not unlike say the' Grand National in the U/K The 'Melbourne Cup' is the Gee Gee race that stops the nation and that saying is not far from the truth. being on the first Tuesday In November  it stuffs up a normal working week but  drunks and betting loonies create an all day long Cash Cow for the pubs and Clubs. The crime  and road accident rate will climb dramatically so will the emergency services activity.
It is well known Aussies love booze a ball and a bet. the old joke is that we'd bet on two flies crawling up a wall. but if we aren't careful the joke could be on us.
Gambling is part of Australian Culture like Guns are To Yanks, It can bring us together, such as the mass annual flutter on the Melbourne Cup, or it can tear us apart as  many thousand problem gamblers can testify.
Gambling also goes hand in hand with drinking and both alcohol and gambling are intrinsically  tied to Aussies greatest love: Sport. But another ugly demon that of match fixing has entered the mish mash of sporting uncertainties.
 I think it would be wise to keep to basics, save your hard earned and bet on those flies on the wall.

Hope you are all well see you again soon. Have a wonderful weekend. Vest.

Think it more satisfactory to live richly than to die rich.


Jane, Stokes-Honour. said…
Have a lovely weekend xxxxxxx
Neale said…
Why is it your wrath decends on Americans when at a loss for words.
do you really think it is funny.
Vest said…
Neale: Didn't I insult you a couple of weeks ago? So why are you back?.
The reply to your Question is "Yes".
It is all too rare today to hear the clear clean ring of an original insult.
No one can be as calculatedly rude as the British, which amazes Americans, who do not understand studied insult and can only offer abuse as a substitute.G F.
WALLY> said…
Hi Vesty, Heh not all Americans are bad some are badder than bad.
and not many are gooder than good.
Jimmy said…
Sure is NEALE
I am an american baiter too

I enjoy poking Americans
most have big asses

women and men too
Neale. said…
Americans are a far superior race. and have control of the world.
Vest said…
Neale: Your comment.
One sentence of contradictory gold.
With a second of incoherent bollocks.
Jimmy said…
about three kilos over a period of three weeks, those behind the times like the USA approx 6LBS 6 OZ.

Silly Americans
the hole damn World has gone metric

and these cowboys still talk miles and gallons and 7 inches
Jimmy said…
My class mates went to US for post grad studies

the Americans gave them GREEN CARD and citizenship and HOTT American woman

They cud not resist
now Rajeev and Rajesh and Tambawala are Americans

and regretting it now, for marrying the hot American woman

Indian brides stick with u sath janam tak

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