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MOST people by now will be aware of my non alignment with the Faith Industry regardless of your choice of calling. Praying to ask that the laws of the universe be annulled for a particular petitioner is not my idea of facing up to the music and getting off your arse and getting on with life in a materialistic manner. Blind faith has few rewards, Hope which is desire and expectation rolled into one; is achieved through using logic and commonsense. However, a sense of Charity is to be expected from all mankind toward all creatures in crisis or beyond any chance of helping thereselves, which brings me back to the Rev Rabbi D Slavin, Who is a leader within the Orthodox Jewish religion Whose exploits were brought to light on my post dated Sept 25 06.(Click back). At the cost of $19,800.00 two Sydney Councils are forking out to pay for the first KOSHER PEDESTRIAN CROSSING, Because pressing a button on the sabbath-the period of rest between sunset on Friday and sunset on Saturday- is consider


I Learned early in life that the spirit of Christmas although well intentioned was short lived. The yuletide values lose their influence at other times of the year when the desperately poor on struggle street tough it out. Most of these under privileged have physical abilities to enable them to battle through with the help and guidance from govt authorities, However, In the lower order of necessity we have the less self reliant community, people who have lost hope and have hit rock bottom, through misfortune or tragic circumstances. Take the case of Rhonda Taylor or anyone else in similar circumstances, She buried her ten month old daughter recently, less than two weeks before Christmas. The service Cost $3,000.00 that Rhonda scraped from relatives friends and various charities. Rhonda; in her twenties has two children Eight and Two, she has no partner or parents and suffers from a chronic heart condition and needs surgery to correct it, her young baby boy james was born partially blin


IT seems that some one must have the last word, my detractors in the far north and in Uncle Sam land just cannot forget the drubbing I have handed out to them, I am still being pilloried and insulted in the most derogatory manner by these blogging Strumpets who possess little wit or wisdom and rely on a barrage of filthy obscenities to get their bullying messages across. These old Harridans have had the gall to even suggest that I was romancing a particular old Bat who goes by the title Nancy Drool, who used to E mail me daily call me darling with lots of hugs. How any one could fall for any of these aged hags makes me wonder, Nancy is a 60 year old pill popping Pizza yaffling junkie, divorced, unwanted Creep and some times purveyor of Irish mick godliness, who lives with a cat , is always skint but brags about a 60K income, the rest of these old bag ladies have in the most all received a drubbing from me so it shall suffice. I believe these people are totally envious of my achievement


DO YOU REMEMBER THE LITTLE PORKER WHO HAD HIS BACON SAVED BY THE FARMER WHEN HE BECAME A SUCCESSFUL SHEEP PIG, WELL ITS THAT TIME OF THE YEAR AGAIN WHEN ALL THE LITTLE PORKERS LINE UP TO BE SLAUGHTERED, AND NOT ONLY PIGGIES BUT SHEEP AND CATTLE AS WELL, THEIR SCREAMS WHEN DYING I HOPE WILL HAUNT THOSE WHO CARRY OUT THIS DASTARDLY AND INHUMANE METHOD OF SLAUGHTER. Please click on to the websites below, there is a wealth of information contained there to keep you interested for hours. This information is not designed to Stuff up your dinner parties, however, Dads and mums, its similarity to having your sons and daughters throats cut in front of you and seeing them fed to hungry lions, is well worth thinking about. Please feel free to to comment and voice your opinion or protest. This information should not be sho


It has long been suspected that women talk longer if not louder than men. In fact women talk almost three times as much, chuntering a staggering 27,000 words a day, compared to men's 9,000. They speak more quickly and in north America even quicker still, like Spanish fishwives berating their spouses, coming up for breath every 123 words. Besides this women devote more brainpower to chit chat and cackling like old boiler hens and get a sexual buzz out of hearing their own voices,a female psychiatrist suggests. Dr Vaginia Crumpet Of Seven Hills University Australia, Say's "This is is caused by the vast differences in the male and female brain. The sex hormone testosterone responsible for moulding the male brain in the womb, increases the areas for memory and communication but struggles to express their emotions to the same extent. In contrast women have less brain cells left for communication and the act of speaking triggers a flood of chemicals which gives them a rush simil