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This is Sensational....Read add on Sunday March 30.

Nine year old singing opera! Immune to music or off Key? It is said that music is a universal language, but some people just don't derive pleasure from listening to a tune. However, that doesn't mean they are tone deaf or philistines, they are Biologically desensitised to the emotional effects of music. A study published in the journal Current Biology, looked at the neural basis of music and how notes translate into emotions. It found that 5% of test participants had musical anhedonia - an  inability to experience pleasure from music, these people were otherwise healthy and happy, but simply do not enjoy music and showed no automatic responses to its sound, despite normal musical perception capacities.  

Post 1194, Nine years of blogging from 23/3/05.Hardly a historical event

Hardly a historical event but much longer than most, however, it has kept my brain ticking over and my marbles lubricated, I feel my brain is as fertile as a 20 year old. During my visit to the Gosford Hospital for a probe into my waterworks on Friday  my age was  questioned on at least three occasions and the Doc stated he wished to see me again in one year, "Any guarantee's I asked'  he replied , "I would bet on it". But the soreness of the event isn't helped by this seat I am sitting on. lots of stuff to catch up with. Will be back soon. Vest.

Glued Meat, A Revelation.

Make sure you buy whole chickens, whole thighs of chickens with bone, whole legs/fore quarters of pork and whole rumps of beef. Perhaps this is the reason for the frequent specials on boneless, skinless chicken breasts. Buy chicken breasts only with bone and skin attached.. Now along with not eating seafood from Asia or other countries... we have to watch for GLUED meat! This video is shocking & everyone should be aware of what they are doing and what you might be buying!!! This white powder sold by the kilo, is the meat industry's dirty little secret. It's called meat glue. It makes pieces of beef, lamb, chicken or fish that would normally be thrown out, stick together so closely that they look like a solid piece of meat. Click here: Glued Meat

Today in History March 6 1957.

HMS Ceylon and crew carrying the flag officer Admiral Varyl Begg the representative of the Queen , gave away the West African colony the Gold Coast and a couple of other adjacent territories, which formed the new country of Ghana , under the political leadership of Kwame Nkrumah. Vest at the time came within spitting distance of this great leader. Much jollity and shouts of "Freedom"filled the air. It rained that evening; My white uniform was a total mess after the boozy celebrations with ex pats from the the United Africa Co whose hostel I stayed at overnight. Woke at six am on hearing a crash of a bicycle coming down the stairs, a still tipsy Reg Harris a well known cyclist selling Raleigh bikes to the locals, had to be replaced by a similar looking person , The house boy as he was called told me my washed uniform was not dry and there was little hope of me wearing it to get back to the ship.. I rang the ship on a crackling ship to shore phone and was told to get ba

First day of Autumn Southern Hemisphere. ( Fall USA).

Woke early this overcast morning; trotted off to point Percy due to the cooler weather, on my return I gazed from our boudoir window  at the arrival of another downpour. "Weather god you can cease now we have had enough rain please take it out to the black stump they are parched little Aussies.". According to the newspaper weather guru's the greatest rainfall in NSW was 66mm in Newcastle which is 60 kay's north up the coast and 40 Kay's down the coast is Gosford which. had 39mm, The containers placed around the back garden here in Budgewoi stuck in the middle of this rainfall all clocked up between 86 to 89 mm. As I crunch on my morning muesli I watch the water about ten feet wide gushing along the side of the road, not unlike Chalgrove brook   near Oxford on a Sunday Morning , reminding me of the time when that little village had a working Mill powered by the back brook, but on a Sunday water was released by a floodgate near Franklin's farm and that water