It has long been suspected that women talk longer if not louder than men.
In fact women talk almost three times as much, chuntering a staggering 27,000 words a day, compared to men's 9,000.
They speak more quickly and in north America even quicker still, like Spanish fishwives berating their spouses, coming up for breath every 123 words. Besides this women devote more brainpower to chit chat and cackling like old boiler hens and get a sexual buzz out of hearing their own voices,a female psychiatrist suggests.
Dr Vaginia Crumpet Of Seven Hills University Australia, Say's "This is is caused by the vast differences in the male and female brain.
The sex hormone testosterone responsible for moulding the male brain in the womb, increases the areas for memory and communication but struggles to express their emotions to the same extent.
In contrast women have less brain cells left for communication and the act of speaking triggers a flood of chemicals which gives them a rush similar to that felt by heroin addicts on a high, this can increase if the woman is hooked on a cocktail of prescription drugs.
Dr Crumpet who runs a female 'Mood and Hormone' clinic in Bidwill Sydney states one part of the male brain is a small section which enables men to become 'Deaf' to most of the illogical arguments put forward by women. Dr Crumpet also believes the area responsible for sexual thoughts is twice as big in male brains and their brain power is much greater when being involved with sex, and the speech activity is often influenced by the environment we live in. In Australia she Say's, there is much more subtle communication between men and women, sharing she Say's is the key word, unlike the brutality and divisional strife by our Nth American cousins.


Anonymous said…
listen mate you saying that makes me think my crocodile in law is more than part american..she lets off more steam than a railroad engine.
Jim said…
heyy VEST
i put up a post exclusively for u

it was requwested by tshmom and your other lovers
click on my name below
Jim said…
North americans have no finesse

american women go for frenchmen and latins and Indians who practice yoga and have more staying power

its the new boom in outsourcing to India

i get a lotta calls too
Anonymous said…
Tell me Mr vest this is not true but just a parody to offend nth American women. however it was cleverly put together.
Anonymous said…
this must surely suggest that Australian women are dumber than American women.
Vest said…
AMY: The answer lies in the question you are asking me.
I have a feeling you are a close neighbour of mine{regarding the political question you asked me recently]

saby: I stiffly refuse to admit I have a problem in that area.

Stanley: very clever. However, the cliche 'Dumb' in America meaning thick between the ears here in OZtrayer, is a qualification that most women have, worldwide.

Lower deck lawyer: A few years back, Sorry a lot of years back, in an attempt to stir the can, I sent a card to my Ma in Law G R H Soul; for her 63rd Birthday stating "Congratulations on your third 21st Birthday". I was DUMBfounded when Ma in law replied that it was the nicest thing I had said to her.
Anonymous said…
listen up you asshole #1, that is fricken crap and you know it.
I suspect your teeny willie winkle is your problem.
Anonymous said…
boston girl is right-your sex organ is too small to play with and needs tuning up a few sizes to satify us U S ladies
Vest said…
Boston gal and Marjory:

My ORGAN as you like to call it; is 17 centimetres proud, not large but prefers to play at small tightly packed venues, not in a CATHEDEDRAL.
Jim said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jim said…
Wat the fuck is happening to my blog??

hey VEST
i am sorry
Jim said…
is 17 centimetres proud, not large but prefers to play at small tightly packed venues, not in a CATHEDEDRAL.

sock it to her VEST

btw how many inches is 17 cm ?
Jim said…
heyyyy VEST

Boston girl is suggesting dis


John 61 "... My power and pleasure has trippled. My wife can hardly keep up..."

Kam 20 "... My Penis has gone from 3.5 inches to just over 6, and is still growing!"

Karl 33 "... Since taking your pills I am compleatly cured of impotence..."

Vanessa "... My Husband has been on Man XL for 5 months and has gained over 2 inches in length and 1 inch in thickness..."

Mike 27 "... Your product is amazing, I have started seeing results after just the first 2 weeks..."

