Today August 9, the collecting of census forms begins Australia wide and my form stated the minimum of information for the Govt records.
I for one, absolutely refuse to believe that this information gleaned from the members of the public, will not be used or disclosed publicly until the year 2105.
I still shall not refer to various entities within Govt circles whose nefarious goings on continue to hit the front pages of the daily newspapers, which contain articles on fraudulent Cops, crooked judges, sex orgies in prisons also in police training establishments, gang rapes , shootings and a plethora of day today hold ups. Why ?, you may ask. No need to is the answer, click on here for all the news and screws, saves so much of my valuable time. www.news.com.au/dailytelegraph
And if at any time I receive the courtesy of a reply from you guys out there, would you kindly reciprocate by leaving me the website details of your local news paper(IN ENGLISH please.)
"Now isn't that a great idea".


Vest said…
Thought for the day.
It is unfortunate,cosidering that enthusiasm moves the world,that so few enthusiasts can be trusted to speak the truth.
Anonymous said…
A great idea indeed
now when i feel bone idle I can
read the paper in bed and get it earlier too
Vest said…
Well spoken saby, Like a true Shrunken head.

The elephant boy has been deleted.
Vest said…
Comment moderation is on once more due to the filth being received from SABY.
Anonymous said…
And to think I was considering retiring in Oz?
Anonymous said…
97Ras8 The best blog you have!

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