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Bert and Betty are childhood sweethearts and were celebrating their 50th anniversary. They strolled down the road to their old school and found the desk where he had carved, " I Love You, Betty." On their way back home, a large bag of money falls at their feet from a passing Armoured car. They take the bag home and find it contains $50,000. Bert Say's "We'll have to give it back". But Betty Say's, "No finders keepers." Later that day, police going from door to door ask them if they know anything about the stolen money. Betty Say's she doesn't. "She's lying " Bert Say's. "She hid it in the attic." "Don't listen to him." Say's Betty. "He's going senile." One of the police officers tells Bert, "OK, You'd better tell us the story from the beginning." Bert Say's, "Well, Betty and I were walking home from school. . . . . " The officer Say's to his part


KINDNESS TO OTHERS is the key, not the out dated secular witchcraft churned out by the faith industry. If people would dare to speak to one another unreservedly, there would be a good deal less sorrow in the future of our world. In the name of Religion - Freedom - Vengeance - What you will, / A word is enough to raise mankind to kill. If you must use four letter words to emphasise or to punctuate the acidity of your opinion, soften the blow to your readers ears; use of the following words will achieve more, Good, Love, Warm, Kind, Help, Love. To read about the troubles and kind actions in our world today. click below, to my favorite newspaper, which I have delivered to my door Daily.

(POOPS) PET POLICY has the backing of the RSPCA

A pet program that looks after animals belonging to elderly , isolated hospital patients is being expanded as a result of it success. The program called pets of older persons (POOPS) has the backing of the RSPCA. The scheme which has been expanded to include palliative-care patients, provides foster care for pets, hospital visits to see their owners, veterinary checks and regular grooming. This year, POOPS has taken care of 66dogs, 38 cats, 5 horses, 1 rabbit, 6 rats and 9 birds. What sort of pet will you be taking to see grandma in hospital, surely not a rat or a skunk? ----------------------- A man has been given a one year good behaviour bond after swinging a cat by its tail and slamming it repeatedly on the road. The law in NSW AUSTRALIA was recently changed to recognise that animal cruelty is not acceptable and the maximum penalty for this crime is two years in the slammer. I suggest we bring back public thrashing for cri


This is not like the common supermarket ploy like the more you spend the greater the discount at the gas station pump, these discounts around NSW OZ rarely exceed 5 cents off per liter. We have a 'Cat house' in a Sydney suburb offering 20 cents off per liter. The 'SCARLET SITE' in Granville, Sydney, just one from hundreds of Sydneys Whore houses THIS IS NOT COMPULSARY VIEWING.


Blackpool Lancashire England: A 49 year old woman from Blackpool; Englands premier seaside resort, who has 40 orgasms a day due to a sexual condition, was yesterday put on probation for a $15,000 welfare fraud. CALCUTTA: An Indian man has sacrificed himself by slitting his throat in front of an Indian Diety at a temple in Uttar Pradesh yesterday. -------------------------- For the Best News of the day go to. Dont forget to click onto the JL Spencers book cover.

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THIS IS BOUND TO GET UP THE NOSES OF WRITERS WHO USE PHILISTINIC GRAMMER. THE MODERN ERA OF ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATION IS HERE TO STAY. The simplified spelling society ( ), est1908, is on roll to modernise English spelling and is receiving most support from texters and E mailers. While the society has been arguing to make the LERNIN of SPELIN EZIER, it is academic for users of 21st CENTRI instant communication technology. There is no need for a society to lobby for simplification, it is being done right now, all English Spelling Pedants with their rules and exceptions can go to fiddlesticks. The S S S (Sounds like the new fascist order of spelling) wants the changes implemented Now! and Brought into official use by2008, its centenary year. I for one do not think it is a great Idea as I have taken 80 bloody years to learn and earn a possible 80 percent pass mark in English (And I am English) A few months back I received criticism from two persons within the blogo


There is only one more days supply left. The Australian Red Cross Blood Service yesterday said blood supplies had plummeted to dangerously low levels, nationally the supply stands at nearly two days. The sad thing is only 3% of Australians had given blood in the past year. So come on you guys , Those pretty dracula's are waiting , all they need each time you go is about half an armful. This message also goes out to the people of all Nations. If you can find time to sit around the home for no useful purpose or at a loose end, get up and get down to your local blood bank. " Don't know where it is " look in the telephone directory. You will probably be saving some persons life, doesn' t that make you feel good.


Vest would like to confirm he is definitely not the person known as Saby, recently I have had email messages from known bloggers confirming they received comments from my blog , some anon some using my blog details , this is not funny , however, most people will now who the culprit is . Those persons who sent those nasty emails were replied to more than a week ago, no reply as yet, so adios , please don't bother. It does seem that I am receiving no fewer callers , but less comments. Having put that to rest, it will be wait and see time, and in the meanwhile I'll have time to finish my new project which I am enjoying doing, as it should prove more profitable than the last; although recently it received some unusually rewarding publicity on an Indian Sub/Cont Blogsite. CLICK on the book icon to reveal more info. Don't forget if you want front line news from Australia, click here, The web address of your overseas news papers would be appreciated


