A Dire Warning To Would be Drug Traffickers

ABC foreign correspondent and accused drug trafficker Peter Lloyd has been discharged from a Singapore hospital and offered bail ahead of his next court appearance on Friday.

The public broadcaster sent its senior legal adviser, Rob Simpson, to help Lloyd, who was formally charged at a private hearing in Changi General Hospital's prison ward with trafficking and possession of the methamphetamine ice.

Lloyd, the ABC's South Asia correspondent, was on leave in Singapore when arrested on Wednesday.

Peter Lloyd's life.

The 41-year-old was being treated for an eye infection, but a hospital spokeswoman said he was discharged at 1am Sydney time yesterday.

"He is no longer receiving treatment here,'' she said.

"He was discharged yesterday.''

A Department of Foreign Affairs spokesman said the hearing had been attended by a consular officer from the Australian High Commission.

Singapore Central Narcotics Bureau spokesperson Agnes Lim said of Lloyd: "He has been offered bail. His case has been fixed for next mention on July 25.''

It was unclear yesterday whether Lloyd had posted bail.

An ABC spokeswoman said Mr Simpson, the head of ABC legal services, had arrived in Singapore on Friday night.

His estranged wife Kirsty McIvor, who is UNICEF's spokesperson in Indonesia, said yesterday: "

"I'm sorry, I'm not speaking to anybody.''

Lloyd and Ms McIvor are understood to have split six months ago after Lloyd came out as a gay man.

The Campbelltown NSW Australia-raised journalist faces up to 20 years in jail and 15 strokes of the cane.

According to Singapore court documents, Lloyd was charged with trafficking just under 1gm of methamphetamine to a Singaporean for $75 at a hotel earlier this month.

Police also allegedly found an improvised smoking pipe and six syringes during a search.

A friend of Lloyd's claims he was dating a Singaporean man who worked as a flight attendant for an international airline.

Foreign Minister Stephen Smith will be in Singapore next week for ASEAN talks and will discuss the case with Australian officials there.

The arrest of the veteran reporter has stunned ABC colleagues, who have described Lloyd as dedicated and hard-working.

A former colleague said Lloyd was an extremely generous person who was dedicated to his children.

"Peter's an incredibly kind person who would do anything for his friends, and he was an incredibly loving father,'' the colleague said.

"I just think that he's had a mid-life crisis.''

Former ABC television reporter Jacinta Tynan said she was shocked and concerned for Lloyd.

"I worked with Pete at the ABC and he was a professional,'' she said.

"I looked up to, and learned from, him as a senior reporter.'

Vest Say's this is a sorry situation which need not have happened.
Ample warning is given to all travelers not to arrive or exit or partake of high profile drugs when visiting several South East Asian Countries, particularly Singapore and Malaysia where trafficking in Heroin or Cocaine carries a mandatory death penalty by hanging. It is been twenty two years since the Australians K Barlow and B Chambers were the first Australians to suffer this fate, meaning several others have followed, will these idiots ever learn.
Peter Lloyd has had ample time to familiarise himself with the local laws in these countries and as a journalist he should know better, his latent gender problem which caused a break up with his wife and children cannot be an excuse for drug use.
I am familiar with a parallel case within my own family, married, two daughters, gay, divorce, drugs. who at 19 yrs old travelled to Singapore with us his parents Aug 1986 when we visited old friends (Muslims) in Johore Bahru Malaysia.
Even if Peter Lloyd receives a lesser penalty of 15 strokes of the cane and a custody sentence to follow, I consider it to be in excess for the infringement involved.
The Rattan cane is pure brutality, It is now outlawed in most forward thinking countries, and in a slightly lesser form; the caning of unruly school children.

Myself being familiar with the extremities of corporal punishment and the brutal flogging of young children, I shall append an excerpt from my memoirs which still remains fresh in my mind.

