It would seem that the good old EMAIL is joining the ranks of the chalk slate and blackboard and soon to follow will be the news pqaper with the extinction of the writing pen and pencil to to be buried with their grand parents the Nibs and Inkwells, reminding oldies of their schooldays, well some of us. I shall do my best to grasp the new systems on offer which will enter into cyber space fron JULY One. But in the meanwhile I have to get my Son Chris to Question the Daily Telegraph why they are still charging me for an extinct account. I have been awake most of the night and after four weetbix and that hot cuppa I must stay close to the conveniences - It takes four paces to reach the desired sitting down thingy but the element of speed being missing from my travel a dummy run becomes the preferred option. Nah!! I said Dummy not Dunny. I shall be busy today with the cleaner and shower lady around noon, I may try to get some NOD time in before hand. Back soon.


I hope you can get some sleep before the cleaner arrives.
River said…
A nap straight after breakfast and conveniences, then another after the cleaner has been and gone, sounds like the perfect day to me. I hope you are able to nap as well as sleeping at night. aches and pains aren't fun, although I don't seem to have any right now.
Christine said…
Hello Uncle Les it’s so good to hear from you, I won’t ask if you’re well because we both know that you’ve had better days don’t we 🥰
I’m very impressed that you’ve managed four Weetabix and not at all surprised that you need to stay close to the loo 🚽 at least that’s one thing that’s working normally x
Yes Chris has been a great support to you, I don’t know what you would do without him! He a good egg
We’re all good here, I have Elisabeth coming to stay with me for three nights next week, it will be nice if we can have a chat with you while she’s here 😊 I’ll see if I can arrange something with Chris.
We have a new little granddaughter 👶 her name is Rosie ❤️ What a lovely name isn’t it 😊 She’s a little beauty and is now just over a month old.
I’m sitting here in my pyjamas having a nice cup of tea, I hope you enjoyed yours.
I’m sending all my love and special hugs to you and Chris, take care and hopefully I’ll speak to you next week.
Love you lots 💕
Christine xoxo
Dylan said…
If my school is any indication - emails are definitely not on their way out yet!

It's good to see some writing for you - I hope it's not too hard for you to be able to share your daily life.

I hope your Wednesday was positive.
Vest said…
Good morning friends and relatives. Firstly thank you E C, River, Christine and grandson and math expert and Teacher) Dylan. I wonder how many of you noticed that the breakfast item was spelt differently, the same thing, but one extra letter added in the UK. how many do you do?
Another poor night, bed at ten still awake at twelve plus; dozed until two am awake since. made a pig of myself by cooking brekky around 5am all of the wrong but nice things E, B, B, & Ms I will suffer later. I am now left wondering what this day will bring. Thank you all for calling.xxxx.
Dylan said…
To be fair, that spelling is just ingrained into my mind. Didn't notice it at all!

That night doesn't seem very good. Though 5am isn't too early for brekky, it gives you time to watch the sun rise. Hope the day was better for you.
Vest said…
The spelling Weetbix; as in Aus. Weetabix UK; same Cereal.

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