Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Dishing the Dirt on Filthy Beards.

   Beards I refer to as soup strainers should be banned while this present virus remains in our midst.
It is BAD NEWS for hipsters but men with beards harbour more germs in their whiskers than dogs carry on their fur, according to scientists.
    The alarming news follows a study that found every sampled beard was crawling with bacteria and nearly half had bugs that were hazardous to human health.
     By contrast, a number of dogs tested proved to have lower levels of microbes also all of the men aged from 18 to 76 showed high microbial counts but only 23 out of 30 dogs had high counts. seven men were even found to be harbouring microbes that proved a threat to human health.
      High-risk populated areas where beards are more prominent due to religious preferences are more likely to harbour the current dreaded virus and should be avoided in every way possible. whether male or female kissing your partner with any form of whiskers may more than likely be putting you at risk

          Nothing is true except that which we do not say.

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Monday, 30 March 2020

Quick Quiz.. Answers Later this week..

1.  Song Adam sang to Eve.?
2.  What form of employment do Fairies do when enlisted for national service?.
3   Who was the president of NIGER in 1999?
4   What was the last Island to be invaded in WW2, Date, please?
5   What creatures change sex up to four times annually?.
6   Who had two sisters both called Julia?

Vest Daily Gaggle.

Sunday, 29 March 2020

How to Get Rid of Mynah Birds

Mynah Bird
The mynah bird is a member of the starling family. A native of Southeast Asia, the mynah has migrated and can now be found all over the world. The species is commonly thought of as invasive as it fights aggressively with native wildlife. It destroys the eggs and fledglings of other birds, reducing the overall biodiversity of any given area. It is hostile not just to other birds but to small mammals such as squirrels and possums. It also inflicts damage to crops, generates huge amounts of noise and has been known to spread diseases among other animals and even to people. If you have mynah birds and you'd like to get rid of them, follow the steps in the guide below.

Step 1

Limit the available sources of food. If you see mynah birds in your yard, immediately remove any bird feeders and stop leaving birdseed out. Additionally, you should begin feeding your pets inside as mynahs are opportunistic and will make use of almost any available source of nutrition. If you keep chickens or other domestic birds, ensure they are fed in an enclosed area that is inaccessible to mynahs. When feeding any other livestock, be sure to sweep up any grain spills immediately and remove any uneaten food.

Step 2

Reduce the available nesting sites. Mynahs like to build their nests inside tree hollows, gaps in roofing, cavities in eaves, and depressions found in overgrown shrubbery. You can decrease the attractive nesting sites in your yard by keeping your trees and shrubs well-trimmed and by filling in any holes in your woodwork. Also, you can line the edges of your roof and your windowsills with spikes so the birds are unable to roost there.

Step 3

Remove any existing bird nests. Be sure to wear a long-sleeved shirt, hat, face mask and protective gloves. Mynah birds often carry mites that can cause relentless itching and red, irritated rashes if you come into contact with them. Once the nest has been removed, place it into a plastic garbage bag, tie the bag shut and immediately remove the nest from your property.

Step 4

Make your home and yard as uninviting as possible. Use a combination of anti-bird-friendly techniques such as hanging pie tins from trees, spraying shrubs and foliage with pepper-spray, or booby-trapping areas the birds like to gather with a substance called Hot Foot, which functions in a manner similar to a glue board but which allows the bird to escape.

Step 5

Encourage natural predators. Adopt several large cats, if you can. They will help keep the birds away, though they may bring you any they are able to catch as a token of affection. If you cannot adopt live animals, then purchase a few pretenders -- plastic owls, rubber snakes, synthetic hawks -- and place them around your property, particularly in areas that might seem like good nesting sites. Artificial predators that are motion-activated tend to have the greatest effect.

Step 6

Set up a mynah trap. Contact your local extension office and ask them to bring a mynah trap to your property. Be sure they instruct you as to the proper use of the trap and the appropriate baits to use. Traps should be situated as far away from possible disturbances as possible and the bait should be the only available food source in the immediate area. Once the birds have been trapped, they can be collected and humanely disposed of by a qualified professional.


Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Hello Lovely People.

It was about 4pm today that I had written a thank you nice people for your comments. but then it went on to include much more and I decided to turn it into a post; being it had stretched more than usual, with the intention to copy and paste it onto my blog. About that time my carer son rushed in and told me it was pouring with rain, then at that moment the big bang came and the whole house lost power and what I had written was gone and so was my faithful puss who had shot under the bed in terror. I did bang my fist on the desk and say an awful word as well as Bugger.
After an hour or so the power returned and we were able to cook dinner as usual although the up to date modern Gas oven could not operate without an electric start - or Fan.
Yesterday I was given the next thousand dollar jab in my Tum three more to go.
I am now in total isolation, my carer son does any outside jaunts and is responsible for the general cleaning together with his responsibilities in the laundry and kitchen cleaning. this is due now to the absence of my cleaning lady Phoebe a size twelve 31-year-old with most attributes.  Phoebe will return to her duties as soon as a latter-day Solon can be found with answers to this big C dilemma and its draconian rules.
I am not allowed visitors, my only human conversation is with my eldest son, who is not the greatest listener who spends 85% of his waking hours in front of his several computers. a person who has had about seven different live-in partners during his adult life does save a lot of explanation.
Apart from the TV,  daily paper and the garden, my only other excess is having a conversation with Minnie my ten-year-old pussy cat who is laying on my feet as I write.  Minnie is like a shadow and loves me to bits. I have missed you all and hope to resume writing as soon as possible, Love you all, Best wishes  Vest.

Vest Has Left the Building

To advise that Vest (Les Bowyer) passed away this morning. Regards, Chris (Son).