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It was nearly one month ago when I fell asleep at this desk and as a result suffered multiple bruising and together with a hand injury which peeled back about 25% of the skin on my right hand Well I am pleased to say it has healed well but has left a nasty scar across my hand, although I am causious about it's use I shall become accustomed to it over time... time er yes time. of course that may be several more falls I hope, plus a a summer or two. On behalf of my dear departed Rosemary , I would like to think That She would love the name of the new granddaughter "Rosie" Love You Rosie xxx. Congratulations Steve.
It would seem that the good old EMAIL is joining the ranks of the chalk slate and blackboard and soon to follow will be the news pqaper with the extinction of the writing pen and pencil to to be buried with their grand parents the Nibs and Inkwells, reminding oldies of their schooldays, well some of us. I shall do my best to grasp the new systems on offer which will enter into cyber space fron JULY One. But in the meanwhile I have to get my Son Chris to Question the Daily Telegraph why they are still charging me for an extinct account. I have been awake most of the night and after four weetbix and that hot cuppa I must stay close to the conveniences - It takes four paces to reach the desired sitting down thingy but the element of speed being missing from my travel a dummy run becomes the preferred option. Nah!! I said Dummy not Dunny. I shall be busy today with the cleaner and shower lady around noon, I may try to get some NOD time in before hand. Back soon.
Blogger Vest said... Thank you, Tim, EC, And Chris. My next life cycle hurdle will be to have enough steam or motive to get to the age of Ninety Five which will perhaps occur on the 16Th day of July; within three weeks and three days. My present Physical form leaves much to be desired, mostly brought about by a lack of sleep and other miscellaneous aches and pains, for example, I slept (sort of) from 9 30 pm last night until 12 midnight and had brekky at 4-30 am. Oh by the way I would be pleased if I had more relatives to thank for hands-on assistance; Christopher has taken on this task admirably and will be the sole winner on my demise this L W & T legacy will be confirmed by the already appointed ambulance chaser ie Legal Eagle. And for all of my relatives and friends, I wish you all the best in life deserving of your efforts and have the never-ending joys of your families. Time for another cuppa. Tuesday, 22 June 2021 at 06:38:00 GMT+10 Delete
Remembering you Rosemary on our 68Th Anniversary Love you Lots XXX.Les.