Hello Lovely People.

It was about 4pm today that I had written a thank you nice people for your comments. but then it went on to include much more and I decided to turn it into a post; being it had stretched more than usual, with the intention to copy and paste it onto my blog. About that time my carer son rushed in and told me it was pouring with rain, then at that moment the big bang came and the whole house lost power and what I had written was gone and so was my faithful puss who had shot under the bed in terror. I did bang my fist on the desk and say an awful word as well as Bugger.
After an hour or so the power returned and we were able to cook dinner as usual although the up to date modern Gas oven could not operate without an electric start - or Fan.
Yesterday I was given the next thousand dollar jab in my Tum three more to go.
I am now in total isolation, my carer son does any outside jaunts and is responsible for the general cleaning together with his responsibilities in the laundry and kitchen cleaning. this is due now to the absence of my cleaning lady Phoebe a size twelve 31-year-old with most attributes.  Phoebe will return to her duties as soon as a latter-day Solon can be found with answers to this big C dilemma and its draconian rules.
I am not allowed visitors, my only human conversation is with my eldest son, who is not the greatest listener who spends 85% of his waking hours in front of his several computers. a person who has had about seven different live-in partners during his adult life does save a lot of explanation.
Apart from the TV,  daily paper and the garden, my only other excess is having a conversation with Minnie my ten-year-old pussy cat who is laying on my feet as I write.  Minnie is like a shadow and loves me to bits. I have missed you all and hope to resume writing as soon as possible, Love you all, Best wishes  Vest.


Huge thanks for the update.
Stay safe, stay well - and enjoy Minnie's company. A purring cat is a wonderful companion.
Anonymous said…
Good to hear you are ok and keep your mind occupied, but not preoccupied.
Elsie Hanlin. said…
I'm glad to hear you are still with us and doing okay. Isolation is the best thing right now, I'm staying home as much as I can, only going out for a walk 2-3 times a day as Doctor says I must lose weight or become diabetic. I choose to lose the weight. it's good you have a garden to wander around in and you have your cat for company. My cat prefers to sleep everywhere else but near me, until bedtime when she curls up on the quilt right by my side. take care, Elsie (river)
'Hi' Vest. Wotsa latterday Solon ?.
Vest said…
Thank you, E C, Andrew, and Elsie. I shall try to give you a call soon.
Vest said…
Solon was an Athenian statesman, lawmaker and poet. He is remembered particularly for his efforts to legislate against the political, economic and moral decline in archaic Athens. His reforms failed in the short-term, yet he is often credited with having laid the foundations for Athenian democracy.
Born: 640 BC, Athens, Greece.
He was also responsible for the repeal of the so-called Draconian laws instituted by his predecessor, DRACO.
Some beyond belief.
SHERLOCK, read your bloody greek history book. this lesson is free. the next lesson will cost you.
Dylan said…
The pandemic has some interesting effects on each society. I think Australia's response is funny because of the ignorant attitude of some peoples. Where some countries have completely dead cities, you can look at places like Bondi Beach and still see plenty of people around - probably spreading their own share of the virus.

Being a teacher at this moment (particular in my area) is interesting with how many students still come in - my school apparently having the highest % in the state. We haven't had any confirmed cases, but attempting to separated students from each other has been a challenge.

At this moment, I am sitting with 7 senior students who are on laptops submitting an assessment. In the subsequent weeks (presumably) into Term 2, i'm curious how we will deal with this in terms of online teaching. I'm keeping strapped in while I prepare more online resources.

With that in mind, should you find yourself bored - I can always give you a middle school level mathematics assessment to keep your brain active!

Keep mentally and physically well.
Vest said…
Thankyou Grandson Dylan For your comment. It is a pity that most of my grandchildren's input online is limited to brief utterances on Facebook.
Good Morning Les. I have tried numerous times to reply to your email under two or more IDs and it just blocks me out. I have read all your emails. we don't hear much about Aus ref the virus. we are now in the grip of it, plenty of idiots doing their best to make it worse. I have been holed up indoors for the last 2 1days, I am lucky I have a garden and it's now beginning to get warm enough for me to go and sit outside about midday. We had a nice gesture last night at 8pm they asked people to either stand in front of their window or go outside and clap our support for all the people working in the hospitals. I went it was quite moving. I spend most of my day on YOUTUBE watching that idiot TRUMP DESTROYING AMERICA. I AM NOW CLOSING TO SEE IF THIS WORKS. EDWARD JONES WATTS NAVAL TRAINING SCHOOL (183) 1945 1949
Vest said…
Well done Edward. You have arrived finally, It is nice to know that you are safe and well. Thank you for your message. LES. WATTS NAVAL TRAINING SCHOOL, NUMBER 117, Wed 16-12-36 To Mon 7-1-42. UNFORGETTABLE DATES.
Jane Stokes- Honour said…
Hi Uncle Les.