Robby "... I took your Man XL and had extreamly successfull results, After 6 months I had gained over 3 inches..."

Blue 54 "... The orgasims I have on Man XL feel really good, and my penis has grown over 3 cm ..."

Kev 66 "... Im nolonger ashamed to take my cock our infront of women ..."

Jas 28 "... I must say im very impresed with your product, after 4 months ive grown 3 inches ..."

Brett 35 "... I long time sufferer of premeture ejeculation, I was extreamly pleased with the results, I have been compleatly cured of the problem ..."

Pavs 26 "... your pills have really made my sex life tons better, finally i can show girls my cock without getting embarased ..."

Sarah 29 "... Thank you so much! My husbands penis has increased 2 inches, and we still have pills left ..."

its worth a try
i am buying too
Vest said…
Saby there was no need for that info, I had already checked it out as you and other people are able to.
In any case I think it is an extension of the truth more than the lengthening of ones pride, further uncontrolled growth of willie winkle might prove to be an encumbrance more than an asset.
Anonymous said…
Hi vestie-- delete this if you think it is too saucy

A well endowed frenchman from Ghent
Made love to his girl in a tent
To save her much trouble he put it in double, so instead of coming he went.
Vest said…
Saby: 17 centimetres? is a lot or enough to pleaure except for the BCs in Nth America.

Gordon: Heard it before, only it "Was a young Gent from Kent".
Anonymous said…
Hi vestie you are stirring the bucket again I see, dont think i'll comment on this one , seeya x
Anonymous said…
That was real cool about the Cathedral- good stuff, I dont reckon they will get the message though.
Anonymous said…
hi there vestie old mate got your Xmas card thanks, -- good post and a few laughs about the cathedral joke -- i'm proud to be a good mate of yours.
Vest said…
Amy: My thought for today is mainly for your benefit.

Any fool can tell the truth, but it requires a person of some sense to know how to tell a lie well.
Anonymous said…
It has always been my experience that the Men talk longer than women ever have. My sis & I are forever waiting for her hubby and boys to stop chattering wherever they go out, get in the car and get on with it. I firmly believe that it was a huge myth started by men as an excuse NOT to listen to common sense from women. You know the sort "stop & ask directions dear?"
I'm a relatively quiet person and I hate nattering/chattering/gossip/telephones/mobiles and otherwise being interrupted. Excepting when blogging of course. I like peace and quiet. Most men I know are noisy, rowdy, talk too much about NOTHING and LOVE the sound of their own voices. Constantly bragging to each other and trying to feed their own overlarge egos. They think they are the cat's whiskers when really they are just the cat's meow! Just my humble opinion Vest ... based on my own personal experience.
Generalisations, as a rule, don't really cover the spectrum.
Vest said…
Hi Aggie: Thank you for your comment Nice Lady, nice hair , pretty face and all that.
Amy, who guessed correctly as well as your good self also spotted the intentional flaws designed to malign you of the opposite gender. I have received E mail from Relo's (Fem) also a rollicking from er indoors, and the expansion to other subjects was not planned but doesn't it always end up there. Of course Boston girls comment (a bit suss that one)gave saby another excuse to be a pain in the bum. However, I am pleased you called, again, thank you.
Anonymous said…
hey vest that aggie person doesn't seem to be a worrying sort like them other old bats in America and did I or did I not notice la amore pop up in your comment to her?
Vest said…
L D L: Not as such, you must understand the person in question is fully qualified to receive remarks of that nature. Regardless of any age she might be she would be still be beautiful, unlike You and I who are unpalatable and Simply thoughtfull.
This nice lady is from New Zealand, and does not live in the twilight zone in the states.
Vest said…
The beautiful person is as useful as the useful person, Perhaps more so.
Anonymous said…
heyyyy VEST

lets talk about Sex
i guess dats all u can do now

i love AGGIE too
Vest said…
Yes, most of you realised it was a cop out for women, mind you it still applies to the nth Am countries.

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