Opting out for Organ Donors. plus Words on Water, and More.

Why is it in Australia there is a lackadaisical attitude to donation of body organs? Why isn't there an opt out system instead of the out dated sign-up for organ donation? This would save the lives of thousands of people, and if it were you for example, having a new lease of life, or as a donor saving the life of a stranger or possibly a loved one.
Australia is ranked 17Th in the world for donors and has just 14 donors per million population. New South Wales has the lowest per-capita organ donations in Australia.

Bottled Water.
Lots of dodgy water being consumed as marketeers describe their offerings as pure spring water, a lot of it comes straight from the source of the water from your kitchen tap.
Now if companies just labeled their product "Genuine Aussie Spring Water" and in small print on the label State "Bottled during September, October and November" they would be telling the truth. ???? The Southern hemisphere spring.

No holds baarred.
Despite a $300 limit before you need to declare gifts on the pecuniary gift register. Mental Health Minister Mark Butler has declared a banana a cup cake, a pie and a roll of toilet paper. He also declared a DVD, three books and a meal valued at $65 for participation at a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender/transsexual and inter sexed round table event.
"I wonder why the Banana was so important"?.

It seems Petty theft and Shoplifting is on the rise in Australia.
This according to the major retailers is due to extra pressure put on households by the carbon tax. However, Nearly a third of all shoplifting occurs in NSW according to the big retailers.
Mind you I am not the least surprised as New South Wales has nearly a third of the total population of Australia.

Imagination is the highest kite you can fly...... Vest.... Back soon.


Chris B said…
Regarding Organ Donors. You might like to read this...

Doris Ward. said…
Having just read that Tesco in the U.K. are selling bottled tap water I knew that they had to have pinched the idea from somewhere...
Vest said…
So far no one in Australia or even anywhere have admitted to be an organ donor of any worth. The five persons male who suggested the same organ, two of whom were OAP'p; probably need a head transplant apiece, their comments remain unpublished.
No more filth please.

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