Why I shall not post Grimy police and political stories in the future

Listening to the radio and Television also absorbing page after page of dodgy goings on by our peers, masters and leaders in the faith industry, you will be better served by getting it first hand and with more detail; by clicking on to the pages of my favorite news paper, which for a paltry sum of $154-7o, and a saving of $45-00 off the stand price, can be delivered to your residence free for six months. Of course this only applies to NSW Australian persons.
However, clicking here, www.news.com.au/dailytelegraph you will get a free sticky beak into the goings on in Australia's most populated state(did you know that a quarter of the Oz population live in and around the Sydney met and greater 50Klm rad area. This does not mean that NSW skinflints should not fork out for their favorite newspaper. This info is primarily for overseas persons like Poms septics and canucks , who are very vague about the unusual and sometimes sordid and of course the sensitive and sad family stories which emerge at breakfast time, which help us worry for the rest of the day, or have bad dreams if your working a night shift.
So what are you waiting for, start clicking, there is stuff like police sexual harassment there that I have briefly mentioned before. Have fun , Vest.

click for info on http://www.wavinggoodbyetoathousandflies.com


Anonymous said…
hi vestie, i've got the flue and am at home now and resting in bed as you prescribed in a earlier post i read about sniffles etc, was that guy called everhard for real, if so he was lucky all i have is a large teddy bear to cuddle up to, as i still live at home, and deprived of those bodily functions by Mama. xxx
Vest said…
Dear beautiful kate. It would be wishful thinking on my part to think of myself as a replacement for your teddy bear, whom I think would be no less helpful to your cause than myself, allowing my imagination to run riot for few seconds will have to suffice, anyhow xxx.
Vest said…
Would be a great idea if fellow bloggers would post the web address of their local tabloid paper which would give every one a clearer picture of where she or he resides making comparisons etc, why not give it a go.

Have got the GR/Daughters for the w/e must rest before they arrive. adios.
Anonymous said…
hi vestie, lovely reply, I would have loved to have been Emma- ah such beautifu moments.xxx
Anonymous said…
Had a great day yesterday, away from my desk. I represented my firm at the Central Coast Sportsmans Lunch, met Tim Webster the TV& radio Personality who hosted, spoke with Andrew Johns the highest point scorer in rugby league and Mario Fenech Rugby lge,then dad (vest)chatted to Cricketing great Lennie Pascoe,about cricket and more cricket, the I chatted with Mark Waugh another cricketing legend.
I had a great lunch and lots of drinks all free and enjoyed the show with the Newcastle Knights cheer squad. I then had dinner with dad (vest)and Mum,at their hse and then slept while dad watched More cricket on TV, my friend Ben then called to take me and my daughters home.
'Oh my head' I'm so glad it's Saturday.
Vest said…
Tim: Serves you right, enjoy your headache, DAD.vest.

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