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People who live in Glass Houses.

It could be called another smarmy political stab in the back for our not too illustrious leader. The statement made by a prominent Air jockey and known lavatory stalker exposed by a media paying guest at a Liberal pissup party, stating that the father of our PM died of shame due to the lying habits attributed to his daughter our leader. I suggest the fast talking C S woofter should take another shameful look into his own sordid past. Shameful indeed.

'Is eating or deleting Nuts the key to longevity' ?

Most Vegetarians will agree that, nuts are a more healthy choice for protein than the fat ridden meat carnivores consume. However, living longer has been achieved by some men who have discarded their nuts. Research has revealed that Eunuchs of the royal courts in Africa and Asia lived far longer than Male Royalty whose expiry date settled around 40 -50, whereas the Eunuchs lived on to the 70 to 80 mark. The reason was probably the hormone testosterone, which can cause cardiac arrest or the lack of by over indulgence with concubines. ................................................................................... Stepping out in healthy style. Hundreds of people on the Central Coast of NSW Australia wore tracksuits and joggers to walk to work today Friday 28; along with thousands of others around Australia. It's all part of an initiative backed by community groups and local councils. Vest wore sandals shirt and shorts in the back garden while watering the plants. The the

A Silent Spouse.? PlusThe growing Brain

"Cor stone the crows " a mute female? a Dumb wife?, no such thing sport unless you are deaf. The upper house of the NSW Govt resolved to remove the protection given to spouses. If you don't quite grasp the meaning of spouse like if you are are Kentucky hillbilly or Rainer Redneck, it means the person of the opposite sex you are currently fornicating with; I think that's the right term, however, a spouses right to silence in NSW Australia during criminal cases will be removed, this is to clarify grey areas of the law. The High Court holds no recognition for spousal privilege. This follows the archaic Aussie system where once the unwritten law of not 'Dobbing in a Mate' has succumbed to the legal axe. ah well I suppose it will be lying lawyers next for the chop. ...................................................................................... A spokesperson for the AMA said the human brain was still developing until the age of 25 and exposure to alcohol ea

Giant Wombats And Fat Aussie Loafers

Sitting around on your backside most of the day smoking and drinking coffee between snacking on grease burgers while engrossed in working on the Internet, or simply just bone idle with little gumption than using the TV and drinking and smoking your lives into oblivion, may not be new in Australia.'It seems a fossilised Wombat has been found in the country's far north, not the one the size of a small pig but a ginormous one - a rare diprotodon which may have weighed nearly three tons, it probably led a sedentary life similar to the useless fat Koalas although as yet we are to find a three ton gum leaf munching prone to pissing itself Koala. However, we are rapidly approaching the time when most immovable humans will will weigh three or more times heavier than early humanoids(Excluding Henry V111) and who knows what size humans will be within a century or so. The size of seats (chairs and Lavatory) are increasing to accommodate those large bums we see waddling past us in the st

Opting out for Organ Donors. plus Words on Water, and More.

Why is it in Australia there is a lackadaisical attitude to donation of body organs? Why isn't there an opt out system instead of the out dated sign-up for organ donation? This would save the lives of thousands of people, and if it were you for example, having a new lease of life, or as a donor saving the life of a stranger or possibly a loved one. Australia is ranked 17Th in the world for donors and has just 14 donors per million population. New South Wales has the lowest per-capita organ donations in Australia. Bottled Water. Lots of dodgy water being consumed as marketeers describe their offerings as pure spring water, a lot of it comes straight from the source of the water from your kitchen tap. Now if companies just labeled their product "Genuine Aussie Spring Water" and in small print on the label State "Bottled during September, October and November" they would be telling the truth. ???? The Southern hemisphere spring. No holds baarred. Despi

Good news from the Hospital plus my SATNAV.

First of all thanks Malcolm my Nephew For SATNAV. Didn't need Sat Nav today, Eldest Chris accompanied me on the 90km return to Gosford Hospital where I received the good news that the cancer in my Bladder was gone, a feeling of sheer elation followed knowing there was still some future left to enjoy. A H at number 13 next door has new neighbours to worry, our friends at number 15 are staying with rellos and will be removing the remaining goods and chattels piled up in our double garage tomorrow, new people are at this moment moving into number 15. Sat Nav AKA Rosemary er indoors has popped out to the meat raffle at the local club with Molly from number 9 and the lady from number 14. Spoke to 30 plus Blonde lady over the back fence, told her the good news. "So you will be up to your old tricks again" Say's she. "Not a bad Idea" Say's I. ........................................................................ SATNAV................ I have a l

Parenting roles. Also MS Silverspoon's advice, on -"How to become Wealthy".

Undoubtedly the greatest change in western society, has been the role of mothers. Going back to Grandma's time when a child, women having careers was not the norm particularly families below the Middle class. However a revolution in the role of fathers has happened too. ....... Dads in the past were not expected or encouraged to become involved in the emotional development of their children, they were the primary bread winners and were expected to take on most of the tasks now shared in modern parenting. Times are changing, most dads nowadays are not the bygone age bullying beer swillers who arrive home  penniless and drunk on pay day - but happy hard working home loving blokes who enjoy the comforts of their homes and family.  Occasionally roles are switched and husbands then need to know how to deal with the wife's role if suddenly he becomes unemployed and Mum has to work out side the home on long periods away from family. Most families are deeply connected nowadays , I k