Remembering you Rosemary on our 68Th Anniversary Love you Lots XXX.Les.


Tim B said…
Happy Anniversary , Happy Anniversary , Happy Anniversary , haaaaaaaaaappy Anniversary
Happy Anniversary Dad
Chris Bowyer said…
Although I told you personally yesterday, happy anniversary Dad.
Vest said…
Thank you, Tim, EC, And Chris. My next life cycle hurdle will be to have enough steam or motive to get to the age of Ninety Five which will perhaps occur on the 16Th day of July; within three weeks and three days. My present Physical form leaves much to be desired, mostly brought about by a lack of sleep and other miscellaneous aches and pains, for example, I slept (sort of) from 9 30 pm last night until 12 midnight and had brekky at 4-30 am. Oh by the way I would be pleased if I had more relatives to thank for hands-on assistance; Christopher has taken on this task admirably and will be the sole winner on my demise this L W & T legacy will be confirmed by the already appointed ambulance chaser ie Legal Eagle.
And for all of my relatives and friends, I wish you all the best in life deserving of your efforts and have the never-ending joys of your families.
Time for another cuppa.
Hello Les. . That's a very long time. Hello, les. glad to see you are still posting. I am finding it hard to think of anything new to say. had a nice meal with my daughters family yesterday as it was fathers day in the UK Longest day today in the UK. The weather is only making it feel longer. Keep your pecker up. ED Watts 1945 1949. STURDEE DIVISION NO 183. Best wishes Ed

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