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Do you have a new friend ?

                            Words on Wednesday.                          The words were chosen By (River).       Sunlit       Petrichor       Squinted.       Comfortable.       Disrupted.       Phones.                                    This is my Story,.  " Do you have a new friend."       It was quite chilly when I had opened the bedroom french windows and stepped into the sunlit seating area where my son was sitting at the table doing the daily crossword ( the one I always have to finish). "What is a Petrichor' he asks, "Dunno Say's I, how is it spelled" " have a dekko " he Say's, I squinted in the sunlight as I bent down to read without my spectacles," Sounds dodgy to me," says I; I wouldn't eat one." His reply was interrupted by his cell phone, a second later the house phone in the kitchen was ringing loud enough to hear down the street.  both Phones ringing in concert usually meant a problem.. Howe

Advice for Bernice,-Wipes are useless.

Antibacterial wet wipes used for killing kitchen germs are a waste of money because bugs can come back to full strength very quickly a scientist claims.      In many households wipes have replaced cloths and scouring pads, but it has been said that if just one cell of a household germ remains on the benchtop it will multiply within twenty minutes..      A biomedical scientist found household soap was far better at breaking down the cell walls of household germs. However, there are some dyed in the wool Kitchen Witches who have slobbered around germs since birth who are completely immunised from all known germs. Vest  daily gaggle...back soon.

Words on Wednesday.

The following words have been used within the following story. MYTHOLOGY. DISCONNECTED'. CAMPFIRE ROUGHLY EXPANSIVE SINGING.                                      A wedding in the year of 1643.      On the Saturday of June the 20th, much excitement and frivolity had been ongoing since the 10 AM opening of the common grounds; near the church of Saint Oliver- formerly St Mary's in the village of Middle Sodbury in the Berkshire Chiltern Hills where roughly three or four hundred politically biased drunken villagers from surrounding Hamlets had gathered to witness the high profile wedding. Most of the villagers already inebriated and itching for violence were supporters of Oliver Cromwell and others of higher profile supported king Charles 1.  When two days earlier much blood was shed during the Battle of 'Chalgrove field' in Oxfordshire but not quite within the snobbery of the Chiltern hills, but was involved in a  several expansive cavalry charges amid Bowmen Pi

The Moggy Hilton

The accommodation provided at this top of the range Pussy retreat is beyond belief. The owners of this extravaganza you may have guessed -I know fairly well. Just take the tour and be amazed. Simply Google JARVIS BAY CAT COTTAGE. Vest. AKA LES BOWYER.

Words on Wednesday

The following prompts are the words for this Wednesday. Glinting. Crop. Valley. Particular Cave Deliberately. Caldera. Merlin. Unicorn. Crossbow                                               This is my  Story, Titled.. Thoughtless. Stunning.                                                         'The Village Fete'    The village Fete was aways deliberately held during the most promising sunny day during mid - July when it was attended by the vast majority of the population of Lower Frogsbottom, a Village within a valley of the Chilterns in rural Oxfordshire England . The mass hysteria, centred mostly around the beer tent and other local yokel exciting happenings were the guessing of the weight of the pig. an unfortunate little porker destined for the Barbeque, other exciting activities, like dipping the lady and the inevitable Cocoanut Shy. As was the usual thing the opening ceremony was always heralded by the arrival of the village Squire  The Hon Sir Marm

The News paper delivered daily to my door.

   It is becoming more like a comic book with most of its pages dedicated to sport and  brothel adverts Today's top story pulverises the Australian Deputy Prime Minister , Who it seems to have been shaking his tail with one of his favourite female staffer's  currently in the Pudding club to the shock horror of his wife of 24 years and his four daughters.   The Deputy Pm first of all ,states , "I am deeply ashamed but is madly in love with his new squeeze.. This sort of thing happens within 50 % of Australian marriages. "Quite True" say I ,. However  I am of the opinion that - that 50% involves 95 % of the countries celebrities silver tails and politicians not the common herd.  His family state that they gave up their own careers and education to support him over the years. Vest.... Back soon.

