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The Oz Anthem Rears up again,Girt by Sea?

If you dunno what girt by sea means sport you dun Qualify. Regarding Our National Anthem I am sorry, but after hearing they want to sing the National Anthem in Arabic - enough is enough. No where or at no other time in our nation's history, did they sing it in Italian, Japanese, Polish, Irish (Celtic), German, Portuguese, Greek, or any other language because of immigration. It was written in English, and should be sung word for word the way it was written. The news broadcasts even gave the translation -- not even close. I am not sorry if this offends anyone, this is MY COUNTRY - IF IT IS YOUR COUNTRY SPEAK UP ---- please pass this along I am not against immigration -- just come through like everyone else. Get a sponsor; have a place to lay your head; have a job; pay your taxes, live by the rules AND LEARN THE LANGUAGE as all other immigrants have in the past -- and LONG LIVE Australia ! PART OF THE PROBLEM. Think about this: If you don't want to forward this for fear of offendi

Nutty Kiwi's Fruitless Search for a Suitable Name.

Court: Girl can't be called Talula Does The Hula New Zealand judge criticizes parents and orders 9-year-old to be renamed updated 6:32 a.m. ET July 24, 2008 WELLINGTON, New Zealand - A family court judge in New Zealand has had enough with parents giving their children bizarre names here, and did something about it. Just ask Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii. He had her renamed. Judge Rob Murfitt made the 9-year-old girl a ward of the court so that her name could be changed, he said in a ruling made public Thursday. The girl was involved in a custody battle, he said. The new name was not made public to protect the girl's privacy. 'Very poor judgment' "The court is profoundly concerned about the very poor judgment which this child's parents have shown in choosing this name," he wrote. "It makes a fool of the child and sets her up with a social disability and handicap, unnecessarily." The girl had been so embarrassed at the name that she had never to

The 'F' Word Earns Extra Exam Marks

You might think a pupil would be marked down for writing a note on their English exam telling tutors to "F**k off". But one was rewarded with extra marks - because it was better than leaving the page blank and demonstrates "nominal skills". The pupil was given 7.5 per cent by top marker Peter Buckroyd for leaving the expletive on his paper. And incredibly, the Assessment and Qualifications Alliance (AQA) chief examiner said adding an exclamation mark would have taken the score to 11 per cent by showing proper punctuation. Mr Buckroyd said: "It would be wicked to give it zero, it does show some very basic skills, conveying some meaning and some spelling. "It shows more skills than somebody who leaves the page blank." Mr Buckroyd said he even uses the example, from the 2006 GCSE paper of a pupil who was asked "Describe the room you're sitting in", when training examiners. However, AQA, Britain's biggest GCSE examiner, distanced itself

A Dire Warning To Would be Drug Traffickers

ABC foreign correspondent and accused drug trafficker Peter Lloyd has been discharged from a Singapore hospital and offered bail ahead of his next court appearance on Friday. The public broadcaster sent its senior legal adviser, Rob Simpson, to help Lloyd, who was formally charged at a private hearing in Changi General Hospital's prison ward with trafficking and possession of the methamphetamine ice. Lloyd, the ABC's South Asia correspondent, was on leave in Singapore when arrested on Wednesday. Peter Lloyd's life. The 41-year-old was being treated for an eye infection, but a hospital spokeswoman said he was discharged at 1am Sydney time yesterday. "He is no longer receiving treatment here,'' she said. "He was discharged yesterday.'' A Department of Foreign Affairs spokesman said the hearing had been attended by a consular officer from the Australian High Commission. Singapore Central Narcotics Bureau spokesperson Agnes Lim said of Lloyd: "He

Worlds Oldest Blogger Dies.

World's oldest blogger, Olive Riley, dies at 108 An Australian woman believed to be the world's oldest blogger has died aged 108, after writing a post about her deteriorating health. Olive Riley began blogging in February 2007 after a friend suggested the idea and offered to type up the posts on her behalf. Her blog, The Life of Riley, became an international hit, with readers logging on from the United States to Russia to hear stories about her life. Mrs Riley' tales of surviving two world wars and the Depression, bringing up three children on her own and working as a cook in the Australian outback and a barmaid in Sydney, were also nominated for a Blogger's Choice award in 2007. Not content to stick to writing, she later branched out into video, posting clips of herself talking and singing on YouTube, the video-sharing website. In her 74th and final post on June 26, she wrote about moving into a nursing home because of her ill health. "I still feel weak and can&#

JULY 16. On this day............