Halls Naval Academy
I don’t remember how I got to HNA, but I was very pleased to be back with my brother after a year of separation. Christopher seemed changed. He was in Class 2B when I arrived on 16 December 1936. I was exactly ten years and five months of age. Christopher was in Seven Company and I was in Six Company, each company having about forty-five boys between the ages of eleven and fifteen-and-a-half. I had two days of schooling before the Christmas break, when I was told I would be in 1A not the 1B class. (The Headmaster had obviously read the letter from Mr former headmaster.
Halls Naval Academy was a charity school with a nautical theme run on militaristic principles. The estate was located in the Suffolk rural countryside far from the outside world. It was situated on the edge of a plateau that sloped east to a valley near the river Eastham where the school farmed the land.
HNA had a population of a large staff and about three hundred students between eleven and sixteen years of age. The students were allowed to take two three-week vacations each year during the summer and at Christmas. All other holiday periods were spent at the school. Students without guardians never left the school. Students had no access to the outside world, arbitrary access, or personal rights. Discipline was strict. Hunger and fear of punishment were constant. Love and affection were non-existent. All communication to and from the school was censored. Those boys who never left the school on vacation became conditioned to their surroundings (like caged birds) and were probably happier at the school than those of us who had occasional release from our incarceration.
On the 20 December 1936, having been told by my brother that he was going home again to Auntie Parker, I raised the roof and said, “I should go, too!” I was told, “No money, no ticket, no permission. Sorry, you’ll have to stay”. Like bloody hell, I thought. Then the bugler sounded the action stations call and the lucky ones – about half the population of the school – marched to the East Oakville Station.
Two or three hours later, I was on a train that had stopped at a large station. My friend, Ernie Booker and I had no idea where we were going and must have looked conspicuous. The ticket bloke and staff at the station locked us up. Soon after, we were back at HNA.
Living in a dark cloud of rejection, I was totally at odds with that place. I wondered how much more I would have to suffer.
22 December 1936
My brother had arrived in Charlham. Meanwhile, I was confused and in a state of apathy. Ernie and I were in serious trouble. Having only been at this place for six days, I was to get six cuts of the cane. Having no one to turn to for help, I was wretchedly homesick. It was suggested by a few teachers that because it was so close to Christmas we should be forgiven, but our Capt. Superintendent Known as "Flogger Campbell, replied, “Peace on earth and goodwill to all men applies only on Christmas day.”
The remaining population of the school gathered to witness our punishment. A box horse for us to bend over was produced, plus the biggest rattan cane – even bigger than the one at Charlham School. Ernie went first. It seemed like a bloody execution – minus the knitting hags, the French National Anthem, and a basket for our heads. Ernie was brave but white as a sheet after his six, and had to go to the sickbay. I later learned he had received a testicular injury.
Ernie going first made little difference, as another instructor, ‘Gunner Marten’ was to be my tormentor. I felt bloody awful. My thin trousers barely hid the bleeding welts across my buttocks. After the six strokes, I shouted in agonising pain, “I hope you die, you rotten cruel sod!” and got number seven. Gunner Marten died during the war about four years later. I was unmoved.
Christmas in HNA was over. Our total excitement had consisted of two church parades, an apple, an orange, and cake. Where was Charlie Dickens? What a pity he missed out on this place. Remember, at the time I was just ten yrs and five months old, and the staff all wonderfully kind Christian Bastards.
BTW Flogger Campbell in 1949 was given a custodial sentence but died shortly after I am told.
Have a lovely day, and be extra kind to your Children. Vest.


Jim said…
Drug pedallers

Clear thinking

where there is demand
there will be suppliers

u can kill the supply
only by killing the demand
Jim said…
"Peter's an incredibly kind person who would do anything for his friends, and he was an incredibly loving father,'' the colleague said.

there is a lott of bad in the best of us

and a lott of good in bad guys too

Dont judge others
- Jesus

let the man who has no sin cast the first stone

Jesus said on the stoning of Mary Magdalene to death according to the law of Moses
Anonymous said…
Those who dabble in drugs oughta be prepared to accept the consequences of their actions and ignorance of the law is not an excuse. I feel sorry for his wife/family.
Thank goodness Corporal punishment is no more Vest, even if a light tap from a parent is no longer legal here ... which is the other stupid extreme.
Dusty said…
unckle unckle
i can not understand what u r sayning
Dusty said…
Anonymous said…
Rosemary vest is only a baby a big one at that
I am now 84 we have just had a week down in torquay still think of you both and the glass of whiskey we are off to Mauritius for Xmas and new year one of the places I visited when I was in the Andrew love and best wishes to you both up spirits Billy mcgill xxxxxx
Anonymous said…
at the time I was just ten yrs and five months old, and the staff all wonderfully kind Christian Bastards.

but dont blame Christ for his so called Christians

a true follower of Christ is hard to find

I am one
Anonymous said…
a baby a big one
is she beeeg?

