Vest would like to confirm he is definitely not the person known as Saby, recently I have had email messages from known bloggers confirming they received comments from my blog , some anon some using my blog details , this is not funny , however, most people will now who the culprit is . Those persons who sent those nasty emails were replied to more than a week ago, no reply as yet, so adios , please don't bother. It does seem that I am receiving no fewer callers , but less comments.
Having put that to rest, it will be wait and see time, and in the meanwhile I'll have time to finish my new project which I am enjoying doing, as it should prove more profitable than the last; although recently it received some unusually rewarding publicity on an Indian Sub/Cont Blogsite.
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The web address of your overseas news papers would be appreciated too, thank you, vest.


Anonymous said…
ok then.. why is he hounding you and then going to other blogsites to insult you for some reason.CUBL8R
Vest said…
Anon; The person in Question is likened to a pitt bull terrier the slightest rebuke and he doesn't let go; regardless of any compromise or niceties offered.
His needless verbal grenades and other contentious issues are his trademark, he has no conception of civility and is totally focussed on tormenting all those who come within arms length of him.
Should this not put you in the picture, the alternative is to seek his advice, B T W why are you hiding behind anonymity? have a nice day.
Vest said…
anon: the other reason is simply I am not permitted to own a gun.

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