Keep well and healthy. In isolation here but luckily the weather is lovely here at the moment. All safe at the moment. A very surreal and weird situation all around the world. Keep safe.

With lots of love always Jane, xxxxxxx
Vest said…
Jane. We are heading into Winter and you are on the way to Summer Which will fall on a Thursday this year haha. Yes, I am beset with the majority of the minor problems which occur with old age-but keeping active keeps me going, hope all the family are well; Love you Jane, XXX.
Hi Uncle Les,
Hope you are as well as you can be under these trying circumstances. It's a scary time isn't it, like you, John and l are in isolation. John because he is a transplant patient and me because of cancer. Claire, Paul and Martin are in temporary isolation too as some of them are poorly. I feel awful not being able to get round to see Dad as usual, especially as it's his 90th birthday on Monday, we had a family day planned for him but obviously have had to postpone the plans for now 😥 Thank goodness he has very nice neighbours who are getting all his shopping for him. Let's hope normal life will resume before too long and valuable lessons may be learnt about how people treat each other and the environment.... I am forever the optimist!!
Spring has sprung here, although snow showers are possible in some parts of the country on Sunday l believe.
Thank goodness we have computers and phones to help keep us all touch eh
You take good care of yourself
Love and best wishes Deb xxx
Vest said…
Hello Debbie. It would seem you have a family of 'Neverwells' beset with enough problems without the addition of this Global Virus. Isolation is the most important thing but it can become boring. lord knows what six months of isolation will do to our mental health, our household consists of myself-one mostly silent son and a pussycat, I am currently learning Cat and Human communication skills. talking to myself and cramming TV, plus sleeping more.
Love you all. Keep Well. Uncle Les. XXXXX. my regards to your DAD.
Sue, Bowyer said…
Part One.Hi Les

Hope you have been well but why do you need a jab in your tummy?
Yes, it's a terribly sad and difficult time in all our lives about this pandemic. We will cope with it the best way we know-how. Glad you have your feline friends. You mustn't be too hard on Chris, he's coping with the isolation as best he can too. Perhaps the other sons can Skype and have a chat.

Greg's brother lives in Pasadena near Los Angeles but closer to Burbank in California and his nephew's and niece live in the San Francisco bay area so they are all in isolation.

My family are self-isolating with my brother, Michael starting the trend a few weeks ago. He lives on his own as does my stepbrother.

My work is considered an essential service working in the Justice system but I did a dummy spit at work on Wednesday! Long story short, clients etc are not social distancing. I took it on myself to call a Sheriff and immediately someone came up to the level 4 foyer, they were sitting next to each other, no 1.5 metres social distancing and someone was coughing. In a Courtroom, there was no rule if one person per 4 square metres being followed.

I said in a loud voice to the people sitting in a level 5 foyer to move away from each other and observe the 1.5-metre rule of social distancing. Admittedly I must've said it rather loudly and yes I was in tears as people just don't get how serious this pandemic is. I also was concerned about myself last Saturday as I developed a temperature of 38.5 degrees. My ear was sore as was my gland in my neck, I felt dizzy a couple of times the day before and experienced a slight to moderate blocked nose. I thought I had a middle ear infection but it turned out to be tonsilitis which I haven't had for years and I hadn't had a sore throat! I had Monday off work.

So the Magistrate advised I should go have a cup of tea and have someone relieve me. I then called the Union whuch are next to useless really and spoke with the Registrar and put in an incident report. Whilst he congratulated me on my efforts of calling a Sheriff, I apparently failed in doing the same thing on level 5 although I do remember I also did ask for the police prosecutor to tell people to move on level 5.

