MOST people by now will be aware of my non alignment with the Faith Industry regardless of your choice of calling. Praying to ask that the laws of the universe be annulled for a particular petitioner is not my idea of facing up to the music and getting off your arse and getting on with life in a materialistic manner. Blind faith has few rewards, Hope which is desire and expectation rolled into one; is achieved through using logic and commonsense. However, a sense of Charity is to be expected from all mankind toward all creatures in crisis or beyond any chance of helping thereselves, which brings me back to the Rev Rabbi D Slavin, Who is a leader within the Orthodox Jewish religion Whose exploits were brought to light on my post dated Sept 25 06.(Click back).
At the cost of $19,800.00 two Sydney Councils are forking out to pay for the first KOSHER PEDESTRIAN CROSSING, Because pressing a button on the sabbath-the period of rest between sunset on Friday and sunset on Saturday- is considered a breach of religious law by orthodox Jews, (see my post Sept 25.)
I am suggesting that this bunch of religious crackpots at their future Knee bending sessions at their synogogue pass the chalice around until sufficient cash is collected in order to reimburse their benefactors, or be given to a deserving charity. The extensive list of 'donts' on the Sabbath is endless, like driving, cooking, carrying, handling money(ha ha), using electrical and mechanical devices. Maybe dressing oneself, opening doors, turning on taps(faucets) and pressing the toilet flush have been overlooked, so what in this persons crazy mind is so Bloody different about pressing the button on a pedestrian crossing?
I say Shame on you Rabbi Slavin, you are an absolute Thieving Nutter. VEST.


S.M. Elliott said…
Odd. I've heard they won't press the nurse call button on the Sabbath either, if they happen to be in hospital, but at least that doesn't cost the taxpayers a cent.
Vest said…
GO TO GOOGLE type in 'Waverley Synagogue Sydney' then click on to Andrew Bolts blog, Sydney Morning Herald Newspaper, for a host of comment on this matter.
Also feel free to comment here.
Anonymous said…
my missus was a bible puncher, and I just let her get on with it and told her I didn't want to become involved with witchcraft and sorcery, and those Yid guys are loaded with dosh, some of them would steal candy from a baby. Happy new year mate.
Vest said…
Andrew Bolt from the Herald has today copped the UN-Australian of the year award from commenter's on 'The Daily Flute' Blog.
Flutey was associated with the Herald for a short honeymoon period which fizzled a few months back. Could be the sour grape syndrome.
I am inclined to believe Andrew Bolt would have clocked up a juicy kosher vote.

Jim said…
Dont ridicule the Jews, u ass hole
or u will be crucified too

Jesus was taken to task for performing miracles on the sabbath

i hate rules and rituals too
esp Thou shall not covet VEST's wife
Jim said…
how much u make on ads?
i have made 59 dollars on blog adsense of google

now, its 1.5 dollars per week
for all my blogs combined

i have 40, i tink
Vest said…
SABY: technically speaking, how on earth could pressing a pedestrian crossing button prevent one travelling to the hereafter.
Saby : So you think That the S O G was crucified for stopping the camel traffic in the main drag at Jerusalem on the sabbath?.
Saby many a bloke with a sore nose has coveted my wife, so watch it mate or I'll send my grandmother around to beat you up. also fiscal matters concerning this site are none of your business.
BwcaBrownie said…
Vesty - I agree with you on the lunacy of the crossing button thing.
It illustrates how ridiculous all religion is.
I mean fer god's sake.
Vest said…
Brownie. Been down to Yarraland for the past hour or so, becoming re-acquainted with Trams and pots and words like scray and Mel-bun. I didn't comment for fear of being hounded all the way back here to the prem state, meanwhile I'll drum up something flowery and neutral for my initial comment when I return.
BTW, I enjoyed the interlude with the (_O_)lady on the Tram, quite funny.
Anonymous said…
go here u ASS http://rockybalboa752001.blogspot.com/
its the story of the under dog

u wont understand
u were born with a silver spoon in your mouth

and nursed by wet nurses from kerala

outsourced baby care
Vest said…
Unless you have been here before, and would be aware, the previous comment was from a guy named Saby; the mystery duck getter from India, whose inclusion in the Sub Continent Cricket team had little measure of success, he is now reduced to earning ten Anna's per day cleaning up the 'Wankhede' cricket stadium at Mumbai (Bombay)To supplement his job as a night soil collector, his other interest is, stirring the shit on the Internet. he should be ignored whenever possible. Vest.
S.M. Elliott said…
I found quite a few articles about this by googling "kosher pedestrian crossing." It's beyond bizarre that Orthodox Jews think this is some sort of great technological advance, when it will only allow a handful of their brethren to cross a single street in Australia...
Then again, it's likely a test project. If it meets with much praise and little resistance, similar kosher crosswalks will be going up all over the world at the taxpayers' expense...
BTW, why isn't WALKING considered work? Expends more energy than depressing a button.
Anonymous said…
its here (in mumbai)
New Year 2007

get dressed and put up a NEW YEAR post, asshole
Keshi said…
Happy New Year Vest!

**Because pressing a button on the sabbath-the period of rest between sunset on Friday and sunset on Saturday- is considered a breach of religious law by orthodox Jews

Thats insane. Would Aussies really buy something like that? I dun think so.

Anonymous said…
Fancy not having sex on a friday night.
Anonymous said…
S5nxwV The best blog you have!
Anonymous said…
EExV2U write more, thanks.
Anonymous said…
don't know who lower deck lawyer is but it's a clear case of lower IQ. I mean the absolute uneducated bigotry and racism in their comment… hello! welcome to the 21st century dick head
Vest said…
His name Is Mike, and that is all I know and want to know about him.
It gave me great pleasure to know he had insulted you. Have a bad day you Shmuck.

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