Shopping is tiring

     I had to go shopping today being all the fresh veggies had been consumed and little else to excite the palate, although the freezer held a variety of animal flesh(NO LONG PIG) and frozen veg, my culinary attributes rarely succeed with out the inclusion of fresh veg.  The other occupier of our residence my eldest son 63 consumes most of the food in the house and proof of the pudding is that I have lost 34 kilo's in the past fifteen months without trying unless not drinking alcohol or cutting down on deserts which my wife had a hand in preparing. , but now it is my responsibility for the whole caboodle and I am pleased to know I am now just 82 kilo's..
     So off I go to the Shopping centre: 3.5 minutes driving ( yes I drive At 91.6 years of age A 4litre Ford Falcon.) I park Successfully and meet the heat , I am beginning to perspire getting to the Air-con comfort of the Centre , (two minutes walk.) The place is busy despite it being Monday, but is the lunch hour for some. I then visit Coles Supermarket  for items I have marked on my shopping list then I go into  'Priceline' a shop which discounts the  same items Cole's , Woolies and Aldi sell for more. mainly non script Pharmaceuticals cosmetics and vitamin pills, I used my Deceased Wife,s reward card  and received a 4 dollar something discount and the cheeky lady who I knew well  Say's " Thank you Rosemary" A bloke waiting to be served gave me a funny look and I hurried off to Aldi where at the check out lady Say's " been to Coles eh" Yep Say's I - Have to , you don't sell everything. " I know Say's she but will in time"
.     By this time the trolley(Cart) was fully loaded and heavy and with a mind of its own' navigating a wobbly trolley among people who refuse to move is tiresome . Eventually back at the car extremely hot .   I transferred the trolley contents into the posh English bags I had sometime ago bought while on holiday in the UK. I then prepared for the long 3.5 minute drive home after a minute of relaxing. A tap on the window and a hairy face made  an enquiry in a most ungentlemanly manner if I was staying all day. I left giving him  the one finger salute.
Arriving Home I honked for my son to come and carry things indoors  I was totally exhausted after unpacking I slept for two hours then prepared dinner.
 One day I shall retire.
Vest... daily Gaggle. Back soon.


Anonymous said…
I don't think anyone over a certain age is not tired by shopping, but it must be done. Hot weather does make it all the harder.
Brianne Kimmel said…
Loved reading this thank you

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