People who live in Glass Houses.

It could be called another smarmy political stab in the back for our not too illustrious leader. The statement made by a prominent Air jockey and known lavatory stalker exposed by a media paying guest at a Liberal pissup party, stating that the father of our PM died of shame due to the lying habits attributed to his daughter our leader. I suggest the fast talking C S woofter should take another shameful look into his own sordid past. Shameful indeed.


WALLY. said…
Meaning A J, I presume
Was all this under parliamentary privilege or will the lawyers be sharpening their claws?
Vest said…
Fly: Google Sydney Daily Telegraph for a heap of backlash regarding AJ's remarks. This furore will not end with a simple apology. It has been suggested that it will boost the popularity of the labour party. Thank you for calling.
CA,USA. said…
And so the land of Oz has similar political assholes as the United States , not all wallybies sheep and wierd looking opera buildings!
Vest said…
CA: The political common sense factor went into decline when the USA, New Zealand and OZSTRAYER formed the Anzus treaty. which New Zealand Left soon after-not wanting Yankee Nuclear Ships entering their waters so we are told.
Australia it seems is now obligated to provide Cannon Fodder for Unclesamlands never ending stupid intervention in the business of other countries.
Vest said…
The backlash for Alan Jones over his controversial comment that Julia Gillard's father "died of shame" intensified today, with more Sponsor's cancelling adds on the top rating radio show.
Coles, Mercedes-Benz, freedom furniture,Dilma tea, ING Ins, Challeger Financial services and the Australian international Motor Show.
More INFO Google Sydney Daily Telegraph. The David Pemberthy Page.

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