Dishing the Dirt on Filthy Beards.

   Beards I refer to as soup strainers should be banned while this present virus remains in our midst.
It is BAD NEWS for hipsters but men with beards harbour more germs in their whiskers than dogs carry on their fur, according to scientists.
    The alarming news follows a study that found every sampled beard was crawling with bacteria and nearly half had bugs that were hazardous to human health.
     By contrast, a number of dogs tested proved to have lower levels of microbes also all of the men aged from 18 to 76 showed high microbial counts but only 23 out of 30 dogs had high counts. seven men were even found to be harbouring microbes that proved a threat to human health.
      High-risk populated areas where beards are more prominent due to religious preferences are more likely to harbour the current dreaded virus and should be avoided in every way possible. whether male or female kissing your partner with any form of whiskers may more than likely be putting you at risk

          Nothing is true except that which we do not say.


I agree with you. Sadly my partner has an incredibly bushy beard - which I have only once seen him without (the hospital shaved him so they could fit an oxygen mask).
Lee said…
Yeah...I shaved my beard off yesterday! :)
Edward Jones. said…
Good Morning Les...
Just read your article about beards. I have been growing one since the 11th of march. first time I have gone unshaven since I was on HMS EAGLE 1958. water was in short supply and cold. always has a strong beard and shaving with saltwater wasn't very easy. We haven't heard much about Aus in the news. Our government don't seem to handle the virus very well. It seems stupid they can build a 4000-bed hospital in 10 days but cant supply nurses with face protectors. The great and the good who have been telling us how to behave are all isolated with the pox. My daughter has been doing my shopping so I am not going out and its also quite cold. frost again this morning. Article in the paper is a shortage of flowers this year as nobody is buying and we should have received them by now.
I love my flowers and its another thing to get us outdoors and a bit of exercise. I am hoping this is going to work. Best wishers Edward jones sturdee 183 1945 1949
On Tuesday, 31 March 2020, 22:03
Vest said…
Edward. Get rid of your soup-strainer Beard, It may harbour the Dreaded Lurgy.

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