(POOPS) PET POLICY has the backing of the RSPCA

A pet program that looks after animals belonging to elderly , isolated hospital patients is being expanded as a result of it success.
The program called pets of older persons (POOPS) has the backing of the RSPCA.
The scheme which has been expanded to include palliative-care patients, provides foster care for pets, hospital visits to see their owners, veterinary checks and regular grooming.
This year, POOPS has taken care of 66dogs, 38 cats, 5 horses, 1 rabbit, 6 rats and 9 birds.
What sort of pet will you be taking to see grandma in hospital, surely not a rat or a skunk?
A man has been given a one year good behaviour bond after swinging a cat by its tail and slamming it repeatedly on the road.
The law in NSW AUSTRALIA was recently changed to recognise that animal cruelty is not acceptable and the maximum penalty for this crime is two years in the slammer.
I suggest we bring back public thrashing for crimes of violence, a dozen strokes across the buttocks would deter these cruel bastards. plus a substantial fine in line with their status


Vest said…
To the self opinionated foul mouthed Nth American person who used anonymity as a shield, your derision is nothing more than a reflection of your own pathetic under achievement status.you do little to elevate the hopes of your own good people. Go boil your head, your comment deleted.
Anonymous said…
u r getting soft in ur old age
Vest said…
l d l . very clever, funny ha ha.
Anonymous said…
Bring back feeding culprits to the Lions at the Zoo I say - let them know how it feels.

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