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Court: Girl can't be called Talula Does The Hula
New Zealand judge criticizes parents and orders 9-year-old to be renamed

updated 6:32 a.m. ET July 24, 2008
WELLINGTON, New Zealand - A family court judge in New Zealand has had enough with parents giving their children bizarre names here, and did something about it.

Just ask Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii. He had her renamed.

Judge Rob Murfitt made the 9-year-old girl a ward of the court so that her name could be changed, he said in a ruling made public Thursday. The girl was involved in a custody battle, he said.

The new name was not made public to protect the girl's privacy.
'Very poor judgment'
"The court is profoundly concerned about the very poor judgment which this child's parents have shown in choosing this name," he wrote. "It makes a fool of the child and sets her up with a social disability and handicap, unnecessarily."

The girl had been so embarrassed at the name that she had never told her closest friends what it was. She told people to call her "K" instead, the girl's lawyer, Colleen MacLeod, told the court.

In his ruling, Murfitt cited a list of the unfortunate names.

Sex Fruit?
Registration officials blocked some names, including Fish and Chips, Yeah Detroit, Keenan Got Lucy and Sex Fruit, he said. But others were allowed, including Number 16 Bus Shelter "and tragically, Violence," he said.

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Vest said…
Could be worse.
Nth American Indians had a quaint arrangement for naming their sprogs- sorry papooses. At the birth the father would name the newborn whatever he saw or what was happening out side of the Wigwam - Teepee. like Sitting Bull or White Cloud, and quite often
'Two Dogs Bonking'.

Are there any other peculior names you could add to this list?.
Anonymous said…
my mom and dad called me Baba

Sebastian had too many syllables in it
they nicknamed me baba

I went through hell in school and college

and I turned red when i was called baba

Baba is the equivalent of sisy in India

or a boy named Sue
Anonymous said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said…
then there was this girl who always played with her hair

when she was nervous
she fidgetted with her hair

when she cried
she sobbed in her hair

when she was in a seductive mood
she wud play with her hair

when she danced
her hair swirled

she had long hair
verry long it reached to her butt
and it was smelly

we called her hair in Hindi
u will find her

Sorry can't allow that
very naughty.
Anonymous said…
there is a healthy debate going on

I wish u guys will contribute
this especially goes out to all the women here

Yes, I am asking u, LD Lawyer

Anonymous said…
If its a boy it could called Hakka Knacker and if it was gay later change it to Kiwi fruit.
Anonymous said…
Howsabout,Head High Tackle. or yellow card !!.
Anonymous said…
This is ZAC vestie - long time no call. wotabowt this
Hunting Cumpire or maybe ifits a sheila,,,,, Mangoal or Ballstopper.
Vest said…
Anonymous: I have been to that b/site, sorry not my bag, I am not into sympathy and tributes to desparately seeking affection; new age religious orders.
So infact your name is Sebastion.
Hence Saby, baba. It could also mean Bastard in Portuguese, correct me if I am wrong
Anonymous said…
Mens ears should be called goalposts and their balls should go between them.
Anonymous said…
I have heard of guys being called Hoss, Donkey, Sausage and Salami and I'll bet there are a few ex kiwi maidens called Wellington oval or the Mount Cook Bike.

Anon I'll take a look, Ok. Mike.
Jim said…
Kate fb

what is FB?
I hope it is not what I think it is

VEST wont allow me to spell it out
but the guys here will understand even if u dont
Anonymous said…
I have been called many names
but never bastard

how about love child?
Vest said…
Kate is From Budgewoi, on the nsw cent/ coast; D H FROM Mumbai, ok satified.
Anonymous said…
I just got politely kicked out of Pauls discussion forum

I said something that was not liked
it was about self pity

but not in so many words
I was subtle I think
Anonymous said…
what I am going to say now
u and the other guys here may not like

but it is not just what I am saying
its what a doc said


Anonymous said…
Death and Sexual Love have always been taboo subjects since time immemorial
Jim said…
u remind me of DIAGO 101
the SOB has outlived 2 wives

he still walks on his own legs
(while his son is on a wheel chair)

he still has a Dick that grows hard when he sees sexy women

he still laffs hard and long when he hears good jokes

but mid laffter, he stops
he forgets what he is laffing about

but he never cries
Anonymous said…
she thinks she can say bye
no way ..

. My longing heart***No ways u'll never do that.

6. A bunch of strings that I was attached to***U'd love to but i dont think u do that or else u'd be a different person altogether by now.

5. To Blogville***I dont think so, i m sure u cant live without air, water and blogging ...
Anonymous said…
Thank goodness the Judge ruled for the child. Many more poor unfortunates (from all over the world) are still stuck with their silly names. Esp pop stars and movie stars kids. Apple, Ziggy Pop, Peaches, etc. Too hideous for words.

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