GRAPE and apple growers have benefited from Australia's banana drought, according to research into customer spending.
When banana prices skyrocketed from$2 a kilogram to more than $13 in the wake of Cyclone Larry, customers went elsewhere.
Research shows just two out of ten Sydney households bought bananas in June-July, compared with 7 out of ten a year ago.
The study found people bought more grapes and apples. Sales of pears melons and citrus fruits also increased.
However, there are also times an ill wind brings good fortune; to grape growers in particular, due to the glut of wine producing grapes, which had resulted in the over supply of wine worldwide.
Although I am not an avid wine quaffer. occasionally there pops up a time when wine for dinner guests is a must.
Recently cheaper wine has come onto the market, the many differing types in the mid price range have fallen to an average of 50% and in one range even more, during the past weeks I have bought wines (good quality) for as little as $4 per 750ml Bot 13% alc. (US$3) last week nearest and dearest and I bought two cases of South Australian Chardonnay(A beautiful drop) 2x12, 750ml at AU $45-60 the lot. "Yes one dollar ninety per bottle" Or US$1-50 per bot..
Probably cheaper than Coke at the 7-11.


Anonymous said…
Wow - that's cheap. I'm definitely moving back to Oz if those prices continue.
Have a few for me!
starbender said…
...well make a monkey ottta me...
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Vest said…
Starbender; It's simple, just go- find a tree.
Anonymous said…
Hi Vestie- My dad saw you at dan murphys boozertorium today three cases of wine two large john walker and a huge bottle of port or somthin is that right/
Vest said…
Kate I have been asleep the past four hours after last nights lack of due to my rt knee playing up, now knowing I am being stalked is a bit of a worry.
Is that right you ask.
Not entirely; but the purchases were right,however, being spied upon by a balding 50 yr old geezer with grey goatee face feathers who bought a cheap bottle of 100 pipers and a bot of mothers ruin(gin) isn't, I have a reputation to uphold.
Kate your mother and your good self have similar features and outstanding beauty how come your daddy doesn'fit into the equation. any how luvs ya xx.
Anonymous said…
hi vestie-- i picked this outta the local rag.
Fewer bubbles for your buck.
Schweppes, to cut it short have reduced the size of there 315ml bottles by 15 ml but are still charging the same prices- about $1-50-The office of fair trading said ;we are concerned about customers being ripped off.

we worked it out that dan murphys bottles of plonk 750 mls 13% alc at $1-90 should put schweppes outer biz, im getting some tomorrow
Vest said…
I shall be too busy this w/ewill not be blogging until mon AUG 21 SEE YOU SOON. Vest.

Thanks aggie St bender kate and gordon, for comments

And the vitriolic anonymous gun toter from sticks ville.pull your head together it aint me ooze getting up your snitch.
Anonymous said…
hi vestie its kate again, my dad is 45 & 13 stone, 180 kilos and 6ft 2ins and has all his dark hair,and is handsome like were once upon a time, and is the security boss at the centre where you bought your plonk today, gawd knows who the other old fart was, ave a gud w/e xxxxx
Anonymous said…
hello vestie old mate ive stuffed up my right wrist on the tyre changing machine and sharon is typing for me, me and sharon are going to stay with gordon this w/e.
Mr Vest zed has a fractured wrist. we are still reading your posts. and we would like to all come over for a visit soon, we all love you sharon xoxox
Anonymous said…
Intended to come up fri 18--ans /ph on-- ring me when you get home--ID
Vest said…
Some calls, like those of an inoffensive nature will be passed through daily by a relative during vests absence, if important, they will be relayed to vest.vj
Anonymous said…
vest u shud build big garage on yor land:)

give das running commetry for long time 2 get das people 2 come 2 U

sorry dont booze like girlz
Vest said…
I have returned home after a successful meeting away and the need to pop along to my club tonight with nearest and dearest.
pat the pirate; I know who you are; would you kindly stop stirring the can.

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