Old Friends who are not Blogger's

     During the last week or so.I  have received several telephone calls from aged - old shipmates whom I served  with during WW2 as far back as 75 years,  They are not bloggers and have few if any computer skills being that George H, 95 married to Muriel 95 for 70 years are in a nursing home.in Chatswood Sydney..

     Then there is Jim who phones regularly, Jim is blind and his daily carer dials the phone; he is a widower  of  94. lives alone about 80 kls north of me .

     .Finally there is Pat , 92 Married to Betty 90  for72 years they have lived in the same house in Shepparton Vic  for 65 years.

     And myself the young one at 91 widower to Rosemary , married 63 years. collectively we are the sole survivors of the  flag ship of the Brit Pacific Fleet WW2 Our total respect for each other has never ceased and never will. Hardly a week passes before I receive a call from them or visa versa
Vest not forget. lest we forget.


Jimmy said…
It's nice to have long time friends like this and to stay in touch like you do. The length of your marriages and friendships says a lot about each of you, this world needs more people who have the dedication to life and people other than just themselves like you do. Thank you for sharing this.
Vest said…
Jimmy . Sadly i have to say that we are the last surviving members of the W W 2 40,000 ton Battleship; the HMS King George V. It was the last British built Ship of it's class to fire an angry shot in wartime. I joined the RN in 1942 as a boy seaman . I served on that ship for 2.5 years. I recall Stukas also Kamikazes Vividly.

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