Vest Say's. 622. On this day Mohammed begins his flight from Mecca to Medina, marking the start of the Islamic calendar. Vest Say's. Should he have missed his flight the World today would not be in such a Pickle. 1945. The beginning of the Nuclear Age, When the first test Atom Bomb was exploded in New Mexico USA. Saved countless lives in WW2, probably mine too. 1969. At 2100hours GMT. The first Moon Shot By Apollo 11. 1926. At 2359 Friday July 16, Vest arrived in the years of the 'Depression' Comment welcomed.

If Life were a Game of Monopoly

Vest Say's, if life were a game of Monopoly, the first acquisitions on my agenda would be a waterworks and a power station, followed by St Pancras station, preferable to the other stations. Combining these monopolies to work as a smoothly running machine would be my first objective, and the power station being the main player in the game would have to be powered with a sensible selection of fuels such as proteins carbohydrates veggies vitamins and minerals plus a clean water supply. St Pancras station would get a face lift, and its major engine named New Pancreas, it having replaced the former engine called 'Cloggedupanstuffedstonehengine'. nicknamed cloggers. Poor cloggers never had a good start in life and many pancreas'es were deprived of the easy to deal with fuels as described above, due to either the owners ignorance being not able to understand the proper procedure; but mainly because clogger's owner for example was desperately deprived and had to rely on a d

Bitchy Anne Robinson shows her WEAKEST LINK

A Portsmouth England Magistrate, has told the presenter of the Brit TV show The Weakest Link to say "Goodbye" to her drivers licence. This is a weekday show on Foxtel Sydney Mon-Frid's, followed by "Eggheads", I usually watch both, but have problems when it comes to Anne Robinsons Phonetics, hard to sort out Bs Vs Ds Gs etc, for example "Beginning with B ends up beginning with V. However, Annie Cocksure has come unstuck. Weakest Link presenter Anne Robinson was banned from driving for six months today, plus a 100 pound fine Aud$225.oo. The TV personality was convicted at Portsmouth Magistrates’ Court after admitting her fourth speeding offence since September 2005. The court heard the latest one occurred in Anglesey Road, Portsmouth on August 8 last year when the 63-year-old, who did not attend the hearing, was clocked doing 43mph in a 30mph zone. Michael McGoldrick, in defence, said his client was disorientated by the road system after leaving a ferry fr

Water melon the new Viagra. plus a Crab With Bite.

Who needs Viagra? Watermelon has the same effect. If you want to feel sexy the answer is to suck on a melon... The fruit contains citrulline which boosts the blood supply in much the same way the sex drug Viagra does. Citrulline is turned into an amino acid called arginine when mixed with the body's enzymes. Arginine boosts nitric oxide, which relaxes blood vessels, the same basic effect that Viagra has, to treat erectile dysfunction and maybe even prevent it. But don't dump the Viagra just yet, you'll have to eat at least six cups of watermelon - mostly the rind - to get the same effect as the drug. And that can lead to stomach cramps and lots of trips to the toilet as the fruit is also a diuretic. -------------------------------------- The crab with giant claws Say hello to Claude the crab - but if you shake hands, do mind his grip. Living up to his nickname, his claws are bigger than a man's mitt and those powerful pincers could snip your finger

A load of BROLLEROCKS to finish off the week, Jousting in UncleSam land again

Vest said... oops!! its gonnagin, feeling extra nasty today are you, someone nicked your broomstick agin. or was it deleted? 7/03/2008 12:41 AM Vest said... TeStyHS mommy dear Looks like your garden cart was formerly a roman toy chariot, seen better days. Aw shucks you deleted the technical details on how to fabricate a lawn roller El cheapo. There was that possibility someone may have benefitted from them' one of your callers from CA said she quite liked my comment but it seems the roller instructions have gone foreever but those who missed my reply here it is. Anon.....CA said... I spotted this comment on the tshsmoan blog in reply to a comment to the funny comment-but practical way to make an economical garden roller which I read last night on the tshsmoan blog - but sadly now deleted, being a regular visitor to tshsmoan blog makes me wonder was or is some sort of friction between yourself and tshsmoan? Ps, I did like the roller instructions. (after deletion) Vest said... Rea


In reply to a post by 'KESHI' This shall be my reply. CHAPTER 30 Reminiscing Looking back over the past ten years and taking stock of the present state of my life, I felt the need for a new direction. Near the beginning of the last decade, I had a frightful feeling of being alone and unwanted. I had learned to live with the loss of my mother’s affection. Although Auntie Parker was affectionate, I felt she wasn’t providing me with real, open love and the freedom to embrace her at will. After all, she had her own brood of children to love. I also thought about my first affair with Emily Jane Courtney-Cowper and how I was drawn into that unusual escapade. Emily was a warm, fun-loving person who had the ability to make things happen. There was always something more that followed a period of fun. There was no such thing as an anti-climax; only total exhaustion or oblivion. Emily, who was three years older than me, seemed so grown up and worldly. Wanting to do things for me, she unse