Blackpool Lancashire England: A 49 year old woman from Blackpool; Englands premier seaside resort, who has 40 orgasms a day due to a sexual condition, was yesterday put on probation for a $15,000 welfare fraud.

CALCUTTA: An Indian man has sacrificed himself by slitting his throat in front of an Indian Diety at a temple in Uttar Pradesh yesterday.

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Vest said…
Oh yea Oh yea, is one for the fem gender. Ladie's, How would you compare, Or woudn't you dare?

With such an enormous population in India, it would be wishful thinking, perchance to dream.
Anonymous said…
das tink it wuz me u r not rite.

i visit sune number 5 is alive my frote ok
Vest said…
Last caller; Without adding to the size of your ego, I am certain most people were living in the hope that you had succumbed to your inevitable demise. However, there must be more pleasanter ways of departing one's mortal life, did I not mention Euthanasia to you a while back, I am sure there are such organizations in India who may be able to help bastards like you. have a nice day asshole.
Anonymous said…
Oh vestie can that be true about the orgasmic lady, over a month is ok, but surely it would be mind bending in one day.

is that S guy still around.
Vest said…
Kate; Dear girl I am not in a position to pass advice on the Multi 'O' thingy, in any case my flower of life has gone to seed and is becoming fossilised, but I do have fond memories and gaze upon the menu from time to time.

Yes, the s guy is still around it seems.
Anonymous said…
How do I get me that affliction?
Vest said…
Aggie I am sure you would be happy with 4 per 24 hrs, but how? thats a hard problem.
Maybe a combination of infatuation, stamina and determination would be the answer.

And some of; them thar pills.
Good luck.

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