BUSY BUSY BUSY, Social Events And Birthdays Galore.

During the past six weeks I have been overrun with social engagements. Birthdays, Funerals , Christenings, AGMs , and other misc never ending runarounds, my health concerns, and avoiding people who are impoverished. I tend to nod off as soon as an opportunity arises for me to relax.
On the blog front it has been a trifle hilarious on four particular Weblogs each trying to out do the others with their own particular brand of culture and mysticisms; which unfortunately ended in a slanging match and which hopefully has now ceased and if you are listening out there in blog land; lets leave it that way, thank you.

Here is an oldy:
" that's why I propose that as from today..........."
You do not keep anything for a special occasion. Because every day you live is a special occasion.
Search for knowledge, read more!! Sit on your front porch and admire the view without paying attention to the needs.
Pass more time with your family, eat your favorite food, visit the places you love.
Life is a chain of moments of enjoyment, it isn't only survival.
Use your favorite goblets, do not save your best perfume; use it every time you feel you want to.
Take out of your vocabulary phrases like 'One of these days' and 'Someday'.
Let's write that letter we thought of writing 'One of these days '.
Lets tell our families and friends how much we love them.
that's why, do not delay anything adding laughter and joy to your life.
Every day, hour and minute are special.

I have just this minute received news that my son Andrew father of Charlotte 7 months, have both had an accident in their home, Andrew fell with the baby after tripping on her loose blanket on the floor, both are in a satisfactory state after visiting hospital, Charlotte has fractured right Femur and Andrew 6 fractured ribs and right femur.

If there is any one out there waiting to give me a some bad news please kindly put it on hold for a while, and the rest of you watch where you are treading, take care. Vest.

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Anonymous said…
Send my get well wishes to your son andrew and the baby, I met andrew at your B/party.
Anonymous said…
Isn't that sad news vestie, i really really hope they get better soon.
Vest said…
Kate : Andrew spoke to us on the phone this morning, and told us that when he fell with the baby he had a premonition of Samantha getting mad at him, not so,Samantha was full of compassion. which confirms my belief that Andrew is as lucky as I am to also have a matchless partner.

Gordon: Thanks Mate.
Anonymous said…
hope andrew and charlotte get well soon... sharon and zed
Anonymous said…
hi there old mate. just come back from the PL... another funeral one aunt and a cousin....Its always those other sods who start it and cry when they get it returned ten fold.
busy right now may see you next week.
Vest said…
I dave,meaning I presume; you sling one over we sling ten back, they do like wise and so it esculates. German occupation army in Europe WW2 did like wise to maintain civil order ie one dead soldier= 10 civilians all ages.
Nasty stuff.
Anonymous said…
Sorr Andrew and baby Charlotte-- I was in a hurry-- never read the post-- get well soon

VESt --that would be about right
Anonymous said…
Sorry to hear this news. Hope they are all recovering well by now.

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