A load of BROLLEROCKS to finish off the week, Jousting in UncleSam land again

Vest said...
oops!! its gonnagin, feeling extra nasty today are you, someone nicked your broomstick agin. or was it deleted?

7/03/2008 12:41 AM

Vest said... TeStyHS mommy dear
Looks like your garden cart was formerly a roman toy chariot, seen better days.
Aw shucks you deleted the technical details on how to fabricate a lawn roller El cheapo. There was that possibility someone may have benefitted from them'
one of your callers from CA said she quite liked my comment but it seems the roller instructions have gone foreever but those who missed my reply here it is.
Anon.....CA said...
I spotted this comment on the tshsmoan blog in reply to a comment to the funny comment-but practical way to make an economical garden roller which I read last night on the tshsmoan blog - but sadly now deleted, being a regular visitor to tshsmoan blog makes me wonder was or is some sort of friction between yourself and tshsmoan?
Ps, I did like the roller instructions.

(after deletion)
Vest said...
Real charmer arn't you, dogmatic, bitter, full of hatred unforgiving ^*)#$^@*the list goes on, so whats up now! someone steal your broomstick again?
Try hard not to have a hateful day.
This was deleted too.

More in next comment.

7/03/2008 2:53 AM

Vest said...

Vest said...
Yes Anon ca: There still remains friction between us although any pleasantries I forward are met with rebuffs. This is due to a messy argument which festered for months, which was originally created when I had the temerity to disapprove of the present gun laws in America.
How was I to know this fiesty old biddy was A Minnesotan Gun Loving Redneck with a killer dog called SCHairry who guarded the large gun rack on her pickup truck on a Saturday arvo while she chain smoked and drank Lge JD's and Coke in the bar with other Hill Billies prior to afternoons shooting at any frigging thing that moved in the forest.
You may now realize what difficulty I have attempting to cool down her ravings but hope that her encroaching dementia will wipe out these happenings of the past.
Everyone have a happy loving day. Because in the end its not the years in your life that count,its the life in your years. Vest.

7/03/2008 3:15 AM
Vest said...
Give me a call for instructions on how to make your own lawn roller.
I can also give advice on how to make most things. all free.
My special is about re-birthing shopping carts(trollies) into more useful domestic appliances, like garden carts, garden flower racks etc. but the best usage is for odd shaped (art deco) cages for the larger pet bird. these designs are by Sir Kay Marty and Fred, Wilbur, Woolywerfs.
A lot of people have called from over the pond but are too scared to comment, should the Minnesota blog police get to them.
Well! I am waiting, give me a call.
So until Moanday :((, Have a good laugh enjoy yourself and, Have a happy weekend:))))) Vest Daily Gaggle.

7/03/2008 4:29 AM


Anonymous said…
its the fourth u ass
be good to TSH Mom and all yanks
Vest said…
Anon: Really!, Well Yank My Doodle Its A Dandy!!!
And here is another useless smigen of info.
JULY 4 1971. My family sailed on a 31 day sea journey from Southampton England to Sydney Australia, on the Greek Liner 'Brittanis'. claiming our independance from the skirts of Britain, to become Australians."Well sort of".
Anonymous said…
Hi Vesty you been having problems,
You know any stupid prick even wih halfa brain could knock up a garden roller out of junk why cant yankee doodles. hey vesty our family think you the bees knees
I think my mum is in love with you.
Anonymous said…
Ya know, Vestie, you pay an awful lot of attention to tshsmom for someone who claims not to like her.

If you guys were in grade school, you'd be dipping the end of her braids in the inkwells.
Vest said…
According to stats,I receive 58 calls per day over the past month on average. Comments ave around Nine incoming.
Yesterday stats,141 calls 6 comments, mostly from that place called Canada and the small minded blog loonies from Uncle Samland.
Enjoy your Independance day. Us Brits are fortunate not to be saddled with your ever increasing problems.

