Advice for Bernice,-Wipes are useless.

Antibacterial wet wipes used for killing kitchen germs are a waste of money because bugs can come back to full strength very quickly a scientist claims.
     In many households wipes have replaced cloths and scouring pads, but it has been said that if just one cell of a household germ remains on the benchtop it will multiply within twenty minutes..
     A biomedical scientist found household soap was far better at breaking down the cell walls of household germs. However, there are some dyed in the wool Kitchen Witches who have slobbered around germs since birth who are completely immunised from all known germs.

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Anonymous said…
Not all germs and bacteria are bad. You kill the good ones as you kill the bad ones. Cleanliness is good, excessive obsession with germs is not.
Jimmy said…
I agree there are a lot of people who sort of immunize themselves from a lot of germs due to being exposed to them, kind of like antibiotics being overused when the best thing to have been done was to let the body fight off a minor infection in the first place.
Vest said…
Andrew. My dear departed Wife had access to a couple of lemon trees. The lemon was squeezed onto the kitchen benches after being cleaned this sorted out any germs when Spread over the surfaces. It also provided a pleasant odour. T F C.
Vest said…
Jimmy. I was immunized for just about every known disease while in the Brit Navy for 24.5 years, never caught anything (Not even That) The only jabs I have now are for influenza, and cannot recall the last time I had Flu symptoms. Thanks for calling.
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You're right about those wipes. People rely on them entirely too much, probably because they're so convenient and easy. But overusing anti-bacterials and antibiotics can lead to all kinds of problems, and as you say, they aren't even as effective as some people seem to think they are. It doesn't take much for the germs to be up and running again. Not that I've never used one of those wipes... they come in handy as a quick clean-up under certain circumstances... but I'm a believer in soap and water and bleach. Your wife's use of lemon would smell a lot better, though. :)
Vest said…
Susan. A 5% bleach with water will wipe out anything, like ground zero. splat gone, then kill the odour with lemon juice. Thanks for calling.
Lee said…
I've never used those wipes in my life...and am not about to start doing so now.
PipeTobacco said…
You are correct about the wipes... and they will end up creating populations of stronger bacteria. Stop and go back to soap or alcohol or bleach or acids like vinegar. The cause the germ cell to rupture. Much safer.
Vest said…
Lee, clever lady. Thanks for calling.
Vest said…
Pipe Tobacco. It would appear that most people have the same general opinion of these wipes, Thank you for calling.

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