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Nine year old singing opera!

Immune to music or off Key?

It is said that music is a universal language, but some people just don't derive pleasure from listening to a tune. However, that doesn't mean they are tone deaf or philistines, they are Biologically desensitised to the emotional effects of music.
A study published in the journal Current Biology, looked at the neural basis of music and how notes translate into emotions. It found that 5% of test participants had musical anhedonia - an  inability to experience pleasure from music, these people were otherwise healthy and happy, but simply do not enjoy music and showed no automatic responses to its sound, despite normal musical perception capacities.


She does have a spectacular voice, and has been very, very well trained. Just the same, I hope that she is also allowed to be a child, and that singing adult opera is the exception rather than the rule.
River said…
This has been doing the rounds, I think I've seen it three times now. She certainly has an amazing voice, but like EC, I hope she is allowed to be a child, and not pushed to perform, perform, perform by people who see nothing in her but $$$
WALLY. said…
Absolutely beautiful.
My mum keeps on playing it and crying.
feral anon. said…
Jusst isnt natural, dun like that sort of stuff anyway-not into any come to that some music is a yawn off., liked the blonde-nice sexy.
Vest said…
Thank you Elephant's child and River for your comments.
Anon, you are not a one off; there are many out there who fail to comprehend the fine arts.
Vest said…
Read extra info on post.

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