Old Friends who are not Blogger's

     During the last week or so.I  have received several telephone calls from aged - old shipmates whom I served  with during WW2 as far back as 75 years,  They are not bloggers and have few if any computer skills being that George H, 95 married to Muriel 95 for 70 years are in a nursing Chatswood Sydney..      Then there is Jim who phones regularly, Jim is blind and his daily carer dials the phone; he is a widower  of  94. lives alone about 80 kls north of me .      .Finally there is Pat , 92 Married to Betty 90  for72 years they have lived in the same house in Shepparton Vic  for 65 years.      And myself the young one at 91 widower to Rosemary , married 63 years. collectively we are the sole survivors of the  flag ship of the Brit Pacific Fleet WW2 Our total respect for each other has never ceased and never will. Hardly a week passes before I receive a call from them or visa versa Vest not forget. lest we forget.


Today is the turn of Elsie AKA River, to provide the words for Wednesday. EXTERIOR MADWOMAN MOUNTAIN LAKE TWITCHED FLICKER DESK Or and (I SHALL USE ALL OF THESE WORDS ) Vest... PREDICTION APPROACH BACTERIA VAULTS PLANE WHITE LILAC Here is my Story Titled: "Having a Morbid Day" Where I stood by the WHITE LILAC bush in the back garden, the piston driven plane approaching from the south on its way to the local Airport at Newcastle in NSW Australia - its thundering noise while in its descent revived a flicker of bad memory from the vaults of time; stored in my brain from a long past era. However, not so vivid today, instead we have a mad woman - an aged spinster who arrives at her weekender up the road with her animals each weekend , whose dogs and her screeching Galah's and Cockatoo's in her garden reply in their own way to the noise of the descending plane. A prediction of this occurring is inevitable; it rarely fails similarly to the howls of local

Shopping is tiring

     I had to go shopping today being all the fresh veggies had been consumed and little else to excite the palate, although the freezer held a variety of animal flesh(NO LONG PIG) and frozen veg, my culinary attributes rarely succeed with out the inclusion of fresh veg.  The other occupier of our residence my eldest son 63 consumes most of the food in the house and proof of the pudding is that I have lost 34 kilo's in the past fifteen months without trying unless not drinking alcohol or cutting down on deserts which my wife had a hand in preparing. , but now it is my responsibility for the whole caboodle and I am pleased to know I am now just 82 kilo's..      So off I go to the Shopping centre: 3.5 minutes driving ( yes I drive At 91.6 years of age A 4litre Ford Falcon.) I park Successfully and meet the heat , I am beginning to perspire getting to the Air-con comfort of the Centre , (two minutes walk.) The place is busy despite it being Monday, but is the lunch hour for some.

The snobbery of Peak living

Hong Kong the sixties      Over a period of Two years plus I had the opportunity to visit some of the homes of the more well to do residents  of Hong Kong IE Fragrant Harbour, Due to the clouds and mist most of these homes had a strange odour of dampness, some of these homes were quite old  and unlike the apartment My family occupied on Wongneichong road which circumnavigated  'Happy Valley race course, Being  the first occupants in 1962 the Three blocks of  twenty Apartments ten story's high  were high spec and sumptuous. but nothing like the vastly high blocks of concrete which replaced them in 1997 when they were demolished.     While in Hong Kong I had the dubious luck to come in contact with many celebs of sorts and one being a Arthur Halliwell  of Brit Daily Mirror fame who wrote a column under the title of Cassandra, who you may remember if you are aged like myself; was the villain in the  lawsuit brought by  the famous Liberace against the Brit Daily Mirror 

I suppose I shall have to reveal all.

Several people have asked recently"Is that you' in the Black & white Pic on your Blog Heading."    Yes it is me. However, the pic was taken by a friend while being very silly by taking a swim from 'Little Sober Island' in Trincomalee  Ceylon (SRI Lanka) not at all clever was the silly thing which followed, when I chased this very large Black and yellow Eel in the shallows and eventually spearing same- bagging it and taking it back to the ships galley plonking it on the bench and saying to the Chinese cook ; "here you are cookie boy get stuck into this for your brekky.". What followed was sheer panic' You Stupid SOB it's a bloody great Deadly sea snake Say's cookie boy , one bite from him you gone mate.'" fortunately it was deceased when I threw it overboard but the silly stigma stayed awhile. one of my critics suggested if it had bitten me they would get a day off to attend my Funeral.    PIC Vest 1960 Aged 34 Back soon.