KINDNESS TO OTHERS is the key, not the out dated secular witchcraft churned out by the faith industry.
If people would dare to speak to one another unreservedly, there would be a good deal less sorrow in the future of our world.
In the name of Religion - Freedom - Vengeance - What you will, / A word is enough to raise mankind to kill.
If you must use four letter words to emphasise or to punctuate the acidity of your opinion, soften the blow to your readers ears; use of the following words will achieve more, Good, Love, Warm, Kind, Help, Love.

To read about the troubles and kind actions in our world today. click below, to my favorite newspaper, which I have delivered to my door Daily.



Hmm, I think at first, that there might me a certain amount of sorrow from speaking unreservedly. Some people's way of communicating is nicer/harsher than another's.
Anonymous said…
My dad has just read this and he told me to tell you its good we can swear on earth cos in heaven it wont be allowed
Vest said…
Shortly Doyalson Returned Servicemens league club will host the Rodney Rude Show( Mentioned in an earlier post). I am left wondering how many ex service Vets would be able to afford to pay $44-00 for a ticket to see this evil foul mouthed scumbag, who will be given unconditional right to use blasphemous filthy language during his performance. On his departure any person (rpt) Any person uttering similar foul language in the club will be cited and undoubtedly lose their membership.
Any club management who descend to these levels should be ostracised for their double standards and fired from their job.
Kate , there are many other powerful words that can be used to fortify your point of view, leave the vulgarities to lesser people.
Vest said…
Notta wallflower. In that case it should be conditional that each speaker should have the fork in his tongue sewn tight and turn his or her mind to the more helpful aspects of unity and ignore the inevitable losses and gains of privileges in achieving world stability.. Thank you for calling, its always been a pleasure hearing from you.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Vest said…
Dear oh dear. Anon Its far more likely you are saby, or maybe "You are Mr Lobby Ludd ; If so ,I claim the 'News Chronicle' Prize". circa 1938 Uk /.

Refer to google 'Lobby Ludd'.

"Who would'st rid me of this troublesome Preek.

New Int/Ref For Saby, reads 'An open sore that never heals'.
Vest said…
Uk readers of the septic press will not have them delivered from the USA, nor will persons with UK IP's be able to access them, due to a breach in legal and Int/Nat Security conditions.
Thanks to the Internet I am privileged to view the major US newspapers; mainly thanks to our Lying tiny baldheaded prick of a prime minister being in cahoots with his counter part in the USA.
I really like reading the mix of lurid and horrifying stories that emerge daily from the land of the free; but impoverished, although many advances have been made there is little doubt that STRAYER will continue to follow the examples I read about in the USA.
Your local newspapers would also be a great source of info.
send website details, please.
Anonymous said…
A sad, sorry state of affairs.
Vest said…
Today the Ist day of spring down under
An absolutely gorgeous day slight breeze and a cloudless sky.
two of my absolutely beautiful granddaughters will be visiting today with their daddy and our no 5 son.
Dinner today:
Brussels Sprouts,and mixed vegetables ...Carrots swede,leek,peas,corn,G/beans, and minted small new potatoes.
Plus'Roast leg of Pork'with R B G
Aus$4-95 kilo,
US$3-75 kilo or US$1-66 per lb.
I shall write a post on Oz Supermarket prices to compare with overseas prices.
Anonymous said…
Go long into the day mate.
tshsmom said…
That's a good price for pork roast. I usually buy it when it's US $1.99/lb. I'd be interested in a post on Australian grocery prices.
Vest said…
Tshsmom; Thank you for your comment. I shall go ahead and do that. We endeavour to buy fresh meat and vegetables; as they are exempt from goods and services tax; as opposed to processed food items, although frozen peas, sliced beans and sweet corn are the best deal and are time saving in preparation, of course you wouldn't know that would you ?

I have been reliably told, Kosher and Halal Pork specially blessed by an Iman or a Rabbi is more expensive. This might raise some questions.
tshsmom said…
Frozen veggies are a Godsend!! It's sooo easy to heat individual portions in the microwave with NO WASTE!
You have tax on groceries?! Here in MN, we're still fighting a tax on food and clothing. I'm sure it will only be a matter of time before we citizens lose the fight. :(
Anonymous said…
xvnAd9 write more, thanks.

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