Anonymous said…
"Flogger Campbell, replied, “Peace on earth and goodwill to all men applies only on Christmas day.”

nice one Campbell
Satan is proud of u
Anonymous said…
Always question. Always analyze. But in the end, suspend judgment until you`ve been there. Live it to learn it.

More quotes from Mark McClinchie
Anonymous said…
My dad vest was only 10yrs & 5 months old a kid of 4ft 5 inches tall, and had been pushed from one home to another, he just wanted to go home to his foster mother at christmas with his brother who he hadn't seen for two years, he did a bunk from the school and when caught received seven strokes from a rattan cane across his bare buttocks, by sweet old loving christians, two days before Christmas, how merry and jolly and peace and goodwill was that you might ask.
S O Vest
Vest said…
I was about fourteen years old when I was confirmed into the Church of England and learned the catechism and Christian principles. I also learned not to ask adverse questions about the teachings of the Bible. Our holy man had a heavy hand. He told us that blind faith in the Lord would guide us through our lives, and that the lack of faith in Christianity was an unpardonable sin. When I asked Reverend “Holy” Harling if his faith would save him if he jumped off a cliff after praying for safety, he chased me round the schoolroom waving his cane. The malevolent use of the ‘unpardonable sin’ doctrine years ago by Christian churches justified their mass murdering, torturing, and burning of people at the stake. Holy Harling was the reincarnation of Dracon 659- 601 BC.
My nose had detected that the Bishop who conducted the confirmation ceremony had been at the sacramental wine. Only once did I attend Holy Communion. I just couldn’t swallow the dogma. The thought of drinking the blood of Christ and eating his body were inhuman and repulsive to me.
Anonymous said…
are you a vegetarian vesty
Vest said…
Wally: Me a veggie man, yes I love them, I am also a carnivore. but I draw the line when it comes to 'Long Pig' and Kate and Sidney- Missionary pie.

And wichetty grubs. snake and frogs.
You Abo's really eat some disgusting things.
Anonymous said…
FAITH HEALS the believer
Placebo effect?


Just thought I'll update on my medical situation.

I finished my third cycle of cehmtheraphy. Last monday I underwent a
PETscan. The results were not so nice.
The o.k. part was that the new desease on the right side of my neck are
showing near total regression. This area was biopsy proven metastatic
The left orbital area ( site of my original opperation.) there is a focus
of infection at this site which needs to be considered.
Dr. Sarbani the Radiotherapy specialist, (I have tremendous faith in her)
is right now in U.S.A. and will be back on monday 28th July. She will
decide the next course of action. She did mention that there is a
possiblity of going in for Radiotheraphy, and then decide further ation
i.e. if an opperation is also required.

As i always said I have faith in the good Lord, that he will take me to situations which he will help me to overcome.

Hope and Pray all will be well.

God Bless.

Babu Mendes
Anonymous said…
I just couldn’t swallow the dogma. The thought of drinking the blood of Christ and eating his body were inhuman and repulsive to me.

Jim said…
the WORDS of Jesus were never written down by Jesus

it was passed on to us by humans who did not understand

Jesus spoke in parables
it was not to be taken literally

u will never know me unless I choose to reveal my self time to u

u may read the Bible a 100x times
and u will be confused a 100x

said Jesus to me
Anonymous said…
The first Hippie is said to have been a drop-out
Jewish carpenter, named Jesus ("The Nazz") .

He rebuked the state approved religious leaders of his time and instructed his disciples to sell what they had,
give to the poor and follow him,
preaching and teaching the good news of the Kingdom of Heaven.

His disciples are a priesthood of believers (male and female) filled with the Holy Ghost (Spirit of Truth).

It is not a popular message with the rich and powerful
or those that want to be.
Jim said…
Jesus said
Live life passionately
not half heartedly

If u love food
eat plenty food

If u love money
go out and make it

same with fame
same with sex

and when u have achieved your dreams

and u still feel empty inside
Come to me

OSHO said the same
Vest said…
If you must continue this eccleslastical nonsense - the morphine for the masses, go to the archives on this blog dated 12 10 07, You will find seven posts in order put out over about one week describing,-----
What the faith industry does not want you to know.
It is frightening for dogmatic dyed in the wool believers.
Go on; I dare you read it.
Anonymous said…
Thank you very much for posting your info about the Naval training school. I think I know which one it really was as my grandfather was the flogger mentioned. I am sorry to find out he was such a nasty character but would love to know more about him please get in touch if you can - my email is etewiah at hotmail.com

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