We could do with a few more women, but please bring your own Rain

The12 residents of the tiny outback NSW village of Byrock have not seen rain for seven years.
For the past two months they have had to truck in 36,000 litres of water from the outback town of Burke twice a week.
"It was the June long weekend when the panic set in," Peter Pimlott manager of Byrocks only Pub, said.
"About 500 people came here for the goat races and we'd run out of water".
Last week, the govt approved a $48,000 grant to Bourke shire Council for water to be trucked in until next June. Locals think it is a "stupid" and "illogical idea. They claim for about $30,000, they could create a permanent water supply. There is a Bore hole on my property with lots of lovely water- enough for the whole town, forever, resident mick Knight said.
"Its a bit salty so we would need a desalination plant, which would cost about$11 ,000.We could set it up and pipe it to residents for about $30,000 and manage it ourselves".
In the past four years, Byrock's population has also dried up. the latest casualty is Byrock public school, which closed in April.
But the 12 residents say they wouldn't live anywhere else.
"Byrock's wonderful," Mr Pimlotts wife Gloria said. "But we could do with more women".
I passed through Byrock on my recent travels , the place is quite picturesque and I don't recall seeing any women apart from old Gloria,.
So here's your chance to make it big time, pop along to the local Australian Consulate and they will get you there pretty fast, especially unattached USA & Canadian ladies. So remember you darlings who are bored with your present circumstances, opportunity is knocking at your door, we need you desperately. but don't forget to bring your own Rain.

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Anonymous said…
there's much talent loafing around the blogs too many sheila's talking gobswill
hows about we send the bloody lot to that town byrock the bushies wont give a rats arse what they look like long as they no the drill
Anonymous said…
hi vestie, where is Byrock,,,I would love to visit and how's your knee. I'm feeling a lot better now, going back to TAFE wednesday xxx
Vest said…
Hello Waldo: I'm afraid it would not be that easy, I suppose we could give them a Govt grant for taking a quick gander, our NSW pollies are good at chucking our hard earned around.
I have seen the complexions of long established outback biddies,faces like tosca leather hand bags and their skin like robbers dogs. No, I dont think they wiill stay waldo, unless you have other ideas.
Vest said…
Hi kate: Pleased to know that you are well. My knee is improving slightly thank you.
Byrock is about 400 lkms past the black stump near Bourke, If you go you will need a tough SUV or 4WD and a toughguy escort. x
Anonymous said…
I'd need to practice talkin up me "strine"
It's lapsed a little since Oi was last in Orstralia, land of the daylia!
Vest said…
Someone has reminded me to look up Billy Bennets monologues on Google.

Aggie: Strine is a fast disappearing every day language among the general population of Strayer, occasionally resurrected in the entertainment industry to keep us in touch.
Not unsimilar is the London cockney dialect. Hearing second generation U/K Pakistani's and Indians uttering broad cockney On the TV etc can be amusing to us Brit ex pats of long standing.

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