Giant Wombats And Fat Aussie Loafers

Sitting around on your backside most of the day smoking and drinking coffee between snacking on grease burgers while engrossed in working on the Internet, or simply just bone idle with little gumption than using the TV and drinking and smoking your lives into oblivion, may not be new in Australia.'It seems a fossilised Wombat has been found in the country's far north, not the one the size of a small pig but a ginormous one - a rare diprotodon which may have weighed nearly three tons, it probably led a sedentary life similar to the useless fat Koalas although as yet we are to find a three ton gum leaf munching prone to pissing itself Koala. However, we are rapidly approaching the time when most immovable humans will will weigh three or more times heavier than early humanoids(Excluding Henry V111) and who knows what size humans will be within a century or so.
The size of seats (chairs and Lavatory) are increasing to accommodate those large bums we see waddling past us in the street and supermarket on their way to macca's for a cholesterol refill.
Even Hard Work can kill you, those of us who suffer from job strain are much more likely to have a heart attack than stress free counterparts But the risk is far less than those who smoke and sit on their butts all day.
Not only Australians but most of the world apart from a few Afro nations have got to the stage where obesity is out of control, and most of this is caused by bone idleness and gluttony, the small exception being any possible inherited (hereditary) genes which are easily noticeable.
Exercise and dieting may not be the answer to your pudding belly what would help more than anything else is eating less and drinking more clean fresh water (at least 1-2 litres per day)halve your intake of sugar and salt each week. And eat more VEGETABLES like Brussels sprouts Broccoli cabbage onions and root veggies., at least six variants per day, fill up on them, cut down on your fatty meat (all types).
And if you haven't knocked a hole in the bedroom wall recently you will be putting that pillow behind the headboard at least within a short space of time. Boudoir boredom will become a thing of the past.

The answer is simple: if you want something very badly, you can achieve it.
Vest.... back soon.


Doris Ward. said…
Damn sight better advice on 'relationships' than that proposed by the 'relationships' columns of the major dailies who seem to avoid the obvious in the interests of making 'relastionship consultants' richer... said…
We would have to have big trees to accommodate a three ton piddling Koala bear. could be handy for scrub and forest fires, tiddling on I mean.
WALLY. said…
Vesty you better tell miss jane that koala aint a bear.

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