THE RETURNED SERVICEMENS LEAGUE CLUBS ARE AT FAULT. It would seem that the "Lest we forget" principles of these clubs; in particular the laws concerning blasphemy, lewd remarks and general bad behaviour are conveniently cast aside when they seize upon an opportunity to make a fast buck. Try uttering the 'F' word or an equally disdainful four letter cliche within ear shot of an offended club worker or member; and 'Out you Go mate', It is just not tolerated full stop. We have had to tolerate these classic examples of double standards for far too long. Soon to appear at an RSL Club close to my home on the central coast of NSW, as an entertainer; is an exponent of filth and depravity. FOUL LANGUAGE SLIDES FROM THE MOUTH OF THIS HORRIBLE LOOKING CREATURE LIKE EXCREMENT FROM A SEWER PIPE. This distinguished entertainer RODNEY RUDE has been around far too long, but his greasy looks and foul language will still be a draw card for those brain dead simpletons who will w


GRAPE and apple growers have benefited from Australia's banana drought, according to research into customer spending. When banana prices skyrocketed from$2 a kilogram to more than $13 in the wake of Cyclone Larry, customers went elsewhere. Research shows just two out of ten Sydney households bought bananas in June-July, compared with 7 out of ten a year ago. The study found people bought more grapes and apples. Sales of pears melons and citrus fruits also increased. However, there are also times an ill wind brings good fortune; to grape growers in particular, due to the glut of wine producing grapes, which had resulted in the over supply of wine worldwide. Although I am not an avid wine quaffer. occasionally there pops up a time when wine for dinner guests is a must. Recently cheaper wine has come onto the market, the many differing types in the mid price range have fallen to an average of 50% and in one range even more, during the past weeks I have bought wines (good quality) for


THE REV FATHER DOMINIC PATRICK PAUL O'LEARY HELPING THE HOPELESS CHAPEL. SYDNEY NSW 2000 AUSTRALIA. Motto, "We teach you how to live again" TO: Mr Saby Dasouza The Gutter Sewer End. MUMBAI INDIA. Dear Mr Saby It is with great sadness I have to inform you of the passing of Mr Barry Dogshead, formerly the president of the famous BIDWILL Yacht Club in Western Sydney. You may be aware of his fall from grace about 7 years ago when he was awarded 7 years in the slammer. convicted on charges of bigamy, embezzlement and child pornography. After five years he was released and for two years until recently was within my care, although he had degenerated into slobbering unkempt immoral drunken foulmouth, it was his image; slobbering in vomit at the steps of my chapel which drew the congregation. His smelly appearance bloodshot eyes and blasphemous statements were enough for people to realise the path of the sinner led eventually to the same state as Mr Dogshead, which brings me to th


Today August 9, the collecting of census forms begins Australia wide and my form stated the minimum of information for the Govt records. I for one, absolutely refuse to believe that this information gleaned from the members of the public, will not be used or disclosed publicly until the year 2105. --------------------- I still shall not refer to various entities within Govt circles whose nefarious goings on continue to hit the front pages of the daily newspapers, which contain articles on fraudulent Cops, crooked judges, sex orgies in prisons also in police training establishments, gang rapes , shootings and a plethora of day today hold ups. Why ?, you may ask. No need to is the answer, click on here for all the news and screws, saves so much of my valuable time. And if at any time I receive the courtesy of a reply from you guys out there, would you kindly reciprocate by leaving me the web

We could do with a few more women, but please bring your own Rain

The12 residents of the tiny outback NSW village of Byrock have not seen rain for seven years. For the past two months they have had to truck in 36,000 litres of water from the outback town of Burke twice a week. "It was the June long weekend when the panic set in," Peter Pimlott manager of Byrocks only Pub, said. "About 500 people came here for the goat races and we'd run out of water". Last week, the govt approved a $48,000 grant to Bourke shire Council for water to be trucked in until next June. Locals think it is a "stupid" and "illogical idea. They claim for about $30,000, they could create a permanent water supply. There is a Bore hole on my property with lots of lovely water- enough for the whole town, forever, resident mick Knight said. "Its a bit salty so we would need a desalination plant, which would cost about$11 ,000.We could set it up and pipe it to residents for about $30,000 and manage it ourselves". In the past four years

Why I shall not post Grimy police and political stories in the future

Listening to the radio and Television also absorbing page after page of dodgy goings on by our peers, masters and leaders in the faith industry, you will be better served by getting it first hand and with more detail; by clicking on to the pages of my favorite news paper, which for a paltry sum of $154-7o, and a saving of $45-00 off the stand price, can be delivered to your residence free for six months. Of course this only applies to NSW Australian persons. However, clicking here, you will get a free sticky beak into the goings on in Australia's most populated state(did you know that a quarter of the Oz population live in and around the Sydney met and greater 50Klm rad area. This does not mean that NSW skinflints should not fork out for their favorite newspaper. This info is primarily for overseas persons like Poms septics and canucks , who are very vague about the unusual and sometimes sordid and of course the sensitive and sad family stories which

BUSY BUSY BUSY, Social Events And Birthdays Galore.

During the past six weeks I have been overrun with social engagements. Birthdays, Funerals , Christenings, AGMs , and other misc never ending runarounds, my health concerns, and avoiding people who are impoverished. I tend to nod off as soon as an opportunity arises for me to relax. On the blog front it has been a trifle hilarious on four particular Weblogs each trying to out do the others with their own particular brand of culture and mysticisms; which unfortunately ended in a slanging match and which hopefully has now ceased and if you are listening out there in blog land; lets leave it that way, thank you. Here is an oldy: " that's why I propose that as from today..........." You do not keep anything for a special occasion. Because every day you live is a special occasion. Search for knowledge, read more!! Sit on your front porch and admire the view without paying attention to the needs. Pass more time with your family, eat your favorite food, visit the places you love