The simplified spelling society (www.spellingsociety.org), est1908, is on roll to modernise English spelling and is receiving most support from texters and E mailers.
While the society has been arguing to make the LERNIN of SPELIN EZIER, it is academic for users of 21st CENTRI instant communication technology.
There is no need for a society to lobby for simplification, it is being done right now, all English Spelling Pedants with their rules and exceptions can go to fiddlesticks.
The S S S (Sounds like the new fascist order of spelling) wants the changes implemented Now! and Brought into official use by2008, its centenary year.
I for one do not think it is a great Idea as I have taken 80 bloody years to learn and earn a possible 80 percent pass mark in English (And I am English) A few months back I received criticism from two persons within the blogosphere regarding the quality of my writing , learned people with few other skills if any other than being able to confuse people with their parchment and Quill trickery, my reply to them using nautical language was not answered.
English has a possible 3,500 commonly used words that do not follow the 90 odd English spelling patterns. For example et as in pet is the same sound as in threat: ate in mate is the same as in great and so on.
Other languages are not so complicated,. German has 800 non pattern words Spanish 600 and Italian 400. Then there are the sounds , yes, there are 12 different ways to spell the sound of EE in English.
The exceptions and similarities of English is time consuming and difficult and is the main cause of low literacy standards, when compared to most non English speaking countries.
It takes only two years at school for Italian speakers to become confident spellers.
Mind you we are all aware that the Italians have the most advanced system of body language, like arm waving gesticulations sometimes described as Roman Semaphore.
But the best argument of all is that if we had simplified phonetic spelling, spelling homework would be banished forever. Shorli u kids wood like that.


Anonymous said…
A hard working couple scrimped and saved to send their son to university college.
After a few months he sent them a photo which displayed his newly acquired goatee beard and mustouche.with which he wrote, "I think this makes me look like a real Count.
His parents replied, "Yes you do" and its time you learned to spell.
Vest said…
Fred; Go stand in the corner, Smack!!!.
Vest said…
What each generation forgets is that While the words which it uses to describe ideas are always changing, the ideas themselves do not change so quickly, nor are those ideas in any sense new. If we pay no attention to words Whatever, we may become likened to the isolated old bloke who invents a perpetual motion machine on old lines and in total ignorance of all previously discarded plans, and then is surprised the dammned thing won't work, If we pay attention solely to the slang of the day- that is to say, if we devote ourselves exclusively to modern literature- we get to thinking the world is progressing when it is only repeating itself.
It's pure laziness, if you ask me. This electronic spelling thing has evolved so people don't have to type as much, or THINK as much. The SSS would be doing a huge disservice to kids nowadays because what they propose reduces the amount of simple thinking. And if people don't learn the rules of English - grammar and spelling - we will start to lose touch with how language works and how it's evolved from Latin, romance languages, and old English. Not a good thing.
Vest said…
Wandering Coyote: Your reasoning makes a great deal of commonsense and I will aggree with you regarding the probable pitfalls associated with this rapid change to our established English language. This SSS idea started taking place in Uncle Sam land, and as far back as I can remember.
However, You and I will; and all other protesters to this new lazy wordspeak; will succumb to it in due course. Have a pleasant day. V
Anonymous said…
Stability in language is synonymous with Rigor Mortis
Anonymous said…
China has opened its first halfway house for internet addicts, offering counselling, books-and the use of computers.
Vest said…
Thanks anonymous, or should I say gutless; for your advice (DELETED). The cowardly manner in which you chose to deliver your vitriolic insult relates to your own debilitated state of mind.
Btw I dare you to identify yourself and repeat your message.
Anonymous said…
Will we return (eventually)to Ooga Ooga (caveman) language do you think?
Vest said…
Aggie: If it does happen i'll be the first to say Ooga Ooga in reply to your Ooga Ooga.
Hope you have long hair and Don't suffer from sore heels.

"Now where did I put my Club"

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