It was suggested that I need time off work, I said that I was considering a couple of weeks next month and in May. But succinctly the Registrar basically wants me to take leave asap. I think they think I am not okay!!! I even had an email from someone who tried calling and emailing me yesterday but I was on Flex leave to see if I am okay!!!

I suggested to the Registrar that signage needs to be installed about social distancing measures and perhaps a Sheriff could be on those levels making sure it's practised.
Sue, Bowyer said…
Part Two. There are no hand sanitiser s for all court staff. I have been taking measures and doing my bit responsibly like Greg is driving to work and dropping me off and drives to his work and the same in the afternoon. I have my own sanitiser, have been wearing a face mask especially when exposed to large numbers in the Court, spray with Glen 20, disinfect my workspaces like the keyboard and mouse and phone, use a handtowel to open doors and use on taps in the toilets and kitchen or even wearing a freezer bag as the latex gloves make my hands sweat.

But what really irks me is I seem to be the one at fault here and seemingly unstable as I reacted where others don't!!! So it will be interesting to see if anything has changed when I get to work on Monday and if there's any signage in place and a presence of a Sheriffs officer.

But then again it takes people like me to hopefully get these measures in place. As a Court of law, I find it laughable that the powers that be are not enforcing the law in my workplace!!! Very ironic.

I also remember how hard it was for Oscar roughly this time last year with pneumonia and was quite sick.

But some people just don't get how serious this pandemic is. It's that "she'll be right mate" attitude.

Well, I better go and hang out the washing. Have a lovely day and take care x SUE.

Vest said…
Thank you SUE for your extended Comments. I had to split the message into two parts due to limitations on my blog.
It seems we will all have to exercise constraints now families are being drawn more closely together, we can expect a lot of bickering and probably worse during the next few months while living in conditions similar to that of house arrest. However, many lessons will be learned from the present to the demise of this horror the whole world is experiencing. Kind regards. Your Ex Father in law LES. XXX
Kooka said…
Hi, nice to know that ya remain alive.
(and yer, some of my "long time ago" friends have fallen orf the twig ....and they're younger than ME. awkward.
Cheers and best wishes ... ME
(um, Wombat's waffles; can't remember how to sign in - or Gurgle won't allow me to).
Kooka said…
Isolation? Um Les, i live on the southern tip of Yorke Peninsula, South Australia. Not one confirmed case of COVID19 anywhere here. And yep, no toilet paper, tissues, hand washes and couldn't find any Glen20 either.
No panic here, specifically; though all the shops here have little markers on the floor - apparently 1.5 metres apart. Sheesh. Who carries a tape measure??
Did see an "AD" on the TV that made it a bit clearer.
Anyhoo, no problems here. Am glad am not near any "city" .... wry heh.
Davo (Wombat's Waffles).
Kooka said…
Um, while m here -- have to express my extreme annoyance about NSW. there wouldn't BE any Covid19 here in SA if New South Wales didn't let all the passenger of the Princess Ruby to wander freely around this continent!!!
Vest said…
Hello Kooka. Or should I say Mr Wombat Waffles or simply Ow yer going, Dave. So you are still meandering around sarforfstrayer where it is pristinely clean and no known viruses. lucky you. I am currently in lockdown in my castle fighting off Miscellaneous wicked Bugs led by a Chinese sword-wielding Marcus coronavirus Wong. I am well stocked with glen 20 and food but Bum paper seems to be getting low, however, the 2,400 page Macquarie dictionary will have to come to the rescue which will recall fond memories of the 1930s living off the grid with a deep drop Dunny. Glad you are OK- steer clear of strangers. best of luck.
Lee said…
Great to "see" you, Vest. My two furry mates are my best mates, too...much-loved best mates and I'd be lost without them. They give me such joy.

Take good care of yourself...stay well...stay safe. :)
Vest said…
Hello Lee. Yes, I am getting some time on the internet having now settled into hibernation and domesticity. this morning I was able to use the grandiose expensive comfortable seat that I use when typing at the magic box. Minnie has gone walkabout in the garden after two days of hogging my fav bum rest. Will pay you a visit soon.
Hi Uncle Les. We are fine thank you?
Hope you are the family are well and how is your eye now, hope better?
Give our love to everyone?
Love Nigel, Salina and Kirstie

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