Monday, 25 October 2010

Post 714. Not so global Warming today, plus Health and Family.

Its tiddling down.has been for past two days, the Topsy turvy weather patterns continue making out door scheduling unpredictable. Seven weeks back a sunny 32 Cel and that was winter, indoors at the moment it Say's 17Cel;  but  outside I'm not sure more than likely cooler with a s/w wind a-blowing fiercely, I shall not bother to check it out.
Cockies (farmers) are still griping about water allocations from the river systems in inland NSW although the drought of three years has been official declared over with joyful aplomb from those benefiting, but sadly some of these people are going from famine to floods with more rain yet to come,several weirs across each river would stall the maximum of the river water entering coastal deltas, "too costly"say some and not needed at the present time say others, life is a gamble on the land and a way of life for some, the hardy.
Friday the intermittent throbbing in my the right side of my fore head became unreal plus with tightness in my face and neck, it had subsided after waiting in the emergency dept at Wyong hospital for over four hours. with a cynical Doctor unconvinced of my predicament  I was sent packing with the info that I was to take  pain killers. I have opened the the letter he typed for my equally inane Quack, it contained similar suggestions that had been conveyed to me, the Tacky message  containing six spelling mistakes and joined words reminded of my GP's letter to the Neurologist I shall see in 21days from now;?. Surely, these medical blokes are likely to blunder with their prognosis if they are incompetent with the written word, even more vague would be the opinion from the only local doc who speaks  pidgin in monosyllables, whose main interest in the patient is milking another fifty buck consultation fee.
Back from lunch. good news the sun has appeared  and  the rain has stopped. The birds are back on the shed roof, we must be the only source of bird freebies in the area.
Yesterday Sunday we received  two more messages  from Prodigal son, him with the charisma of a wet cat , despite my leanings and his teachings, his utterances on the sabbath are to be deplored. " Son You can't have more" , my money machine is deceased. and your tough demeanor is unwarranted, as long as your present attitude to your parents and siblings remain your pleas will fall on deaf ears.The saga will no doubt continue.
Rosemary has returned from her shopping  just a five minute walk away and is now hanging washing on the hills hoist now the rain has stopped and a fair breeze ablowing and I must remove my backside from this seat and get some walking time in.
 Christopher's health is improving and would improve more if he moved more and smoked less, it doesn't make sense to me why intelligent people knowingly allow themselves to self destruct.
Thank you those friends and relatives who have found time to communicate recently your bonding is appreciated. that's all for now, back later. love you all  Vest Daily Gaggle.

BTW.  Live in such a way that you would not be ashamed to sell your pet parrot to the town gossip.


Jimmy said...

Friday the intermittent throbbing in my the right side of my fore head became unreal plus with tightness in my face and neck, it had subsided after waiting in the emergency dept at Wyong hospital for over four hours. with a cynical Doctor unconvinced of my predicament I was sent packing with the info that I was to take pain killers.

DUCK Allopathy
swith to Homeopathy and YOGA and Nature Cure

Allopathy treats the SYMPTOMS
Homeopathy kills the ROOT CAUSE

Jimmy said...

Thanks Vest
medical tourism and Wedding tourism too is doing real good

esp after CWG coverage in World press
Now OBAMA will be here on on Nov 6

when u and ROSE comimg here ?

Jane, Stokes-Honour. said...

Hi Uncle

I feel so sorry for you all. My thoughts are with you all. Lots of love xxxxxxxxxJane

Christine said...

Hi Uncle Les,
You certainly are getting much more than your fair share of problems lately.
I am so sorry the situation has not improved regarding number 5 son in fact it seems to have worsened as far as I can tell, although this is probably just the tip of the iceberg and you don't deserve it.
I'm hoping this neurologist will be able to help with the pain you are suffering and does not just fob you off with painkillers like your doctor has.
Regarding the weather, well there's not much we can do about that is there, we currently have very bright clear days with plenty of sunshine but very cold, especially at night, but it's better than rain.
Myself and Debbie have been in contact with Chris and David via Facebook and have all been sharing memories of our childhood, Nan and Grandpa in particular, it's been a joy.
I'm thinking of you all and hope with all my heart that your health and your relationship with your youngest improves.
Love to you and Auntie Rose, is the washing dry yet.

C A. said...

It appears you have plenty of unsolicited backing from relatives Re your dissident relative, all pro's no con's.
Not sure how you deal with the problem in Australia.
Suggest you say nothing other than- Press Reply and say 'thank you'.

susanne said...

"There is nothing more painful to me at this stage of my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery — then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved."

— Rev. Jesse Jackson, speaking at the PUSH convention in 1993.

"When I get on the plane, I got to tell you, if I see people who are in Muslim garb and I think, you know, they are identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslims, I get worried. I get nervous."

— Juan Williams, on Bill O'Reilly's show, for which he was fired

Vest said...

It strange to hear of a White loving and Gun hating Black priest, Re Jesse Jackson.

Juan Williams should fly 'Etihad-Hal Al Airlines and relax.

LOWES .Or should their trading name be SLOWES

I am back on deck once again after another stint in my local body repairing establishment. I have sent packing to St vinnies the tired cloth...