Today is the turn of Elsie AKA River, to provide the words for Wednesday.

Or and

Here is my Story Titled: "Having a Morbid Day"

Where I stood by the WHITE LILAC bush in the back garden, the piston driven plane approaching from the south on its way to the local Airport at Newcastle in NSW Australia - its thundering noise while in its descent revived a flicker of bad memory from the vaults of time; stored in my brain from a long past era.

However, not so vivid today, instead we have a mad woman - an aged spinster who arrives at her weekender up the road with her animals each weekend , whose dogs and her screeching Galah's and Cockatoo's in her garden reply in their own way to the noise of the descending plane. A prediction of this occurring is inevitable; it rarely fails similarly to the howls of local dogs whose accompaniments to the sound of an Ambulance heading for "Heavens Door" the local retirement village where most of the local Hospital's patients originate from.

So to avoid this bedlam I retreat from the exterior into the quietness of the house where I go to the utility room to wash the bacteria of the garden earth from my arms and hands; I twitch as the unexpected coldness of the water hits my hands, having done I head for the office with a cup of tea and later while sitting at my desk hear the less noisy return of the plane heading in a different flight path over the mountain lake.

A quietness then descends for a while, then as I gaze from the front window the slow return of the ambulance from 'Heaven's Door' is followed shortly after by the all too familiar Black Van from the undertaker heading in the other direction.

Having a morbid day by Vest. Back soon.


Anonymous said…
I was shocked at first then taking another look at the word flicker realised that it would have been better written in lower case letters.
Vest said…
Anon. Hmmm, invest in a pair of spectacles.
Anonymous said…
It is quite simple to write a story providing your own words.Take a story line from a book change a few names add your own selected words and bingo you have a plagerized concoction.
Vest said…
Anon . There is a possibility of that happening, however, I tend to use my noddle and derive my little yarns from matters I have had experience with.
Vest said…
Thank you Cindi for calling.
Vest said…
Thank you Jimmy It is nice to have some recognition occasionally.
Vest said…
Like . I wonder if you have ever liked or licked an indelible pencil ?
Your condensed writing skills are amazing.
Cathy said…
Hello Vest. Just catching up with all the WFW tales. H
I enjoyed reading your contribution especially the picture you drew of the dogs and cockies barking and squaking at the aeroplane.
Having a connection with a local nursing home I'm very familiar with the white van being followed by the black one :)I
Take care
Vest said…
Cathy. First of all thank you for calling on my blog and your compliments.

I have called on your Blog But had difficulties posting a comment. I failed to fathom out your system. My intention was to write in response to your W O WEDNESDAY.
'Well scripted by an entrenched romantic. Thoroughly enjoyable'.
River said…
I remember reading this via email, I'm sure I left a comment there.
Vest said…
RIVER. You replied to this post which I had also posted on your blog site.Thank you for calling.

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