In reply to a post by 'KESHI' This shall be my reply.

Looking back over the past ten years and taking stock of the present state of my life, I felt the need for a new direction.
Near the beginning of the last decade, I had a frightful feeling of being alone and unwanted. I had learned to live with the loss of my mother’s affection. Although Auntie Parker was affectionate, I felt she wasn’t providing me with real, open love and the freedom to embrace her at will. After all, she had her own brood of children to love.

I also thought about my first affair with Emily Jane Courtney-Cowper and how I was drawn into that unusual escapade. Emily was a warm, fun-loving person who had the ability to make things happen. There was always something more that followed a period of fun. There was no such thing as an anti-climax; only total exhaustion or oblivion. Emily, who was three years older than me, seemed so grown up and worldly. Wanting to do things for me, she unselfishly put aside her own physical needs and provided the motherly touch.

Nurse Adriana, on the other hand, was trained to care and provide healing and comfort to people who may have lost direction due to their health traumas. Adriana lived in quarters where she became ensnared in a same-gender love affair until she saw the folly of it all. Addy, five years my senior, was a beautiful, caring, honest lady who provided me with love and companionship. Her maternal instincts were always evident.

Emma. Beautiful Emma, was the total woman; a real lady of quality, intelligent, helpful, kind and honest and eight years my senior. She could be happy, loving, and motherly. Emma was a joy to be with. Her gender responsibilities to her partner were superior. No one could fault Emma. Just remembering her now still brings tears to my eyes.

Penny, three years my junior, was a very feminine young lady, a beautiful loving and happy sixteen-year-old who had a mature aptitude. It caused me concern that she should be compromised by me. Our short love affair was beautiful, but dear sweet little Penny did not at that time possess the motherly traits of her big sister.

Keeping it in the family was not what I expected when calling on Caroline Courtney-Cowper. It had been my intention to simply honour the invitation that she had made six years before. I made a social call so she would know I had survived the war. Tea and biscuits were all I expected. Shortly after arriving at this very remarkable lady’s home, however, I knew it was going to be difficult to escape. She seized the opportunity to illuminate a period of darkness within her dull love life. This lady was cool, open-minded, very attractive, and generous. She was also a force to be reckoned with within the bounds of her boudoir – a leading lady worth following. You might wonder why I went back for more. However being that I was a free agent at the time and committed to no one. And my needs no less greater than hers, ‘why not’.

In all my previous affairs, not once was I the leading force during the inaugural proceedings. Nonetheless, I found the invitations to be too exciting to pass up, despite the fact that in most cases they ended in sadness or a stalemate.
My association with these dear ladies gave me a quality of life I had never before experienced. Their integrity was of the highest order. Although I was torn away from them through no fault of our own, those beautiful people provided the template for my expectations of a lifetime partner.

These dear ladies, I am now able to say, were highly successful, and I truly thank them.

There is no doubt in my mind that some friends and relatives who I love dearly will view my pre-marital romps and escapades with derision or contempt. They may ask, “How could you resurrect your past in this manner? How unthoughtful!” Well, as unthoughtful as it may seem, I am aware of many indiscretions committed by my own family and friends, and would be pleased to hear from those who have never dilly-dallied during their present or former relationships before they pass through the pearly gates.

It would be mindful for all to remember that my last ‘escapade’ is still successfully ongoing after fifty-two years. By the way, for those who have not made this happen, the secret to making a relationship work for both partners is for each person to make the other person’s needs their top priority. This tricky concept is also called ‘compromise.’

Having received all the motherly care I could hope for, I felt I had something to give in return from what I had learned.
My knowledge of civilian life was minimal, so I started preparing for the inevitable by learning from the available sources. At the age of twenty-five I was about as dim as a Toc H lamp with a useless, nautically indoctrinated brain. Over the course of two years, I learned about local politics, lawful procedures, banking, housing, civil employment, general civil infrastructure, and my responsibility regarding each of them.

By the time I married my beautiful Mary, who possessed all the qualities necessary for a happy, rewarding marriage, I had taken on a protective role (not motherly!) My lovely Mary was eight years younger than me, a beautiful, grown woman at nineteen years of age. Mary was then and still is the love of my life.

Mary, to whom I have now been married for fifty years and whom I have known for fifty-two years, is always a joy to be around and a great source of happiness. She is also, I may respectfully add, a great lover. Our unions have been more than gratifying. The proof in the pudding, so to speak, was her successful delivery of our five, healthy sons.
Our first words to each other in the morning and the last words at night are “I Love You” or occasionally, “After that, love, I reckon we could do with a cup of tea.”


Anonymous said…
Rm he told all
Anonymous said…
May I call u Mary too
that name brings out fond memories
Anonymous said…
anonymous maybe your name is mary too
tqmcintl said…
after love making
its usually

I cud do with a smoke
tqmcintl said…
I am going to read 1000 flies again
I missed out on the hott parts in my first read
Anonymous said…
I no u love him Mary
but some times he does stupid things

some times u gotta take him on your knee

and if u live close by to Wally ......
Anonymous said…
TQMCINTI,Only idiots smoke
Anonymous said…
u will soon be visited by the Indian Army

retired like u
but not so ancient
Anonymous said…
I would show men how very wrong they are to think that they cease to be in love when they grow old,
not knowing that they grow old when they cease to love!

To a child I shall give wings,
u and I will never grow old
Anonymous said…
its me
Maria from Poland

do visit pleaze

Anonymous said…
From: Cosmic Journey | Jo Sanders [mailto:josanders@cosmicjourney.xxx.xxx
Sent: Friday, 20 June 2008 7:22 PM
To: 'Chris xxxxxx'
Subject: Your Dad.
Hey Chris,
Your dad makes me laugh…….. when I read his gaggle I can picture who he’s talking about because I know your family. The last gaggle I received, I knew who he was talking about as soon as he mentioned “no longer drinks due to a social issue”…. How funny.
Love Jo.
Vest said…
Who is Maria from Poland? I shall have to check her credentials, soon.
Hi Chris and Jo. Thanks for the comment, I must presume that it would be a lady who lived near by you in Wilberforce, going back a bit.
Anonymous said…
I spotted this comment on the tshsmom blog in reply to a comment to the funny comment-but practical way to make an economical garden roller which I read last night on the tshsmom blog - but sadly now deleted, being a regular visitor to tshsmom blog makes me wonder was or is some sort of friction between yourself and tshsmom?
Ps, I did like the roller instructions.

Vest said...
Real charmer arn't you, dogmatic, bitter, full of hatred unforgiving the list goes on, so whats up now! someone steal your broomstick?
Try hard not to have a hateful day.

7/02/2008 5:30 PM
Vest said…
Yes Anon ca: There still remains friction between us although any pleasantries I forward are met with rebuffle. This is due to a messy argument which festered for months, which was originally created when I had the temerity to disapprove of the present gun laws in America.
How was I to know this fiesty old biddy was A Minnesotan Gun Loving Redneck with a killer dog called Hairry who guarded the large gun rack on her pickup truck on a Saturday arvo while she chain smoked and drank Lge JD's and Coke in the bar with other Hill Billies prior to afternoons shooting at any frigging thing that moved in the forest.
You may now realize what difficulty I have attempting to cool down her ravings but hope that her encroaching dementia will wipe out these happenings in the past.
Jim said…

I love her too
Keshi said…
aww how very sweet!

ty for this post Vesty. I loved it.

And its ppl like u and Rose that LOVE treats well. Cos u treat it well too.


Anonymous said…
Good for you and Mary.

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