Happy Birthday to Rosemary my wife of 55 years, "I LOVE YOU" XOXOXOXOX

Dylan and Bianca two of our eight G/Ch will visit us today, this only happens bi ann being they live a thousand plus K's north. So who ever you are, have a loving day. Kiss someone you love - or something.
Vest said…
Wally: Tell your Mum I love her too. xxx.
Vest said…
Previous anon. Yes its an ongoing thing, If there were such a place called Dogmania we would both live there.
Enjoy your break - remember not too much SAK'E. post pics.

Gotcher. xxx. Old enuff to rem inkwells.
Anonymous said…
There is always love around,
Some form of love lost,
I can see love in the smile of children around,

A form of love being restricted,
A love in the tunes I hear,
A love that was silenced in the past,
A love always felt for the little things,

A certain form of love untouched/unexperienced,
All the various flavours in love that were tasted,

A love that needs to be stayed away from,
A love that is spoken with care,
A love that can never be spoken of ...

what the heck!
I love u Mary

Happy Birthday

Jim said…
u no something

I love u and your crowd here
some bloggers cant take criticism

they want only flatterring comments
I have been threatened
Anonymous said…
Wally: Tell your Mom I love her too.


for your mom.
Anonymous said…
I think you just like to go into battle again now and then, Vest ... only instead of warships, these days its via blogs. hehehe.
Have a good weekend.
Vest said…
Jim : I know. Mind you it can be expected if you drag down the host of your comments. you have been around long enough to know the drill. Try to be pleasant like me.
BTW Kindly stop referring to me as an Ass, you Goose.

Ah sweet Aggie, always pleasant, xxx
Yes going into battle in an attempt to heal old sores by being pleasant, humorous and waving olive branches didn't workout.
I suppose calling her Ugly in the heat of the moment after her calling me a habitual Drunk, then I quoting Winnie churchhill in saying.
"I may be drunk now, but I shall be sober in the morning, while you will still be ugly, didn't help the healing process.x.
Anonymous said…
u gotta hand it to Aggie

I think you just like to go into battle again now and then, Vest ... only instead of warships, these days its via blogs ...
Anonymous said…
"I may be a PIG now, but thats what guys expect of me

in your case
u portray the holier than thou look

by the way
the annony mouss love PIGS
Anonymous said…
I am in love
Anonymous said…
Something's happening here and you don't know what it is, do you, Mr. Jones?" - Bob Dylan,
Vest said…
Can't make head or tail out of the last five anon comments.
Minimum requirement is pigeon English with decypherable content.
BTW. I cannnot abide the word Gotten, If I used that word verbally or written during the inkwell schooldays I could expect a thrashing. likewise starting a sentence with Can't(Cannot).
Jim said…
gram ma is not important Vest
it is about communication

u may speak in Queens English
but if I dont under stand
whats the point?

we continue adding new words to English
and the Queen is not happy
who cares!

bazaar, Guru, etc. are Hindi words
they are now english too
Anonymous said…
12 questions to answer

1. What have you got that I aint gott?

2. What have you lost, that u cry?

3. What do you see that I dont see?

4. What has been censored and why?

5. What do you hear?

6. What has been silenced?

7. What do you feel?

8. What is still untouched?

9. What have you tasted?

10. What do you abstain from?

11. What do you speak?

12. What do you mute?

answer any three, u guys
Anonymous said…
some men are born old
and some never grow up

they just grow hard
and some women just talk about Sex
Vest said…
An aged; serial religeous cranky yanky, who blogged under Q, once criticised a post of mine to be lacking proper sentence structure.
I in turn suggested that, if he wished to play God in the literacy world, he should turn to editing the sentence structure within the English Christion Hymnals, but more so the book of Psalms.
Writing has laws of perspective, of light and shade,just as painting does, or music. If you are born knowing them , fine. If not, learn them. Then rearrange the rules to suit yourself.
Have a whimsical day.
Anonymous said…
Vestie the john laws type westie
Loved your post and comments.
Jim said…
TEACH your children well
TEACH the children of India

all u britishers
INDIA belongs to the Common Wealth

though there aint no wealth left
with the Queen

I hear she opened her rooms (bedroom too) to tourists

never mind Vest
come to India
India needs u and Mary


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